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  1. I think the big problem is deciding if both of you could live in what is a fairly confined space and if you could both do without a lot of the things you have at present in your house. We used to think we would eventually end up living on a boat but as we got older we realised that we just couldn't do it. We love spending time on the boat but we also love the comforts of bricks and mortar and all our possessions Good luck whatever you decide to do .
  2. You seem to have had very bad luck with almost all the workmen you have had on your boat since you got it or perhaps it is just that we only hear about the useless ones and you have had many positive experiences which you haven't told us about. I hope this is the case as I just can't understand how all the "useless" workmen end up on your boat 🙂
  3. It was ok on my pc lady night but this Moy it won't let me on. Ok on phone
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Because the drivers seat and steering wheel are on the right 🙂
  6. I must admit I am of the "out of sight, out of mind" persuation and it has never bothered me having a tank of waste under the bed! What would bother me is if the loo was smelly and I find a macerator with the big (at least 6 weeks ) tank fits the bill nicely and we don't have to put stuff down the loo to keep it sweat, it does it all by itself 🙂 . One of our boats has a cassette loo and it is an absolute pain "dosing" it and searching for Elsans.
  7. If you buy a boat with a pump out toilet I would suggest you "live with it" for a while and consider later whether you really want to get rid of it or not. With cassette toilet you have to carry them to Elsans, which can be very unsavoury places, to empty them regularly (days apart, rather than weeks, I gather) . With composting (or separating ) toilets you need to find a way of composting the poo (not now allowed to put it in C&RT bins) and with a pumpout loo you have to pay to have it emptied which can be anything between 2 and 6 weeks use depending on the size of the tank. I would recommend living what your new boat has for a while before leaping into action to change it.
  8. What was done when the boat was docked? That seems a lot for bottom blacking.
  9. Thanks Ange for those pink parrafin ads. None of them is the one I remember though 🙂 . I remembered a bit more about it. The cosy dog in his kennelwas writing to invite a friend to join him and that was when he realised he had no friends to send it to. 🙂 No other ancient folk remember that ad?
  10. Talking about adverts. One which has stuck in my mind was for pink ( I think) paraffin. It was a dog in a nice warm kennel heated by a pink paraffin heater then he realised he had no friend to share it with. It was so sad and for some reason ( probably because it had a dog ) it has stuck in my mind . I hate to think how many years ago it was 😃
  11. They do human stuff too :-). I find if I change my joint medication every few months it helps . I switch between Yu Move and Chondroitin and Glucosomine (has to be really strong concentrations of both though.)
  12. I use Yumove and I usually get the ones for working dogs or active dogs but if meg has signs of needing something more I get Yumove 260 (or 360, I can never remmeber) which you can only get via your vet. I also take Yumove for my own old joints 🙂
  13. haggis

    nb HARNSER

    yes, I think he accesses FB from his phone but uses his laptop for CWDF and other internet things and it is his laptop which has died
  14. haggis

    nb HARNSER

    Brian is fine on Harnser, just a dead laptop. I am missing his blog too as I find it one of the better ones.
  15. You are right, Janz, it is nobodies business how you are financing your boat renovations but some people seem to enjoy being "gloom merchants " and giving you the benefit of their views, no matter how relevant they are.
  16. Not a very positive or helpful post. It looks to me like the guy is willing to learn and is asking questions and listening to the answers and I love his enthusiasm.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. It used to have an excellent chef who lived on his boat "Poisson dwarf" which was moored outside the pub ( or just a few yards along) . It was an excellent eating place but sadlly he left to go to a non canal side pub.
  21. Not sure these two statements sit well together 🙂 . The BSS is as much to protect other boats as well as the one being examined and removing things which might be a fail and then replacing them after the examiner has gone is still leaving the risks. Ok you will have your bit of paper but your boat and others might still be at risk.
  22. What an unhelpful reply ! To get prescribed medicine requires a prescription from a doctor being dispensed at a phsrmacy and while I have no experience of this while boating I gather that it is possible to have the doc email the prescription to a pharmacy where you can pick up the medicine. . While DMR do deliveries I don't think they have a part to play in obtaining regular medicine
  23. Yes, it would have been handy to moor outside the pub and restaurant 🙂
  24. We went down to moor in the basin a few months ago and as Biscuits says, it is an interesting place to moor. When going down into the basin make sure the paddles are up on the second lock before emptying the first though or you will get wet feet. When we came back up a boat was coming down and didn't do that and the lock labourer was wearing rather nice non waterproof footwear 🙂 .
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