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  1. Including when the Scottish calendar finally caught up with the English calendar 😀
  2. I hate to tell you, it is the 15th Oct.
  3. Just to note the towpath in the area including on Desborough Island is not permissive but a public right of way.
  4. Not convinced CRT use the same terminology. Just gone through stoppages from now until March on the GU, K&A, LLangollen, Leeds & Liverpool, Trent & Mersey, Shropshire Union. Can't make planned gate replacements above 30. Think I'm missing something.
  5. You would think so, but I've learnt that assumption sometimes makes an ass out of me... 😕 It wouldn't be the first time figures were manipulated to look good for the publisher. I don't know the answer though so I'll not comment further unless someone does know the answer.
  6. Just a minor question and not wanting to disrupt further comments on the report (too much). Does anyone know, when CRT say they have replaced X number of lock gates this year, does a wide (or even a single lock with two gates at one end) count as two gates replaced or one gate?
  7. None other than those taken out of use because they were ******* (broken).
  8. Sadly that just confuses things. But hopefully at least it will garner people enough to actually look through what is being proposed.
  9. It isn't just about butty's - my plans for next year are scuppered if the rules come in and I don't want to break them. 59' boat through a 57' lock - gone on for years but if I do it next year what might happen to me. But the rules are set out by CRT and the only way of challenging them are by going to Court - not something anyone does lightly. In response to your 3rd sentence.
  10. But the proposed revised wording doesn't state that it pretty much leaves CRT as judge and jury over whether it is allowed - not a great position to be in if CRT decide against you - either go to court or kow tow.
  11. How many more threads on same subject... Happy to delete mine if necessary.
  12. Hopefully not this time. I think they have gone too far.
  13. No longer will I have to wait whilst they go through in single formation through a lock! Tongue firmly in cheek.... wtf Please read this and consider replying about what the proposed changes actually mean without just considering your own position. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/42490-your-boat-license-terms-and-conditions.pdf
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