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  1. We must have been lucky! We have two bits about 4X6 laid side by side and with the pattern it looks like one big carpet and ours hasn't moulted at all. Haven't washed it but it hoovers up well.
  2. I enjoyed that! Thanks for posting it.
  3. Is the guy in business or is he doing your kitchen as a sort of favour for another boater? If it is the latter, I don't think you can expect him to pay for the stuff you need. Asking for "proper business paper work" may see the end of the job being done by this guy 🙂 .
  4. We have Karndean flooring and it is so easy to keep clean. We also have rugs from Hug at Home which are washable , not too expensive and if you pick the right colours they don't show the dirt. We have a couple of, I think Candy Stripe in the lounge and find them good for muddy human and dog feet. Not being too heavy you can shake them out doors in you feel so inclined 🙂 . Instead of a runner along side the bed, we have 3 mats laid end to end. We had a runner before but I find the mats easier to look after.
  5. Sounds like the symptoms of leaves on the prop. A common occurrence at this time of year 🙂
  6. Interesting. A search of Companies house show that Knights Narrowboats limited was dissolved in 2020.
  7. I suppose if everyone who has a boat in a marina also has a motor home there the car park would need to be almost as big as the waterspace, especially in marinas where there is a high percentage of live aboards, above or below the radar. A line will have to be drawn somewhere and it isprobably easier to have a complete ban rather than a partial one
  8. Sorry your Mum didn't take to narrow boating but as you say, better to find out now rather than later. It sounds ideal getting a share in a boat so that you can go cruising to have a wee break and that gives you time to look around for a boat which will be suitable for you to live on. Could some of your family help to fund the purchase and you could pay them back when your mothers house can be sold?
  9. Thank you . I have sent an enquiry to find out more.
  10. True but when you are a very small canal society and you don't have much money because you concentrated on providing low cost boat trips in a fairly deprived area as a means of encouraging people to take an interest in their canal and not use it as a rubbish dump, you can sort of see the thinking.
  11. Thank you for that. I must admit when I made the post this morning I just repeated without thinking what I had read in minutes but you are correct of course. People should not be denied being able to do something ( like having a boat trip with friends and family) because they are not fully able. I think cost came into the thinking .
  12. I was aware of these boats and the one which has now been sold looked ideal but the remaining one the lack of solid sides to the front of the cabin makes it a bit unsuitable for operating in Scottish waters. I have been looking out for ex hire day boats coming up but it has just been these two since the society got the funds in place.
  13. Thank you, Martin. It is a bit of as mindfield!. I also found a web site disability Scotland and have pointed the chairman in that direction as sometimes there is specific legislation relating to Scotland. I will also point her in the direction of the UK site. Thanks again, Haggis
  14. A canal society which we are both members of is having to have a new trip boat built as their previous one requires replating . The chairman has just contacted me to say she has heard than any new trip boats being built must have disabled access. Does anyone know if this is true or let me know where i could find out? The boat will be used for skippper driven trips for up to 12 passengers only and it had been decided not to have disabled access as the Seagull Trust who operate near us provide trips for mentally and physically challenged people and it was felt that we didn't want to "tread on their toes". Just out of interest as some may remember the old trip boat, Bluebell, in an earlier life. She was called Minuet and was operated by Peter Le Marchant Trust. She was then bought by the Seagull Trust and after they no longer needed her she was given to a community group who neglected her and after she had been sunk several times our canal society acquired her and spent a few years making her into a great wee boat.
  15. Apparently he was a 75 year old single handler living aboard. . Very sad as he will have lost everything
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