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  1. Couldn't be arsed to join in the wide beam thread as that seems to be the normal bitch fest.
  2. Still there today along with CRT chaps, temporarily stuck but now free (still wrong side of bridge though). The bridge has quite obviously moved by at least 3 inches and looks like a temp iron arrangement is holding it together.
  3. I use one of these to help keep the dog cool https://ruffwear.co.uk/collections/cooling-gear-for-dogs/products/swamp-cooler A bit like a wet blanket but stays on, works even better when out in the sunshine whilst cruising as also provides shade/reflectiveness, I was skeptical when I bought it but not now.
  4. Just to add - Sainsburys at Bulls Bridge if you want to top up before the Thames. Lots of moorings available on the whole length from MK to Bulls Bridge, you just might not get the ideal spot you were hoping for - carry on and another ideal spot will appear.
  5. My thoughts... Extremely unlikely to be a smooth transition from house to boat date wise - plan for an interim period. I chose a caravan using official sites - cost about £3k over a number of months (including purchase, resale and fees) - probably saved more on the boat and got the boat I wanted due to not being a 'complicated' buyer. By all means use a storage place but only as an interim solution.
  6. If the new leader supports a no deal scenario then I predict a successful no confidence vote.
  7. Well TM has gone... Announcement at 10PM... Next.....................
  8. We hear about people getting shorter episodes of PTSD after car accidents etc, but people who have suffered violent physical and or sexual abuse/ attack have an extraordinarily high chance of getting PTSD, personal trauma often leads to COMPLEX PTSD and should not be underestimated in it severity, especially in children. It's the bits highlighted in bold that made my hackles rise very slightly. PTSD after a car accident etc - who says that is likely to be a shorter episode? A greater chance rather than an extraordinarily high chance would be better. Mention of cPTSD whilst welcome (and I believe it would be a helpful start on differential diagnosis) isn't yet recognised as a separate illness by most experts. Please accept my comments as discussion not criticism ☺️
  9. Thanks for highlighting PTSD (as a sufferer the more widely people talk about it the better in my opinion). Is the bit of your post your thoughts or is it a quote from somewhere - just doesn't read correct to me when viewed in context with the rest of your post.
  10. Why single out the BBC? Where do the others get their money from?
  11. Really? That is about on par for believing the Brexit buss slogan.
  12. At least you tried even if some of the replies were not what you were expecting.
  13. Not surprising when read like that really.
  14. No no no no no.... We don't want to encourage fat couch potatoes or those suffering mild mental health problems from intruding into 'our' lovely spaces. Petition to stop the FC and CRT from advertising these places can be found HERE PS - the above is meant to be slightly sarcastic...
  15. If you moor up and go to the pub is the boat still being single handed?
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