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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Will hopefully find a suitable mooring so don't plan on CC, but might have no choice to start with. Being Birmingham based have alot of canal to look at and moorings to find. Anyone know of decent moorings in an 30-60 minutes drive of Brum? Don't mind the mess and can deal with lack of space. Plan is that if need by by the time the little ones getting to double figures that we can always move back into the normal on land housing.
  3. Just wanted some input from people who are on live aboard with young children (2-10). Any suggestions or does/dont's? Any issue with schooling Whats the ups and downs?
  4. So, went an looked at some more boats over the weekend. Went to a great marine after a long drive but well worth it and also got to chat about boats with a very knowledgeable gent. So learnt alot, learnt what we could live with and what we couldn't and also what layouts would work for us. So we keep on asking and keep on learning some more boats to look at in a couple of weeks. Now to sort out the cash and get this thing moving
  5. Thanks for the comments people. We are going to look at a few boats the coming weekends so will get some better ideas of what we will or won't like.
  6. Going to be getting our first boat. But have more questions than answers. So please excuse them, any help appreciated Want a boat about 60ft and reverse layout, semi trad as this gives more room? But from looking at what available at the moment its hard to find what we want. Would we be better off buying second hand and refitting? or Buying a sail away and fitting out? What is a rough cost per feet to fit out myself? Going to be a live aboard and must have two fixed bedrooms by the way. Thanks in advance
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