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  1. No I'm talking about 'democratic sense'. Will leave the thread now until an idea of whether the 'impasse' has been resolved or not.
  2. There is no 'of course' in party politics. Hopefully some sense will apply over the next week or so.
  3. To me democracy is about trying to find compromises that reflect and respect all people's opinions. Last night Parliament decided to try that out and see what happens - hurrah say I! If you disagree with my thinking and think the 'remainers' should be ignored - well why do we bother with opposition parties until the next GE comes up...
  4. I found the moorings just above the bottom canal lock (lock 17) fine for safety, overlooked by flats and no real sign of anti social behaviour. Not pretty but fine for a night or two.
  5. Back to the 'same old' now. Closest Parliament has ever got to ditching Party politics though.
  6. Well 2nd referendum ruled out for now. Hoping Benn's amendment gets approved.
  7. Some sanity at last....
  8. Many thanks to Bizzard for visiting today, what a nice man. Both thermostats kaput and housing engine to skin tank and header tank leaking just underneath water cap. Not possible to say what was the original cause of the overheating. Now able to move the boat keeping a very close eye on coolant level. Will sort out ordering and replacing parts once I've worked out the most convenient location for me to do so and go from there. I may yet have got away without any engine damage. Thanks all.
  9. It also happens from time to time with other threads - so it's not all about Brexit.
  10. Thank you. And thanks to the other contributors to this thread for providing their advice.
  11. I'll update this thread once Bizzard has visited in a few days time.
  12. Bottom one. Now I must really get on and start trying to sort things.
  13. Used for 'proper' cruising, apart from domestic alternator problems everything has been ok so far. Travelpower or Gen or solar provides charge during difficulties with the domestic alternator.
  14. Yes still in place, I'll add check the tension to my list for today.
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