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    Moving fifty yards down the cut and mooring up for a month.

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  1. welly

    Tradie rant

    West Angular? I thought that was abroad.
  2. welly

    Tradie rant

    I wonder if it is. While I'm living in the south, I am from up north and I've got to say, have never had quite so much difficulty in getting people in to do some work. Are they making that much money they can afford to just not turn up? Maybe they can.
  3. welly

    Tradie rant

    I'm currently having some work done on my bathroom. The previous owner either didn't know or didn't let on to the wet rot in the bathroom. Either way, not overly bothered about that - the bathroom was due a face lift anyway. So after eventually finding someone to do some work - emails and texts not replied to and when they eventually did it took forever. Managed to anchor one down and set a date for him to start work. Morning of him starting, no sign. No reply to my texts/phone calls. Against my better judgement I replied to his text he eventually got round to sending 4 days later. In the mean time, I'd found someone else to give me a quote. Price was good, he was punctual when he arrived to inspect the bathroom. "I'll be in touch in a few days!" "Great! You're hired!" And then nothing. At all. First tradie gets back in touch and as I say against my better judgement, I said for him to come and start this weekend. "I'll be there at 9!" 9am comes and goes. I realise 9 doesn't mean 9, possibly 10. He shows up at 11.30. Not the end of the world and when he does get cracking, he gets a lot done and did work until 8. "I'll see you tomorrow and we'll get this finished". Fab. Tomorrow comes and no sign, no answer to phone calls or texts. His mate he works with eventually gets in touch with me at about 2pm. Said he'd come and finish off the work and would be there in a hour. Two hours later no sign. I'm pretty fed up at this point. And still am. A totally wasted day. They've said they'll come tomorrow, they'll have to as their tools are on my boat. My girlfriend has recently had a loft conversion done (she lives on shore). The tradies have behaved in a similar fashion. If my work ethic was anywhere close to being this poor, I wouldn't have a job. How do tradies get away with it? My DIY skills have improved greatly since moving onto my boat but sadly not quite up to the level I'd have needed to do the essential work needed in my bathroom. But luckily good enough to finish the job off that they'd have been paid fairly hansomely for. Why does it have to be like this? Is British work ethic in the building industry generally as bad as my (and my girlfriend's) experience or are we just unlucky?
  4. welly


    I feel like these expensive windlasses are both solutions looking for a problem. My windlass cost me 25 quid, it's a rotating handle type which I thought was flash in itself. I haven't yet found a lock paddle it was unable to raise. 79 quid for a windlass? 150 quid?? They're 'avin' a larf! I'm sure they're well engineered but as I say, solutions looking for a problem.
  5. welly

    New Waitrose almost on the Oxford

    Cans are recycled much more than bottles. http://www.aluminum.org/aluminum-can-advantage 5 out of every 6 glass bottles are thrown away. More than 28 billion glass bottles and jars end up in landfills every year which is the equivalent to the Empire State Building filling up every 3 weeks https://www.recyclingbins.co.uk/recycling-facts/ Cans!
  6. welly

    New Waitrose almost on the Oxford

    Cans are the new bottles! Cans weigh less Cans take up less space Cans keep beer fresher and don't skunk beer like bottles do You can still "bottle" condition beer in cans (the sediment is yeast) (except you're can conditioning, obviously) For the hippies, canned beer is more carbon neutral due to space/weight reduction. They can deliver more cans at once - figures suggest transporting canned beer emits 20% less greenhouse gases than bottles. Cans have more space for better design/branding Cans are the new bottles! Draught > Can > Bottle > No Beer
  7. welly


    I'd be surprised if you can't run Office 365 on a Chromebook as it's web based and it's pretty much as fully featured as the desktop version. But paintshop pro - not a chance, although there is an alternative, Pixlr, which you can run on Chromebooks. Again, it's an online app but worth a look - https://pixlr.com/.
  8. welly

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    CRT website! He looks as miserable about the new branding as the rest of us.
  9. welly

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    Just seen this and then went to look at the website... MY EYES!!! 😵 Someone needs to take the crayons from their "designer". It is much much worse than I thought it was going to be. I acknowledge I was giving them the benefit of the doubt in another thread and I was wrong to do so. Awful, just awful.
  10. welly

    i'M GONNA BE RICH...

    Says it's from a trusted sender! Right there in the message! Are you trying to say someone would actually go on the Internet and lie? 🤔
  11. welly

    Fray Bentos Hash, and a Q

    Best shop pie I've had in ages are those Charlie Brigham pies. You buy them in Waitrose, but only on special. You'd not buy them or afford to buy them full price, only when they're yellow labeled or otherwise discounted. But they're marvellous. They actually taste of pie rather than cow lips and arse holes. And you get to keep the bowl it's cooked in too - useful for sticking peanuts in or another pie.
  12. Lots of questions this weekend from me it seems.. Here's another one. Excuse the wall of text. Long and short of it is I've removed my pump out tank which used to be in the bathroom and on top of which the toilet and sink were all built upon. The reason being is I have a composting toilet and have no further need for a second toilet. Upon removing the tank, it appears that there was a leak that caused a fair bit of wood to rot, including the bathroom walls and the flooring. So I'm currently in the process of stripping bathroom down and finding a chippie to rebuild my bathroom. My question is related to the materials I should be using. The floorboard was/is a sheet of ply, half of which is fine, the other half which sat under the pump out tank fell apart in my hand. I just found the source of the leak, which is coming from the shower - the pipe going into the shower doesn't look to have been fitted properly or perhaps some how got knocked and so there's a slow but regular drip that ran through the plastic casing that the 12v wiring was in. The water then ran down there, behind the wall and drip drip drip for probably years and caused lots of wood to rot. So there's going to be some work to be done. The material that lines the bathroom is this stuff It's a kind of plastic or vinyl coated fibre board of some description. Wondered if anyone has a. an opinion of the stuff and b. knows where I can get some more of it from if the answer to a. is "it's pretty good stuff". What hasn't rotted seems to have held up well so wouldn't mind replacing it with the same stuff so I can keep the bathroom looking the same. The alternative is to replace it all with marine ply (£££) and eventually tile it. If I did that, what could I coat it with in the meantime to keep it dry from water?
  13. That's nice work! Much better than I can expect to do. Will have to pick up a copy of the dvd though.
  14. welly

    Solar....how much wattage is enough

    I think I calculated the fridge to be about 40ah a day. Might have been less. The speaker is definitely the least of my worries, not that I should have any. My power audit worked out to be around 60ah a day.
  15. Thanks Ray! I reckon I might order a DVD. In fact, my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she expressed some interest in learning to paint roses. 🤔

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