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  1. take the wire of and try again?
  2. I Have one and they use a fair amount of gb per film etc 50gb lasts me around 2 weeks tops
  3. Mickj

    Buying solar panels

    Bimble have 175w used monocrystalline panals for £65.00 37p per watt
  4. Mickj

    Buying solar panels

    Bimble Solar www.bimblesolar
  5. R N Diesel 01902 450912 use them at work sound guys
  6. Look on Bimble solar recommend Black Tiger seal adheasive check there web site
  7. Mickj

    Faulty Pump

    this looks the same? ebay 252458495096
  8. I think I may have seen this boat Sunday while moored at the anchor high offley heading towards market Drayton
  9. Move the rack on the pumps as above, you should be able to rig a stop cable up to do it for you
  10. calf heath have a slip above the lock
  11. Mickj

    Traction batteries

    That sounds like a great idea have started supping will see what happens!
  12. Mickj

    Traction batteries

    have got a watering system on them, probably nothing wrong just taking readings when I shouldn't, will turn Inverter of when I can and take some readings with meter Thanks
  13. Mickj

    Traction batteries

    me beer will get warm
  14. Mickj

    Traction batteries

    Hi Sorry have not replied earlier been moving boat, the batteries are also charged via fisher panda gene via victron 3000, the monitor is the latest one not sure of modal, the batteries read 2 volt to 2.1 volt at the batteries, when the monitor says 70/80% soc i float the batteries at least every other week, the readings are took under load IE fridge, freezer, sky etc I think it's the solar confusing the monitor, I don't let the batteries go under 23.90/24.00 volt before charging Thanks for all your reply's
  15. Hi I have a bank of 12 x 2v traction batteries new in July, 800 watts of solar and a victron battery monitor all work well, My question is what should the voltage be at 75% soc it shows 24v on monitor but all the info I can find out is they should be at a higher voltage at 75% soc Thanks
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