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  1. ‘Fraid not. Ours was Halcyon, 2 years later, I think.
  2. We had a Carefree boat 8 years ago. The finrads were fine for warmth, but they're not great for hanging your wet socks over!
  3. If you make too many rules and restrictions your daughter will not enjoy herself. You sound like sensible people so it's likely your daughter is sensible too! - a lifejacket is a given, but let her use her common sense to decide for herself what is safe and what isn't, and let her help with anything she wants - most kids work out very quickly what needs doing and the best way to do it. She will be proud of her achievements and you will be proud of her, too. I understand the attraction of a Ring, but be aware that unless you have a burning desire to boat the Avon/Severn, you can see the Shakespeare properties, Stratford and Warwick and plenty else besides without leaving the canal system. In fact you could do both a ring and a trip to Stratford (Warwickshire Ring with a side trip down the South Stratford from Lapworth) easily in 3 weeks. Recommend Canalplan for checking out this and other possibilities. Enjoy your trip!
  4. We live by the GU near Daventry and Chinooks fly over regularly. Also seen them frequently near Long Itchington and on the N Oxford near Barby If you see a Chinook, wave - the pilots really like it! (info from a Chinook pilot in our family)
  5. Some years ago, when a friend was joining us for a few days from Trevor, Anglo-Welsh were happy for her to leave her car in their car park. There was a charge, but it was very modest.
  6. We have winded 60ft there (though not for a couple of years!)
  7. Not when we were with Carefree. After two years at their home base, we were asked if we wanted to move and various suggestions for general area were made by the owners. These were followed up by Carefree who came back with three possible marinas (Oxford/GU; N. Oxford; Worcs & Birmingham) and we voted on the one we wanted. Stayed there for two years (during which time we sold our share) and I think the boat has been based at three other marinas since. They may only use three bases at the moment, but that's not to say there won't be others in the future. It depends what the owners want.
  8. We had a Carefree share boat for 5 years and used our winter week (which could be as late as the beginning of March or as early as the end of October) for 4 of those. The exception was one January when the ice was too thick to be moving - even so we spent three days aboard at the boatyard, went for walks and took down the curtains and delivered to the drycleaners! We've always enjoyed winter cruising, though you need the right clothes, the right food/drink/pubs and plenty of fuel for your stove! One of the main pleasures for me is that you can see so much more of the surrounding landscape when the trees and hedges aren't in leaf. One advantage of getting a 2 week share now is that if you like it and want to do more, you can always get afurther two week share in a different boat at a different base, thus extending your route options. Hope it all works out for you
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions, people. Having now reached peak frustration with our latest set (Waitrose) I'm ready to shop!
  10. Peugeot ones are supposed to be superb, but I'm reluctant to spend £30+ to find out! Anyone tried them?
  11. We've learnt such a lot from this forum, our monthly donation now seems a bit small. I'm not sure how to increase it - can anyone help? Or is it just easier to set up another one?!
  12. Hire boats are not allowed to share locks with private boats
  13. JJay

    Music Magpie

    App is iPhone only
  14. Spinneybank Farm Shop by Br 23 is excellent
  15. Carefree Cruising offer 1/24, 1/12, 1/8 & 1/6 shares in their boats. Up to three "school holiday" shares in each boat are available at no extra charge. You could always have smaller shares in two different boats - the management/maintenance costs need not be higher than for a single share as boats' budgets vary. One advantage is that you could cruise different areas of the network depending where the boats are based. No connection with Carefree other than as a very satisfied ex-share owner who caught the bug big time and now have our own!
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