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  1. I wasnt suggesting that people didnt understand what carpeting up the walls might mean, i meant didnt maybe understand the reason why someone might want carpet on the walls. Like you say, some like it, some dont. I think it looks great. Many thanks to those that did offer some positive help.
  2. the curves that I was worried about start from under the window and curve toward the door at the bow. Not as pronounced maybe as I was worried about.
  3. We put the carpet on today. Picture shown above. A 1 metre wide strip fitted great and we used a spray gum to fix to the boarding.
  4. Thankyou, actually the floor vinyl is a good suggestion. ;))
  5. We have laid laminate flooring and are now carpetting the walls. I have read the previous threads on this subject and understand that there is a lot of boaters that do not understand or want carpet up the walls. I am hoping that someone with the right logical mind might be able to help. We have two strips of carpet, a metre wide. Is it best to try and lay in one strip, understanding that the boat curves and isnt a straight flat wall. Or is it better to cut smaller pieces and stick on next to each other. Will this make the curve easier to manage? We have a 46ft narrow boat, carpet will only be on lounge walls which is at the bow of the boat. Hope this makes sense. Kim
  6. We have our boat at Hawkesbury. Over this past week, there has been a boat on the towpath side, tied up only by two pins banged in. I havent seen the owner who may well have returned to the boat when i wasn't there but, I have seen three different people retie the boat up because boats going passed have caused the pins to come out. (im not having a go at anyone going too fast, the pins are in soft ground so always going to struggle to stay in where its moored) One chap, a single boater approached and as he went passed, the boat half swung across the cut. He pulled his own boat in, tied up, walked all the way down the gunnels, got the rope and struggled all the way back and pulled the boat back in and tied it up. Then a cyclist saw it adrift and I saw him tie it up Then today, a lady dog walker also saw the rope dangling in the water, pulled it back in and retied it. Im on crutches, on the other side, a hefty walk away so I have not been in a position to help at all but it thought how nice that these people have taken the time to care for the boat whilst the owner was away. the owner might not be aware, but i was so I will say thankyou on their behalf.
  7. I have looked at this one that you suggested. We are just about to order so appreciate the pointer. Our inverter is a 1000w so this fits the bill. Thankyou. Sincere thanks to everyone for their help and advice. It really has helped.
  8. Thankyou for all the advice.
  9. Yes, thankyou, i appreciate your reply. Ive not had one of these before and just wondering whether people use these instead of an oven. Thank you for your feedback. It does help
  10. im thinking of one for the boat. we are doing the boat up. New ovens are around the £500 mark compared to these combination microwaves starting at approx £130. I know that we could cook meat etc in one of these. Just wondering if anyone sees any negatives for a boat?
  11. by way of an update. Hubbie invested in an battery reader. We were chuffed to find that all batteries were reading good. A bit of detective work identified a loose wire behind the ignition switch. found by sheer good luck, I am so pleased to say , she turned over and started a treat.
  12. Dos anyone use a Combination Microwave instead of a conventional cooker? I know its electric but im reading its more efficient. Any feedback welcome
  13. as someone on crutches, i have to use this bridge to get to my boat and the work that these volunteers have done is brilliant.
  14. Yes, i did ask him that question and he had checked that he hadnt switched the batteries off. Ours is easy to switch off too.
  15. Thankyou, We will try all that you have suggested.
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