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  1. Was fairly empty today when I went past (under the trees). Wish I had stopped as first next mooring I could find was well below Goring Lock.
  2. I'm fairly certain the 'boat train' used to take you right into the passenger docks at either Dover or one of the other nearby ports, along the road. Memories from childhood so around early 70s. Dad worked for BR which meant we could travel by 'pass' on the train and only pay port tax for the Sealink ferry. Think we also had a number of 'passes' for international travel, i.e. seem to remember getting to Spain or the Black Forest for a tenner for the five of us! First class in the UK as well! We often would would get told 'you do realise you are in first class' as we tried to stuff camping gear into the luggage racks. Certainly remember the Weymouth journey to Jersey and it was a timetabled train.
  3. Narrow, thankfully... Went through about 11.30, now moored in the delights of MK, thankfully only one lock to cause me not to escape MK tomorrow!
  4. Stuck just south of the stoppage by only an hour or so ☹️ From my uneducated observations of the locks over the past couple of days there will be a few more failures this year.
  5. Think it is a bit more complex than that. The gov pay council a 'housing benefit subsidy' the council then administer this as 'housing benefit' to claimants - ideally and in the couple of councils where I found the info easily the amount given as a subsidy and the amount spent by the council on administering the benefit were not that different. Obviously there will be conflicts between central gov and local councils though.
  6. I'd be interested to know whether individual councils are liable....
  7. Well that would upset the 'apple cart' if mooring fees were not accepted as part of a benefit claim if they were treated the same as ground rent for land dwellers!
  8. Interesting that ground rent isn't accepted as part of the benefit claim for land dwellers but the 'water rent' will now be available for boaters... I suppose the licence fee is more like a service charge for land dwellers which is payable under benefit claims. (service charge covers things communal rubbish collection, grass cutting, window cleaning path maintenance, access maintenance etc.).
  9. Red is history. Claim back is the new world.
  10. Surely that only applies if the marina owner can sell it for a better price. I thought the whole idea of the Governments response was to eliminate that possibility by onl allowing us to buy white (in most cases).
  11. Short story - the pub is responsible/un-responsible for the elsan. Long story is that CRT can't manage selling off of land with a long term view that respects boaters needs.
  12. Given 50k is nowhere near enough to rebuild the bridge. Best thing for that bridge is to create a width restriction on its approaches (the diversion route is less than a mile and on better roads), any money left over could be spent just trying to make the towpaths less muddy, for what should be a fairly busy area for dog walkers etc the towpath is in a sorry state.
  13. There already is a market for theft from farms and from households using kero. Not something the Gov cares about too much. Whilst we are on about theft from farms... To the boater (and it almost certainly was a boater as CCTV showed no vehicles or pedestrians approaching the farm) who cut a friends fuel pipe to drain off a couple of jerry cans or a drum (Heavy enough to need a trolley with wheel marks heading towards the canal) - you are a b*******. not only for the theft but for allowing nearly 1000 litres of diesel to leak out. £50 k insurance claim for clear up was required... Plus a revised CCTV system!
  14. Looks like it was the criminals that removed the colour - wouldn't have been much point if the tax was already paid.
  15. I think you are missing the point. If all industries/users that currently are allowed to use red are still allowed to there would be no point in changing the system. If many industries/users are stopped from using 'red' then revenue will go up despite the potential for increased fraud - the increased fraud across an industry if significant will be apparent and more easily addressed by enforcement.
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