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  1. Thanks Matty, Have to agree with you there we hadn’t come across Maurice Hurst Boatbuilders before & was wondering what steel thickness was used on the hull. The boat we’ve viewed is in good condition for its year 1993 but before committed to a hull survey was looking for info.
  2. Thanks Joe, I’ll have a look at that ?
  3. Hi We’ve recently viewed a lovely narrowboat however a bit curious about the builder Maurice Hurst has anyone any info/advice good or bad it would be really appreciated.
  4. We had booked to view but before we could , Both boats sold ?
  5. We’re seen a couple of East West Marine built narrowboats ( Nogin the nog & Princess Jenny) that we are quite interested in. However it’s the East West Marine build that we have some concerns on ? Constructive views would be much appreciated :0)
  6. Hi, going to see a 2005 45ft narrow boat built by CANALMASTER this weekend and we would appreciate any info about them. cheers
  7. Bravo well said & of course I totally agree x We often share a lock with other narrowboat no problem and I can honestly say we are definatly not slower quite the opposite sue
  8. Now now I don't believe you have a Rosie & Jim
  9. Ok thanks That's a lot smaller , than I thought so are all boats over 7' wide beams !!
  10. Hi We all no size matters ok well I was wondering what defines a narrow boat to a wide beam our boat is 8ft 6in & classed as a Wide Beam, but depending on how she behaves I tend to say she's either a skinny wide beam or a fat narrow boat. What do other members think sue
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