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  1. my wife and I where on pontoon G and left back end off 2015, part of the reason was the rumoured floating homes that would have been taking up our view.. lol i still have emails from bwml denying it.
  2. if anyone is interested in specific episodes of waterworld as part of my search for ash and oak for @stagedamager i have managed to find 37 episodes..
  3. each video and fb pic has a download button at the bottom but if your having issues with that facebook offer a way to download your whole profile to back it up, once you follow the link and ask for it 20 mins later you will get an email saying backup complete and a link.this will put all your photo's and video's in a simple zip download. https://www.facebook.com/help/131112897028467/ once you have downloaded vlc player will play it and most other video's it's free and a very handy app http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html Hope this helps Most youtube downloaders are bloatware or contain adware/virus apart i wouldnt trust them.. realplayers not as bad but it's very old tech and only of use on very certain files.. much better to have an all in one player like vlc
  4. The large red boat opposite is an amazing river cruiser called abbots pride.. it's landlocked in priory and hasnt traveled for a few years and iscurrently up for sale by ouse boats
  5. Hi andy... did you by any chance find any pics if so would love to see them.. for some reason i cant pm you but if you do have any I can send you my email add
  6. Yes. it's switch is in the utility area, which is now my office. we only realised what it was a few weeks ago. I will pm you my email address for pics..
  7. Hi andyberg, yup we bought it from maghull in december of last year and the remote generator is still there, although unused so far as they key has been misplaced and we tend to be on shoreline. do you have any pics of her when you had her, perhaps if you do you could email them to me.
  8. Hi. We are the current owners of Apple Of My Eye the boat mentioned by andeberg and like him we cannot find any faults at all with the design and build quality, even things like the paintwork are still looking good on our 10 year old boat. Like you we did have some initial worry's over not being able to find much information about V&G, as a internet expert i did a lot of googling and found they closed in 2009 about the same time the price of steel went up, this from what I can see this also took out a number of other boat makers so can be excused. What we did find was a few of their other boats on apollo duck similar size and layout and all in good spec, seeing these other boats put our mind at rest a lot allowing us to put in an offer and go through with the survey and eventual purchase. here is the sale video of when we bought her last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmvzamgEw0E , you can also see many pictures of her on our blog http://widebeamlife.com
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