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  1. Hi, we are new to boating and are moving a boat up from england to be put in the water near dumbarton on the clyde and taking it to bowling to get it on the network. can you offer any advice in preperation for this? due to our lack of experience we were considering getting a skipper to do the clyde section. thanks, sean and ania

    1. haggis


      Sorry, just seen this and typed a reply which seems to have disappeared so here we go again! Is it a canal boat and do you plan to keep it on the Lowland canals? If so yopu will need a licvence and mooring from scottish canals before you bring it in. Most people launch at Grangemouth where the hull can be inspected by Scottish canals staff before it is put in the water in case there are any nasty beasties lurking there! If there are, they need to be pressure washed off before SC will...

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