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  1. Asked a speeding boat to slow down today, on the Shroppie,close to Barbridge, his reply was' I've got my washing machine on so I have to speed!' I was almost speachless.
  2. Hi Yes it was a relief, I can now go out in public and not be embarrassed. It shows what a good resource this forum is, with it's members who have such a lot of knowledge and will share it readily Regards lpp1612
  3. Good Afternoon I'm very pleased to report I now have hot water. Today I drained the system down and using a long flexible brush type thing I cleaned out the coil, as I said earlier quite a bit of slimy crud came out then i connected everything up again, refilled the system, bled it and it's now working. Looking back I suspect an airlock Thanks for all the replies. Best wishes lpp1612
  4. Hi Tony as for the time I've waited, on Sunday night I set the fire going to heat the water at 4 p.m. only tepid at 11 p.m. Regards lpp1612
  5. Good morning all Still at it! yes there is a header tank on the heating system with anti freeze in it, I've just drained that all out and refilled it to the prescribed level. I have also I also tried cleaning the coil of any obstructions and crud a few pieces of rust and slime did come out so we'll see how we get on. I'll let you know thanks for all the replies lpp1612
  6. yes i've checked the header tank and there is water in it. thanks lpp1612
  7. Hi I've never noticed the trim of the boat make any difference in the four years the system has been in. I think i@m leaning towards flushing the system out and see if that helps. REGARDS LPP1612
  8. HI All Just bead the radiator didn't appear to be any air trapped, the pump is working just checked it, do calorifers get furred. up either in the hot water circuit or the tank it's self. Just to avoid confusion the system doesn't have a pump, it relies oh the heated water running slightly upwards, the system has worked fine till Sunday the pump I'm referring to is the general cold water pump on the boat sorry for any confusion. Thanks lpp1612
  9. Hi Rusty 69, the pump is working fine, how would I look for an air lock? Thanks lpp2
  10. Good afternoon Until Sunday my sur-cal vertical 55l calorifier was working fine, providing hot water and running one radiator since Sunday I have only tepid hot water to the taps, the radiator seems to be working fine. Heat is provided by a Boatman stove with a back boiler, I have monitored the temperature on the return pipe temperatures seem no different as previously, today I have fitted a new sur cal thermostat but with no difference . Thanks ,Any ideas lpp2
  11. Good morning Could any member recommend an alternator I could use with my JP2m, I know very little about alternators, but because the engine is slow revving (max 1200), I've bee told not all alternators would be suitable. The existing one has no name on it or any technical details. Thanks lpp2
  12. Just had a week in Northwhich Dry Dock. I can highly recommend it, especially as there is enough clearance to be able to paint the bottom plate in reasonable comfort, not a pleasant job at the best of times. Matt and Rebekah the staff there, are first rate and will do their best for you. The dock is on the River Weaver just by Hunts Lock.
  13. butile rubber from midland chandlers everytime!,frame out, clean frame and the all round on the boat, push the rubber off the roll,onto the opening ,peel off backing paper,put the frame back in,tighten screws, trim excess with a sharp Stanley knife,did 4 windows last week cost about £10 a roll, no leaks so far. Good luck
  14. hi yes, removed the frames. I was dreading the job but it was easy took about 45 mins per window,mine are quite old fashioned, the frames were screwed through, on to the boat with the screws exposed. Hope this helps.
  15. Good Evening just done 4 windows over the last 2days used a roll of, its a putty type rubber substance from midland chandlers think its called butile rubber, fantastic stuff. We've had awful rain and none of them have leaked. It was about £10 a roll,enough for 4 windows.
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