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  1. Mrtoast

    Fuel problem?

    Howdy. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have just replaced the crank oil seal and timing casket on my lister lpws2 to fix an oil leak. Engine was running great before and started on the button. Since I fixed the leak the engine is now cutting out when I pull back to tick over and struggles to start. Checked all the lines to make sure I haven't knocked any thing and bled the fuel system but still nothing. Any ideas?
  2. Hello. Does anyone have a manual online for lister lpws2. There was one around but it seems to have been taken down. Cheers. Chris.
  3. Charged! See how one responds tomorrow. Cheers for the advice.
  4. Yeah im grasping at straws really and if i can get a couple of weeks out of them then great. You'll have to forgive me but if my batteries are sealed and i have them on a charge now. They have been on for about 8 hours still charging and reading 14.3v. Is this fine to let the charger to kick into ready and maintaining mode? I wouldn't want them to blow up or anything.
  5. So here is the story - I bought a couple of solar panels last october and had a great experience with them. Foolishly i went with the advise that I wouldn't need a controller. Well that was great until the really hot days over the past weeks or so. I started to worry first thing in the morning and check the batteries with a multimeter and most days they was in the 13.8 - 14.8 and one or maybe two times it reached 16v. I always put load on the batteries whilst the sun was out and covered over the panels just incase - Keeping them in the 13v region. However, I have since discovered when they get to around 12.6v they drop off really low into 11v FAST! - in which case i turn everything off and they creep back to full charge. (this has only started to happen last couple of days). I have borrowed a sulphating charger and it seems to be charging fine at the moment. Just wondering if anyone has had any similar experience? And yes i now have a controller but maybe a little too late. 1 Starter 2 x 110 LB's Sealed 2 x 100w Solar Panels Cheers Chris
  6. Sooo Sorry I've hijacked your post. I've may have discovered a reason for the vibration when I hold the top left of the engine down it almost disappears and stops vibrating.
  7. Any chance it could be an alignment issue? Having just replaced a worn driveplate could this be a possibility. I am researching the big end.
  8. would you say the problem is still there Richard between the 2 videos. People here on moorings are saying its normal engine vibration. I beg to differ and a bit paranoid about doing a trip this year. May have to buy a compression test if I can't find one to borrow.
  9. Yes totally agree and I'll try and hunt someone with a test kit. I have tried many times already. Not many mechanics around here.
  10. Nope don't know anyone with one unfortunately.
  11. That looks to much on the red nb.
  12. Sorry to but in on your post but I still have an engine vibration. Checked the bolts. Recently replaced cylinder head, belts, driveplate, injectors, filters and gaskets. I made this video before I replaced the driveplate and it's calm down a bit but still vibration and gets louder the longer the run. Any ideas
  13. Anyone tried using solar to heat water clorifier?
  14. Ah ok. Im ok with the green algae and cleaning it. The size I've found on eBay is 180cm x1m. Which is just a lot less stitching. Unless I'm missing a trick. Considering I've never made one before
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