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  1. http://www.adls.org.uk/t1/content/75th-anniversary-return-dunkirk-21st-25th-may-2015 Itinerary for the events, and list of Little Ships taking part. Sorely tempted to throw suitcase ....and dog.....into car and head for Ramsgate ! Thanks to Theo for posting this topic, and for the inspiring photographs.
  2. Stourbridge Basin/Bonded Warehouse could be an option......handy for W'ton & M5. Colin, the Manager, was very helpful when I needed temporary moorings. http://www.thebondedwarehousestourbridge.co.uk/contact.php
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=y068ljri-jw&sns=em I hope the RFU present him with a tie, badge, & a new blazer!
  4. Thanks for posting the link......and the consequent reminder to self, ' Call Jenny. Order more coal today'!
  5. Sounds good ! Putting the dates in my (very brand new, and pretty empty ) diary. Anyone else going ?
  6. What a good idea Madcat ! ( Could be my first Banter, and in the town of my birth, too. ) Found mention of the event in the second article " Neptune Health Park Moorings Put Tipton On The Map ". http://www.tiptoncommunityassociation.com/news.htm
  7. .....................so sad. A morning for not very good news......... http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/28/us-greece-ship-idUSKBN0K603J20141228
  8. Happy Christmas to one & all, be you at home or away !
  9. I know this is a 'Men Only' thread, but the following is (Shirley) a problem that afflicts us all.......if you know different, please post solutions ! THE SOLO SOCK By Garrison Keillor Of life's many troubles, I've known quite a few: Bad plumbing and earaches and troubles with you, But the saddest of all, when it's all said and done, Is to look for your socks and find only one. Here's a series of single socks stacked in a row. Where in the world did their fellow socks go? About missing socks, we have very few facts. Some say cats steal them to use for backpacks, Or desperate Norwegians willing to risk Prison to steal socks to make lutefisk. But the robbery theories just don't hold water: Why would they take one and not take the odder? Socks are independent, studies have shown, And most feel a need for some time alone. Some socks are bitter from contact with feet; Some, seeking holiness, go on retreat; Some need adventure and cannot stay put; Some socks feel useless and just underfoot. But whatever the reason these socks lose control, Each sock has feelings down deep in its sole. If you wake in the night and hear creaking and scraping, It's the sound of a sock, bent on escaping. The socks on the floor that you think the kids dropped? They're socks that went halfway, got tired, and stopped. It might help if, every day, As you don your socks, you take time to say: "Thank you, dear socks, for a job that is thankless. You comfort my feet from tiptoes to ankless, Working in concert, a cotton duet, Keeping them snug and absorbing the sweat, And yet you smell springlike, a regular balm, As in Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps, And so I bless you with all of my heart And pray that the two of you never shall part. I love you, dear socks, you are socko to me, The most perfect pair that I ever did see." This may help for a while, but you must accept That half of all socks are too proud to be kept, And, as with children, their leaving is ritual. Half of all socks need to be individual.
  10. Wonderful work ! She will love it, and continue to love you both.
  11. Want one ! However, I simply couldn't manage without a pram hood on such an exposed cruiser stern. Any recommendations to supply & fit ?
  12. Oops ! Tried the link, but it didn't quite work for me....but thanks to Zig zag for attempting to help.
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