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  1. We have moored at Frodsham Street Bridge twice 2004 and 2007. Both occasions have had a clown jump onto the gunwales and the last time the TV antenna snapped. Apart from that we have enjoyed Chester, it is a lovely city. I will be back in about a month with an old army mate - my wife is not coming this year. Cheers all
  2. Worst one I've had was on the T&M. Entering a lock I suddenly lost all propulsion when a tyre from a mower or go-cart wrapped itself entirely around the prop. I looked like it was made to fit and was a bugger to get of with the steel wire as I didn't have anuthing to cut it with. Also had a fisherman's tent completed with poles sticking out at all angles. Four months to go and I will be back. Cheers
  3. I can beat that. Ely Marina wanted 50 quid (that is not a typo) for an overnight mooring. Needless to say I didn't accept. They either didn't want me there or they were having a laugh' Bill
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Six seems do-able although I'm afraid we fall into the aging and not overly fit category. I did see some remarkable contraptions fitted to the wheels when we last did the R Nene. Cheers Bill
  5. We are thinking of doing the R Nene in a week or so and wondered if all the locks are now electric. We last did it in 2006 and quite a number weren't and we found the wheels without a handle a bit tough. Hasn't the weather been great.
  6. We bought a Vodafone dongle last year and thought we were in heaven. Have spent the previous five years on our boat (15 weeks per year) using libraries or internet cafes to communicate with home (Aust.) Now it looks like we will have to go back to downloading to a memory stick and trudging around to find somewhere to go on line. Does anyone know of an alternative? We don't really want to have to commit to a 12 or 24 month plan as we are only in the UK for a bit over three months each year.
  7. We noticed similar structures when we did the R Stort earlier this year. Enquiries revealed they are something to do with sewerage lines. Not very romantic. Bill
  8. We moored in the floating harbour at Bristol in 2005. While there are moorings near the clubs we found some very quiet ones further on past the SS Great Britain just past the marina. Neither the river or harbour are tidal but watch the low bridge as you enter the harbour proper. Cheers
  9. The Hare Krishnas have moved to Prague. We saw them there a couple of weeks ago - there must have been about 50 of them and they were pulling a huge decorated cart. Also noticed there was a guy in civvies with a big bag following behind. Turns out he was the treasurer as the robed ones kepy going up to him, handing over money and collecting more books. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. Talk to the lockies, they should be able to advise if it is do-able. Cheers Bill
  11. Sh1t happens. There were some imaginative answers, I think I'm lucky I got any right although I was absolutely sure with 37 (Vat 69). That will be it with quizes for me for a while as we leave for the UK and our boat on Sunday. Cheers Bill
  12. Bill Kennedy


    Where's that then.
  13. The old adage - on a boat fish and friends go off after 3 days - has a ring of truth.
  14. No I'm Gaga, at least that is what my Granddaughter has called me since she was a wee babe - now 10 and still does and so does all the family - they're probably right.
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