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  1. Red is history. Claim back is the new world.
  2. Surely that only applies if the marina owner can sell it for a better price. I thought the whole idea of the Governments response was to eliminate that possibility by onl allowing us to buy white (in most cases).
  3. Short story - the pub is responsible/un-responsible for the elsan. Long story is that CRT can't manage selling off of land with a long term view that respects boaters needs.
  4. Given 50k is nowhere near enough to rebuild the bridge. Best thing for that bridge is to create a width restriction on its approaches (the diversion route is less than a mile and on better roads), any money left over could be spent just trying to make the towpaths less muddy, for what should be a fairly busy area for dog walkers etc the towpath is in a sorry state.
  5. There already is a market for theft from farms and from households using kero. Not something the Gov cares about too much. Whilst we are on about theft from farms... To the boater (and it almost certainly was a boater as CCTV showed no vehicles or pedestrians approaching the farm) who cut a friends fuel pipe to drain off a couple of jerry cans or a drum (Heavy enough to need a trolley with wheel marks heading towards the canal) - you are a b*******. not only for the theft but for allowing nearly 1000 litres of diesel to leak out. £50 k insurance claim for clear up was required... Plus a revised CCTV system!
  6. Looks like it was the criminals that removed the colour - wouldn't have been much point if the tax was already paid.
  7. I think you are missing the point. If all industries/users that currently are allowed to use red are still allowed to there would be no point in changing the system. If many industries/users are stopped from using 'red' then revenue will go up despite the potential for increased fraud - the increased fraud across an industry if significant will be apparent and more easily addressed by enforcement.
  8. If you restrict rebates to only certain sections of use, i.e. farmers use (10% of total red use), then even in the unlikely event that farm use of red doubled due to fraud the Gov would still collect 80% of duty - and have a 'hammer' to beat up farmers.
  9. Simple answer is no. Not sure how many of the moorings in that area are CRT moorings - if enough then if all/most give notice to leave that might be enough for CRT to re-evaluate pricing/policy but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Yes but pricing depends on the needs/wants of the boaters taking the moorings.
  10. I think if the Gov wanted to abolish legislation they would need new legislation, however adjusting tax rates on tax/duty/vat is within the Gov's remit, subject to approval of the change by parliament. And parliament approval is more of a rubber stamp so the Gov can make changes to tax/duty rates with immediate effect - perhaps having to pay back the tax/duty if the budget isn't approved by parliament. It's a complex area though.
  11. Totally agree with this, I knew the location from my first ever hire boat, couldn't believe what had been allowed when I stopped there last year - talk about setting everything up for conflict you couldn't have designed a worse scheme. However it has happened. You are right to say boaters should be squeaky clean here. Challenging why the development went ahead when anyone with intelligence could see the potential for conflict needs to be directed towards future developments.
  12. Washing machines generally take about an hour to cycle through the programme - running your engine in that location whilst hogging the water point for that length of time is not only inconsiderate to the househloders but is also inconsiderate to other boaters - you are being selfish (I'd use more direct language if I was brave enough). Not difficult in that location to move away from the water point to do your washing and then return to replenish your precious water.
  13. Yep enclose that in double glazed windows and a specially formed roof you will almost certainly stop any leaks. I do wonder how much extra condensation you will create though without extra ventilation.
  14. The boat I now own had something similar although floor level wasn't the same as cabin. Speaking to the previous owner, access was the main issue as even with 'doors that opened on both sides of the boat you had to crouch down very low/contort yourself to enter from the bow. The triangular piece of glass was a single glaze, the area suffered from condensation even though all non glazed areas were insulated. I saw the boat advertised when it first went on sale and immediately rejected it as it looked hideous even though the extension was well made. After 6 months or so the boat hadn't sold and the owner was advised to remove the extension - I snapped the boat up... (I like easy access through the bow doors as a 'usual' entry to the boat - we are all different). Not very helpful reply but at least on topic!
  15. Agreed. But now let him digest things and hopefully learn from the experience. Even the best make occasional mistakes.
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