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  1. It Good As for CCing, it's hit and miss. All vets will will treat the dog but sometimes there is a delay in getting any needed medical records sent through. If there are long term issues or anything you can think of that might cause a delay to treatment ask the vet to provide a paper copy of each treatment. As always computer systems are great as long as they either 'talk to themselves' or a human makes them 'talk'! Having a vet that is part of a larger network can also be helpful in reassuring the practise that you are not going to run off without paying the bill - not everyone views boaters as upstanding people...
  2. The vets at Hillmorton are part of Medivet who have a 24 hr place in Leamington should the need arise (highly recommended by me from personal experience) The vets at Weedon also have a 24hr call place in Towcester (no experience of them) If it is going to be your 'home' vets I'd suggest ensuring that 24 hr cover is provided in some way that you are happy with and suits your location the best.
  3. Pedantic nonsense! I could equally say that when I suggest something I'm giving my opinion rather than advice. The reader will interpret the words in their own way not according to how you thought you were expressing things...
  4. Then I suggest you either don't reply in the Technical and Account Section or make sure your comments are not read as coming from a Mod. It's a bit like a primary school teacher trying to teach Degree Level studies just because they have Teacher as their occupation. Make whatever excuses you want but I don't think you realise the effect of having Moderator after your name has in this section of the site. Tee Hee - everyone is out to get you!
  5. How do you know it's genuine? Maybe the next scammer has just realised that providing a method to convince you are speaking to a genuine person is enough. Doubtful with CWDF but not something to advise people about as a general way of acting.
  6. Primarily because you don't understand what you are giving away by clicking reply... Email active - check. Someone who isn't very familiar in how to work out an email is a scam - check. Just because you get an undelivered reply does not mean you haven't given info away that is useful to scammers. Now for some boating for me.
  7. Bad advice. Hopefully someone with more time will be along to explain why.
  8. I'm a fairly nervous narrowboater, first year and hate holding anyone up or not finding mooring space, just to put some context to the below. I was nervous about the aqueduct and the narrows and getting a mooring in Llangollen especially as I was arriving there mid August and mid week. In the end no real need to be nervous. Moored overnight about 1/2 to a mile before the aqueduct on one of the pleasant 48hr moorings and had a good walk around/explore. Next day over the aqueduct and into Llangollen, no real problems, had to wait part way across the aqueduct for a convoy of mainly hire boats to get through the tight turn on the otherside and sort themselves out enough to give us space to get pass and turn (could see lots of helpers helping out), no one getting annoyed, it's part of boating on this section of canal. Narrows were done in a convoy of about 10 boats, thankfully I was in the middle as no chance of sending a lookout ahead being a solo boater. Bit of reversing was required at one point but everyone kept smiling and helping out those who were least competent. Plenty of moorings in Llangollen basin the first night. Second night the basin was full but still plenty of moorings on the official paid for towpath moorings. Trip back was fairly uneventful, much quieter so had to do the narrows on my own, had to reverse a short way (on a bend) but the oncoming boat crew helped out as needed. To the OP - don't be too worried about it - if there are boaters in a hurry on that section of canal not expecting to get held up by fairly novice boaters then they are in the wrong place!
  9. Submit a GDRP request. Your posts are unlikely to be deleted but account details and user name should be.
  10. It's here https://www.networkrail.co.uk/communities/passengers/our-stations/birmingham-new-street/ You just need to hunt for it!
  11. Try calling 0121 576 2706 it is the station reception number, they may be able to help with the station entrance/station parking. Roadworks/closures outside the station a week or so ago so try to find current info.
  12. Couldn't be arsed to join in the wide beam thread as that seems to be the normal bitch fest.
  13. Still there today along with CRT chaps, temporarily stuck but now free (still wrong side of bridge though). The bridge has quite obviously moved by at least 3 inches and looks like a temp iron arrangement is holding it together.
  14. I use one of these to help keep the dog cool https://ruffwear.co.uk/collections/cooling-gear-for-dogs/products/swamp-cooler A bit like a wet blanket but stays on, works even better when out in the sunshine whilst cruising as also provides shade/reflectiveness, I was skeptical when I bought it but not now.
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