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  1. From a talk with the local CRT: There will be free visitor moorings in the basin at the pontoons. Additionally there will be 5 long term moorings at the Hotel side. Aylesbury Council wants to connect the basin more to the town center. Probably with a footbridge over the busy 4 lane-A-road.
  2. The CRT handed over signs "be welcome to moor abreast" or such. There were several slots free. Friday night, 21:00, there were 2 slots free in Gas Street Basin. But I agree: having it in the stoppages would be the solution.
  3. just measured: 5'9" (1750mm) is the max. height of the existing roof box - half empty water and fuel tank. Thats about what the Nicholson guide No. 4 says about the headroom of the harecastle. Froghall, Gosty, Dudley, WNDs would not be on my route, Nell Bridge would. The removable box is an idea I am thinking off. Or an inflatable roof box ;-P
  4. Hello, Whilst planning the next roof box I am wondering, how high I can build up stuff on the roof without the risk of shaving it off occasion. I heart, Harecastle Tunnel and a bridge at Stoke on Trent are quite low. Does anybody has some figures for me? regards Berth
  5. edit: today a sign at the lock says: "Open on Friday".
  6. I talked to an official yesterday: there is a major leakage at the top lock, obvious due to the heavy work on the old BW-site. They are positive to open the flight before Easter
  7. Have you been successful with your soldering iron, Dave? Curious to see the end of the story
  8. Those hooks are made from 19mm "foamex" which is used in many products and is quite cheap. A local window company could be asked for offcuts.
  9. berth


    after searching boating and camper forums in 2 countries I can say: this is the best offer I am coming across. An even cheaper solution would be a Alfa AWUS036 instead of the Tube-U. Same performance but not weatherproof - you have to wrap it somehow. Additional benefit: if needed you plug in a 3G dongle instead the Alfa modem in the Alfa 36 and you have got 3G internet as well. A list of dongle hardware is http://www.alfa.com.tw/products_show.php?pc=35&ps=140
  10. 50x50mm of Sikaflex 252, >5mm thick, would hold 1 ton.
  11. Stoppages calendar tells me that Hurleston locks are closed 4 weeks in Feb 2014. I guess the discussion will be re-opened than :-)
  12. I just finished to stick the ALD*-film on. No condensation any more and warmer than before. I cutted down the "hoppers" with a hacksaw so the ends are inside the framing. At the kitchen windows I covered only the lower bits. I screwed and sealed a wooden bar to the base of the top windows in the size of the framing. So I still can open the tops when cooking.
  13. berth


    Hi out there. We - that is dutch born Magda and german raised Berth, living in Wales for the last 5 to 18 years - are now boat owners and want to enjoy some time on the canals and rivers. Magda is raised with river Rhine water - her father was a luxe motor skipper on the european waterways. She lived on a dutch tjalk for some years. Berth is sailor with half of a live experience on decks. But we are very new to narrowboats - so many many questions are rising.... We bought a 47' trad, around 20 years old, her name will be "wånderlust" and we are planning to live onboard for some years. Hope to see you around Magda & Berth
  14. Venetian Marina: We got the keys and walked around seeing 4 boats and choose 2 for having more information. Staff came out and showed everything, started engines etc. We got all informations we needed (BSC, license details etc). Couldn't check the cooker and pumps because of lack of gas and water. But that was fixed soon. The mechanic was very helpful and enthusiastic as well. We have seen around ten boats in 5 different places all over the country and found all of them untidy. Pre-owners didn't care so didn't brokers. We knocked off some 15% of the asked prize. But we had the same when we were looking for houses: overprised holes in a terrible condition and smiling brokers who offered you the deal of your life - and in places like Rye or Lewes - apperantly posh spots.... in summery: Venetian was as good as any of the places we have seen with friendly helpful staff. berth
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