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  1. Are you sure ? Can't be bothered going back to check but I get the impression that the couple already have a boat so advice about what to buy is a bit late :-). I think checking the RYA web site which I presume will give a list of places which do the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmans training and examination would be more useful than looking at motor boat courses. Different environment, different shaped boats and they don't have to cope with strong bywashes going in and out of locks.
  2. Ok thanks. I should have liked at the photo on my pc and not my phone . I now see that it looks more like a vent than a chimney.
  3. Is it my eyesight or has it got two chimneys suggesting a cut and shut . Orr is one a vent? Hard to tell on my phone
  4. Maybe it doesn't affect Englandshire but farmers are permitted to use red diesel for clearing roads using snow ploughs etc on their tractors UNLESS they are contracted to do it by the local council in which case it is white only. This will have a big impact in a lot of rural areas in Scotland.
  5. I liked the advice to phone C&RT if you break down in the middle of a tunnel. How many tunnels have phone signals? Ok he goes on to say to let someone know you are going into a tunnel and if you don't phone to say you are out, they contact C&RT. You would be making a lot of phone calls at the top of the T & M 🙂
  6. Welcome back, Alan. It been a long time and we have missed you
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Iain hasn't changed much although his beard is now white :-). That is a lovely photo of Mirk, a handsome dog with a lovely nature.
  9. Gosh, I think I still have that body warmer somewhere! That was quite a "pioneering "trip. On the way up the Derwent we moored a 58 foot boat with about 4 feet near a very dodgy pontoon with the other end tied to a tree. Did the same on the way back down but facing the other way. I remember that it took 3 of us (none of us lightweights) jumping up and down to move a swing bridge. Ah, memories,, thank you, Peter.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I must admit to losing a lot of faith in the IWA (although we are still members) when I was taking up the case for shared boats not being charged licence fees 147% higher than other private boaters. I contacted the IWA seeking their support and I'll never forget the conversation I had with Roger Squires. When I put the case to him his response was that he and the IWA would not support me as it would mean that other private boaters would have to pay more!!! Sort of supports the view that the IWA only supports a certain type of boater. I think.
  12. When the value of second hand boats started to rise I contacted our insurance company about increasing the insured value and their response was that they would only do it if we could provide a valuation provided by a suitably qualified person. They would not accept a valuation proved by ourselves From posts on here I gathered that some insurance companies would and some wouldn't Not particularly wishing to change insurance company, we paid to have the boat valued. Being aware that under or over insuring could affect any claim which we might make we reckoned for peace of mind it was worth basing the insurance on the true value. Don't want to tempt Providence but we have never made a claim 🙂
  13. i understand that when you buy a boat and insure it, the value it is insured for is what you paid (This is I think how insurance of boats works). I have never heard of the insured value of a boat going down every year. I must be talking to the wrong insurance companies! With our boat, until we paid to have it professionally revalued last year the insured value had stayed the same for about 10 years. I have no doubt there are insurance companies who do as IanD suggests and drop the value every year and accept the owners valuation but I don't think that is the normal practice.
  14. I thought I had heard on here that Bickerstaff had gone to the wall and they were somehow tied up with some bloggers who have left the canals
  15. While I agree that increasing the licence fees to an amount which will help the continuation of the canals will put a big burden/be beyond many boaters but at the end of the day, what is more important? Stopping the canals falling into disrepair where canal boating will be a thing of the past or ensuring that those of limited means will be able to continue boating? I sincerely hope that we will all be able to continue boating on canals which are being properly maintained but the money has to come from somewhere.
  16. Glad to hear that Connie is still boating. Cheshire Cat is now kept at Thorne Marine and it is hired out when Connie isn't using it.
  17. Reading all this news about water shortages etc and lack of bookings for Standedge makes me wonder if the Standedge Explorer cruise organised for 12 boats at the end of June will take place. If it does take place, we will then have the problem about being able to return via the Leeds and Liverpool. Interesting times ahead!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. I think you are having the same examiner as us and we paid £185 BUT he had to travel to us and he did ask if this was the first time he had examined Kelpie. Perhaps it is cheaper if he doesn't have to find his way round a new to him boat. He did a very thorough job, we felt. Mind you, he started at the stern and the first thing he noticed was that we didn't have a diesel label 🙂 . Not a fail though. If anyone has asked either of us if we had a label we would have said yes!!
  20. I was thinking more of the kind of bow worn in a lady's hair or with a gentleman's dinner suit. The English language is a bit confusing. Is it not ?
  21. Eugene was a great guy and as you say, he had scruples. He helped me a lot behind the scenes in my Ombudsman case for licences for shared boats, much to Sally Ash s annoyance I am sure. We met him several times in Scotland and on the day before the official opening of the Wheel he let Iain and I see inside the workings. I was sorry when he left BW but I could in understand why.
  22. I understood it was to do with the age of the marina - grand father rights - or where the water feed for the marina comes from. I don't think it has anything to do with whether the marina is over the canal bed or not. If that was the case, most marinas would be exempt. No doubt someone will be along to tell us what defines a marina where you don't need a licence or BSS
  23. After nothing happening for a long time, we noticed when we came back from our recent trip that they were busy laying pontoons. Presumably all the rumours about it being filled in and Morrisons using the space were just that, rumours. I understand that before it closed for dredging this was one of the marinas where you didn't need a licence or BSS and I wonder if that will change when it reopens.
  24. Thank you for the very kind offer ( I think) but we head back up north tomorrow
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