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  1. It's ok thanks we are not going down Marple. The plan is to visit bugsworth basin and come back the Macc. We can't have two bad trips in a row, can we ?
  2. Thank you. I am not having s good day what with dog falling into a lock and me breaking a plate and a long slog up Bosley. I forgot I put Kelpie hard aground this morning. I need food I haven't prepared tonight 🙂
  3. We will probably moor in Macclesfield tonight and it might be nice to have a pub meal. It is years since we have been up here . Are there any decent pub food places near the canal ?
  4. Must have been all of five minutes 🙂
  5. Richard Parry had gone by the time we got there!
  6. Nice to see you briefly this morning. We had a very slow trip up the flight following a guy who was on his own and had only had the boat 3 days. He expected to stay on the boat and someone ( me) would work the locks for him. Volunteers appeared about lock 5 and one helped him and one helped us. I think that is the first time I have asked for help but having had 3 eye operations this year and not being able to see very well made things difficult for me.
  7. We turned onto the Macc a wee while ago and hope to get within striking distance of Bosley before we moor. Although I knew about the lock restrictions I hadn't factored them in to our planned route till Brian reminded me 🙂
  8. I agree with what Peter has said but I would also recommend a visit to the kelpies. There are 15 locks down from Falkirk which will be worked by volunteers and if you go down, plan on down one day and back up the next. They are lit up at night which makes them even more magical. If you don't have time to visit the kelpies by boat, why not drive down ? Haggis . Who just happens to have a boat called Kelpie !
  9. Thank you but we have to get there 🙂
  10. That's us just set off on Kelpie after getting her BSS done ,( she passed) and getting her polished! We plan to head for Whaley bridge but how far we get depends on how the timing at Bosley locks works out Great to be on the move again ! Haggis
  11. When we got gamebird we thought the curtains on the window behind the cooker were a fire risk so we replaced them with flame retardant non see-through roller blinds. Much safer
  12. That's interesting that the volockies don't know what C&RT have said and are allowing passage outwith the C&RT "rules". Hope it stays that way for you to get back and for us to get to Whaley Bridge and back soon.
  13. The mooring is not transferrable if you sell your boat although the purchaser might be able to get the mooring if there isn't a waiting list. I have read through the mooring terms and conditions and don't see any mention of what happens if you change your boat although I would expect, as long as the new boat will fit the allocated mooring space, there won't be a problem. One thing I was reminded of when reading the rules is that you must keep your boat in good condition and if SC think it needing better maintenance, they will tell you and if things don't improve you will be told to take your boat off the canal. Also, you are not allowed to store stuff on the pontoon or adjacent to your mooring (in some places huts are supplied for residential moorers to store stuff). These rules make me smile when I see the state of some of the long term mooring sites and the state of the boats in Englandshire. 🙂
  14. Sounds a good plan but things are a wee bit different up here 🙂 . Almost all the moorings are provided by Scottish Canals and there is no guarantee that the mooring will be transferable if the boat changes hands. I understand that there is a long waiting list for moorings BUT I have heard that there is somewhere on the web site which tells you where moorings are available. Not sure how these facts sit together but there you are. Perhaps there is a waiting list in popular areas and vacancies in the less attractive places for live aboards.
  15. I suggest you speak to Scottish Canals about a mooring before buying a boat. You are not allowed to continuously cruise on the Lowland canals and MUST have a mooring. There are sometimes boats for sale up here and SC may know of some. Oh just thought . If you buy a wide beam down south make sure it will fit the bridge and tunnel widths which I think is 12 feet but the information will be on the SC web site.
  16. No, I never thought of that ! Has he, do you know ? I,ll send him an email. I think she will fit but we will measure her on Wednesday. If we can go though standedge, we plan to return via the Leeds and Liverpool if it has enough water and no stoppages. If not, it will be the Rochdale which we have done on the other direction.
  17. Yes, thank you and I have printed the sheet out. The problem is that the boat is over 200 miles away and we will measure her when we go down to the marina this week. We will then let the organisers know if we can join the cruise or not in June.
  18. We are booked on a Standedge Explorer cruise later this year but we won't know till we go down this week and measure the boat whether she will fit or not.
  19. True but could they not use one of those blue things which now seem to be used to keep water out when work is being done on the canal? Don't know what they are called but they look like an expanding metal frame with heavy duty polythene over them
  20. Ok, I was wrong to think stop planks were not used at marina entrances. Must have a look for them when we are out boating soon. I was thinking more of marinas which cater for widebeams where the entrance needs to be pretty wide.
  21. I wonder if the Covid rules which said that the skipper and the CRT person had to be two metres apart going through the tunnel, will still be in place this year. This means that boats with a trad stern or limited space at the back have to be driven through by the CRT person and the skipper has to be below. I think most skippers would prefer any touching of the sides be done by themselves and not a CRT skipper who is not familiar with the boat.
  22. Off the top of my head I can't think of any marinas with stop.planks ready for use but as marina entrances tend to be pretty wide I don't know if stop planks would be the way to keep water in or out. Perhaps the ones you saw were used when the marina was being built and the entrance was narrower
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  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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