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  1. Prior to my recent re-wiring, our boat had two different 12v systems. I have no idea why and it is one of the reasons I did a full re-wire. I had three 110s running the domestics and two 110s completely separate running the 240v through the inverter. The only point of contact between the two systems was the feed from the charger and the feed from the alternator. It could be argued that I actually had 4 different systems, if you count a single 110 running the bowthruster and a single 110 for the engine.
  2. Throw?? That is a bit much, we just pass the rope up. Less risk of spilling the Gin and Tonic.
  3. Try getting on the GU at Brentford and heading North (errr... is there any other direction?) Pretty much all the way through to Bull's Bridge there is a coconut every 100 yards or so. I think I had the occasional one ping off the prop, but they don't seem to do any damage and normally float off on the bow wave.
  4. What everyone else has said really... Our two Border Terrorists wear their lifejackets when we are on Rivers (chiefly the Thames). They can both swim, but in the time it takes to turn a boat round they will have travelled a fair old distance so will need help. Having a handle is really useful, even with smaller dogs, we also made sure that the lifejackets were brightly coloured to help us, and other river users to see the little varmints. Ours are made by Ruffwear - can't remember where we got them, would have been online somehwere.
  5. We have one of these: https://www.miracleleisureproducts.co.uk/rescue-ladder.html Pricey, but we needed a new plank anyway. I have tried to climb up the side of a big shiny, GRP hull in lumpy water while wearing full oilies using a rope ladder, I was younger and fitter but it was bloody nearly impossible!
  6. Long email this morning from the Head Lengthsman updating on this issue. It appears someone is roaming up and down the Wey, helping themselves to other people's stuff. Vigilance is asked for, the partial number plate of the vehicle at Pyrford is also included. I am not sure about posting the content on here, but if anyone would like to see the email, please leave me your email address as a PM and I will forward it to you (I think that would be ok?)
  7. Just to add to Richard's comments, from personal experience, the guys and girls at Merlin are excellent and can't do enough to help - http://www.merlinequipment.com.
  8. So, we have a pair of three year old Border Terrorists, brother and sister from the same litter. They have been on the boat since they were 8 weeks old and are really at home on board. They are a perfect size for the boat, they can always find somewhere to sleep that isn't in the way, they are good swimmers and will make a noise if anyone shows too much interest in the wrong circumstances. They don't leap off too often, they see the boat as their 'safe place' so they will always remain on board or return swiftly if unsure. Being consummate ratters, we need to keep an eye on them on the towpath
  9. I made half a dozen from some spare 18mm Marine Ply I had left over from a project, few minutes on the bandsaw, couple of coats of decent paint and they are perfick! We don't tent to cruise with them down, I do have one ready at the back just to quickly drop a fender if needed - mainly on the Thames lock landings. Haven't had one break yet... The felt pad idea is worth pursuing once we get re-painted in a few weeks - at the moment they couldn't make the paint any worse!!
  10. There must be something about that short stretch of water! We lost our chimney cover in exactly the same place last time we were there, it got swept off by a stout branch between the wharf and the lock. I will get the dry suit out and recharge the air bottles, I could build myself a new boat with a bit of luck. (that has just reminded me, on the same trip we were held up at the lock as there were divers down)
  11. Not a huge fan of The Anchor - all very portion control and thrown at you by students working part time for beer money. And... strangest thing, they make you queue at the bar for a drink when they are busy, which is pretty much every weekend when the sun shines. The New Inn at Send is much nicer. There are something like 20 pubs which can be walked to from the boat on the Wey - Another reason not to come!
  12. I have to agree Mark, the Wey is such a disappointment, all those horrible pubs as well. I have no idea why we still keep the boat there....
  13. Curiously, I am just about to refit my fairleads. I will be drilling and tapping the hole to take a nice stainless countersunk head bolt.
  14. Oohhh.. You mean a mongrel? Sorry, did I say that out loud??
  15. Brilliant Band - I think they were the first band I ever saw live - it was either them or Jon Heisman's Coliseum I can't remember exactly - Split and Who Will Save the World? are both still on my iPod. I saw Tony TS McPhee live a few years ago, just before his stroke, the voice was showing signs of age, but he could still play like he did in the 70s.
  16. Sorry to cause confusion - we don't live on the Wey, in the Wey or next to the Wey. Our boat is moored at Pyrford. I thought by putting the word live in inverted commas, readers would take the meaning to be less than literal. As a self proclaimed Grammar Nazi, I am mortified!
  17. According to my Mrs., about a metre north of where I am presently standing...
  18. We 'live' on the Wey, and we love it. We were out for a couple of hours today, had a friendly hello from the 4 boats we passed and either a wave or a chat with all but two of the towpath users, both joggers with their heads plugged in. We have never found the Wey any snootier than any where else on the network, and we have never come across bridges lined with idiots armed with chunks of paving slab. The locks can be challenging, mainly the first three which are bas***ds, after that they get friendlier and they are usually pretty well maintained. One thing to remember is that convent
  19. Tonight's show is only 10 minutes in and they have already been on two different boats, Grace and Isabelle. Switched a couple of times. I wonder why?
  20. That is why the standard advice when sailing on lumpy water and you unfortunately lose a crew member overboard is that you throw everything that floats over the side after him/her. Don't tie a life belt to anything before you chuck it - just chuck it. It stands a much better chance of getting within grabbing distance of the casualty if it isn't being hindered by a piece of string, particularly if you are on water with a current. And, let's face it, it is more important that the casualty can float, you can worry about recovery once they are safely attached to something buoyant.
  21. Moving away from the bedroom.... Did anyone else think there was something odd about the porthole windows?? it looked like they all had to be cut in to the roof lining, but from outside they looked perfectly proportioned. Do you think they 'overstuffed' the roof/ceiling or was I missing something??
  22. I can't remember where I saw the whole soldering a crimped joint thing, it was when I was researching my recent rewire and contemplating making up all of the cable myself, it was probably on youtube somewhere... As it happens I decided against doing it all myself and got a professional to do it for me, you are right the quality of the crimp was so good I probably couldn't have got any solder to wick into the crimp anyway. Certainly worth remembering for the future though.
  23. Brilliant stuff! Thanks very much for posting. Proper boat porn
  24. Belt and Braces... If you have any doubts about the quality of the crimp, you could, carefully fill the crimp with solder. Has the effect of tinning the individual strands as well which helps prevent corrosion in the marine environment, but if the crimp is good and tight (mine all were) and then heatshrink wrapped, probably no point.
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