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  1. Only got a couple of mobile phone piccies taken for my own benefit to try and source via t-internet. I'm now buying a sample pack 'cos I can't identify the right one visually. I only freed one end to check on the profile but a few of my windows are affected. Weirdly, it looks like the seals have shrunk longitudinally. I've filled the ends with gunge but would prefer to replace with the proper length.
  2. OK - not well explained. Window comprises two smaller half-panes which sit in trough/tracks - one fixed, one sliding horizontally. Any condensation on the inside will fill a track 'cos the drain hole to the outside is blocked by the ?dropped glazing. I'd always assumed the glass was oversized but maybe not. Certainly worth investigating based on your comment. Ta!
  3. Thanks for the comments and advice, guys. From the lack of replies, I'm guessing that, once again, I've got something obscure........ I'll order a sample pack of rubbers and see which one fits best (if at all!!) Thanks, Tony, for the comment about about drain holes. It answers a longstanding puzzle about one of my sliding side windows and why there is glass visible through the drain hole from outside. Sounds like the glazing has 'dropped' at some point and I may be able to 'persuade' it up again if I can loosen the rubber bead a bit.
  4. I've a 20yr old boat and a number of the window seals have shrunk in length. Probably a bit hard as well. Mainly fixed glazing with opening hoppers at the tops. Does anyone recognise the profile of the seals on the outside? They just 'jam' the glazing in position and don't grip the glass. Most of the products on-line seem to fit onto the glass. The straight profile to the left in the piccie is all that remains visible when fitted.
  5. We've called it 'boat head' for years. Must admit I haven't noticed it as much recently. Strange experience at the end of last year, though. When Leeds&L ran out of water, t'boat sat on the bottom. Nearly sprained an ankle when I stepped on board about six inches lower than normal. And, walking about the boat (without movement) was really weird.
  6. I'd suggest (topic title) that not enough of that water is actually IN the Ouse!! Visited last weekend aiming to park/visit the park itself. Advanced warning that the carpark was actually locked off. Problem is not just the parks but the sole acces road which is maybe a bit more vulnerable.
  7. Opener


    I've posted elsewhere about sighting what I believe to be two black-throated divers near Skipton a couple of weeks ago - totally wrong area according to the books. Diving - well they would, wouldn't they, before one caught a fish.
  8. Yes - white front. That confused me in a bird described as black-throated. I'd have been more understanding of a 'vagrant' or storm blown but it was two individuals associating quite happily (in so far as you can tell a bird is 'happy'). I'm not a birder, just intrigued to see something out of the usual. Delighted to also get a couple of sights of a kingfisher on a brief trip out a week or so before. Also had the side of the boat battered by a couple of swans having a slight disagreement!
  9. Cheers for that. Whilst there is plenty of water in the canal (at the moment!!), in the rivers, in the streams and in the fields, Skipton hardly counts as 'coastal'. That's why I doubted my observation. Maybe they were just on holiday....
  10. On the L&L for a few days last week and saw a cormorant doing a bit of fishing a couple of miles South of Skipton. But, on Thursday morning around 09:00, I spotted a couple of unrecognised birds low in the water. My aged bird book identified them as black- throated diver in Winter plumage. One actually caught a fish as I watched but they were always behind another boats rear deck rail so I couldn't get a shot on my phone camera. The book says they wouldn't be in this area. I tried posting on a birder site but no reaction. Can anyone back up my observation or suggest a more likely I/D?
  11. Forget buying ex-hire for the time being and do a trawl through the hire fleet sites on line. They describe their boats - length and layout - and many include plans of the layout. This will give you an idea of what you can sensibly fit into a given length and stern type. They hire - if a layout does not work it will not make them money. If one works then they are more likely to get repeat business. Much cheaper to decide your chosen layout/contents does not work while you are on the net rather than on board your new boat!!
  12. Hmm? How do you know when it's 'on', apart from the obvious noise/heat? Do you not have at least a pilot light indicating on/off? I only have an on off with a built in pilot. When it's on the pilot is on. If it doesn't 'fire up' that pilot flashes and the pattern of flashes translates into a diagnosis of a fault. Do you just turn up your timer/override and wait for noise/heat?
  13. Just had the side of the boat 'battered' by two swans fighting over territory/offspring in Skipton . Peace has now been declared.
  14. Do you not have a flashy light on/next to your on/off switch? I have a simple pilot on the switch. Some idiot (OK, me) turned the diesel off when leaving the boat and forgot to turn it back on. Shiny new Webby worked for a short while - about a pipes-worth of fuel on return - then shut down. Sequence of flashes on switch indicated 'fuel'. Cue inspiration "I know what I've done ...."
  15. I'm not sure what Silsden can offer because it can be quite 'congested' when most of their boats are at home. Check that the one you are hiring is pointing towards Bingley. Otherwise you might be going to Skipton.
  16. An unlikely answer...... My Alde lived in a cupboard. Overall water temperature depended upon the setting of the black control knob. But operation of the pump to circulate water depended upon the setting of a switch+thermostat in the cabin space. A low setting meant the pump would not operate. Turn switch on and turn thermostat up to make pump work. But a control thermostat in enclosed space sounds unlikely unless it is set high so that it "commands" all the time.
  17. I'd second the vote for a G clamp or similar and, slightly 'off piste': I've got a small toolbox which contains the correct charging lead for phone, tablet, laptop, mp3, etc plus an appropriate adapter taking the usb end. Mine fits the 'cigar lighter' socket fitted conveniently near the Captain's chair. Sick of flat device battery and appropriate lead 'at home'. Add a small, charged power bank if desired.
  18. Looked at my gas account on line recently in order to submit a (house) meter reading. Reading was around 5 units less than my previous (company) estimated bill and, taking into account Gov support, monthly DD payment is rocketing to more than £4 per month 😵‍💫.
  19. Yeah, but "local" includes at least three hirers plus excursions/day boats, a few on and off-line moorings plus anyone who was trapped all in a seventeen mile pound.
  20. Like? ....LIKE!!? That's one way of putting it.
  21. Oh, I don't know. Could be quite interesting to watch ....... from a distance 😁.
  22. I've related elsewhere, the hire which grounded opposite our moorings recently. Wife advised using their gangplank to put someone ashore to push them off (using their pole). "No gangplank" - "Yes you have, it's on the roof there". "Well, they didn't tell us we had a gangplank!" said with disgust.
  23. Bit difficult to see what is going on in that third picture because if all the smoke......
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