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  1. Oh, I'm sorry... Have we met? Maybe you were the guy I bored to death with my life story in my local that night after I had one too many snifters of the 18 year old Glenmorangie? Alternatively please don't assume that because I don't agree with your point of view that I am in some way inferior to you and that my opinions have no value. The noun 'Opinion' has two definitions - 'a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge', being the generally accepted definition pertinent to these circumstances. The second being - 'a stateme
  2. In response to the OP, I would say this: Find a boat you like Find a boat you can afford Get the boat surveyed, properly Take a cold hard look at the survey with head rather than heart Make your decision accordingly Enjoy your time on the water
  3. All I would say in response to this is you seem to be assuming an awful lot about something you know little about. Maybe one day, over a pint or three, I will tell you what I do for a living and what my boating experience is. But until that day, please don't assume that the rest of us are idiots. As Jesse Jackson said - "Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up".
  4. Oh dear... narcissistic personality disorder anyone?
  5. ... and mine. As the owner of a Liverpool Boat for nearly 10 happy years, I hope he doesn't choose to express his ill-informed, stereotypical opinions to me without being asked. (I haven't been here for a while, just started back a few days ago, good to see the keyboard warriors are still going strong)
  6. Just for info... If you have a Brewers Decorating Centre near you, they have OSMO in stock most of the time. (no connection, just trying to help)
  7. Late to the post... Deffo Osmo Polyx. Use it on our European Oak window liners, excellent stuff, reapply once every 18 months or so, takes about an hour to do 9 windows, no sweat.
  8. A bit late to this... Apologies for repeating what others have said. When we got repainted, I took the opportunity to change the old Caldwell windows for new DG units from Channel Glaze, the windows fit well and look great with an anodised finish. I had some bespoke Oak trims made for inside which took a bit of work but look the mutt's nuts now they are in. I treated the wood with Osmo Oil. We get minimal condensation on the frames, but the Osmo protects the wood really well. Advantages - Heat retention Sound reduction Better security
  9. So... Not sure about marinas specifically, but 'Er Indoors is on EE and I am on Three. Generally whilst out and about on the network I get rubbish coverage compared with the distaff side. I will be changing my provider fairly soon, to get the hell away from Three.
  10. Oh dear... Figure of speech - briefly, a phrase or word having different meanings than its literal meanings.
  11. Wow! You go away for a day and look what happens... Thanks everyone for your contributions, every day is a school day and even with a certain divergence of opinion I have learned a lot. I am reluctant to change all of the batteries just yet - apart from anything else, lifting them out of the engine 'ole is a complete bu**er! I am going to take the duff one out and take it back to Bardens and ask their opinion on the basis that I may get a discount on a replacement (I can dream). I may just run with three until they all eventually die then replace the whole lot in one
  12. When I rebuilt the bank, I configured the 4 batteries to connect through bus bars using brand new cables, all exactly the same size and length. I can't remember the diameter, but they are good and thick, as advised by Bardens who made them up for me. Good advice about resetting the charger, I will put it on the maintenance list.
  13. So, trying to answer some of the points raised: My method of measuring the state of the bank as a whole is Smartguage/Smartbank . We certainly don't hammer the batteries when we are off grid, as I say, we have never been below 60% since the batteries were new and we always drive enough during a day to get it up to 100% at the end of the day. We don't have solar (yet). The boat spends most of it's time on shore power, we are holiday boaters with weeks, long weekends and days here and there but we use it year round. I can't remember the name of the charger, maybe I should look at g
  14. Hmmmmm... Now that's not a bad idea. we have just had two weeks working on 3 and we got on fine. Certainly worth thinking about. Thanks
  15. Thanks Tony - Every day is a school day. The bank has never gone below 60% (to my knowledge) and when not on alternator, the boat is plugged in via the electric mooring line and the charger is a decent one. I really don't want to replace all 4 batteries, they are only about 30 months old and the other three seem to be ok (I have my fingers crossed!). I will follow your advice and replace the duff one and keep a really close eye on them. I am going to take the duff one back to Bardens and get their opinion, if they are prepared to give one! Thank
  16. Thanks guys - I think I can test the voltage easily enough with my limited knowledge and multimeter and should be able to compare with the other three. But it looks like I need to get along to Bardens and pick up a replacement. What would have caused it to fail? Is it something I have done, or was it faulty? There isn't any warranty left, but I might have a go and see if I can get some money off the replacement. ETA - posted before I read Alan's really helpful response
  17. I started to notice that our batteries were producing significantly less power than they should. I keep them topped up fairly regularly and checked them today. Of the four batteries, three of them took hardly any water, but the fourth took a LOT more. It was warm to the touch (on charge through shore power) and when I took the first plug out there was an audible inrush/outrush of air (?). I am rubbish with electrics. I presume that the drop in overall power is due to the fourth battery not doing its stuff as well as the other three. What I don't understand is why one out of three h
  18. 'Er Indoors loves her Lockmaster and she uses one of the over one shoulder style of holders. It works fine allowing her to use both hands to manoeuvre, but I am constantly reminding her to mind the paintwork! I can't for the life of me remember where we got it from but Dave on Anon makes a similar style.
  19. and he shares the same middle name with Attila and Winnie??
  20. One more thing to consider on the Thames (any river really) take an anchor and have it bent on ready to deploy.
  21. Just a balancing view for Sheepwash. An interesting stretch of canal, a few decent places to moor (try and stay away from the railway, it is V. Noisy) . Good pubs easily accessible. College Boats for water/pumpout/chandlery.
  22. "magel or smiler" Maybe should read Magel or similar? ETA . - MTB beat me to it
  23. Yeah, I spent some time in the Tech Data last night and it looks like the stiffness isn't there. Also, looking at the many use cases the site presents, very little of them are in any way structural. The last thing I need is the Memsahib disappearing down the engine 'ole in a cloud of denatured plastic! That would be the start of a very bad day. Back to Phenolic Ply then...
  24. I like the look of this stuff - and it is made from recycled things, so even better! I will have a look at the strength figures, but it should span my engine 'ole ok. Thanks for the link!
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