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  1. Thanks Matty, Have to agree with you there we hadn’t come across Maurice Hurst Boatbuilders before & was wondering what steel thickness was used on the hull. The boat we’ve viewed is in good condition for its year 1993 but before committed to a hull survey was looking for info.
  2. Thanks Joe, I’ll have a look at that 👍
  3. Hi We’ve recently viewed a lovely narrowboat however a bit curious about the builder Maurice Hurst has anyone any info/advice good or bad it would be really appreciated.
  4. We had booked to view but before we could , Both boats sold 😏
  5. We’re seen a couple of East West Marine built narrowboats ( Nogin the nog & Princess Jenny) that we are quite interested in. However it’s the East West Marine build that we have some concerns on ? Constructive views would be much appreciated :0)
  6. Hi, going to see a 2005 45ft narrow boat built by CANALMASTER this weekend and we would appreciate any info about them. cheers
  7. Bravo well said & of course I totally agree x We often share a lock with other narrowboat no problem and I can honestly say we are definatly not slower quite the opposite sue
  8. Now now I don't believe you have a Rosie & Jim
  9. Ok thanks That's a lot smaller , than I thought so are all boats over 7' wide beams !!
  10. Hi We all no size matters ok well I was wondering what defines a narrow boat to a wide beam our boat is 8ft 6in & classed as a Wide Beam, but depending on how she behaves I tend to say she's either a skinny wide beam or a fat narrow boat. What do other members think sue
  11. Smoggy


  12. Thanks for the info Peter, fitted the same setup as you and mine has been displaying 16 ever since. I will find the manual and reset it
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