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  1. Waitrose opposite: 3 mins queueing to get in, got everything on our list, another 3 min wait 2 mtr behind the checkout while the guy in front finished and left. Much cheerful banter with staff who have everything organised like clockwork. All very civilised.
  2. GrimsBY is my OH's mnemonic for this!
  3. This was our very first narrowboat experience: https://ukcanalboating.com/Birmingham-mini-ring-from-Alvechurch-Cruising-Route.html 4 days, not exactly leisurely, but still got us hooked!
  4. No worries at all Frank. Sharing information is what it's all about!
  5. Thank you for that. Will try your recommended cleaner before we make a decision!
  6. We've shied away from large areas of red because it fades so quickly (the handrails are one of the "bad bits"), Do you find that to be a problem, and does the colour have a noticeable effect on the temperature inside the boat?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I have wondered if we would miss the light coloured roof from the point of view of temperature control, but the two days we spent getting it pristine in July only to have it looking distinctly mossy by October is not an experience I want to repeat too often!
  8. Our 8 year old boat is looking a little the worse for wear but is well short of needing a full repaint. Can anyone recommend a painter within reasonable reach of the Braunston/Napton area who might be willing to touch up rust spots/ bad bits (various illnesses and physical limitations mean we've had to neglect this for a while, nor do we feel able to tackle the job in the forseeable future). At the same time we'd like the cream roof (bad mistake!) repainted to a more practical colour. As to the roof, we are torn between raddle red and mid grey. The main colours are black, cream and red. Any preference, or other suggestions? Many thanks in advance.
  9. ‘Fraid not. Ours was Halcyon, 2 years later, I think.
  10. We had a Carefree boat 8 years ago. The finrads were fine for warmth, but they're not great for hanging your wet socks over!
  11. If you make too many rules and restrictions your daughter will not enjoy herself. You sound like sensible people so it's likely your daughter is sensible too! - a lifejacket is a given, but let her use her common sense to decide for herself what is safe and what isn't, and let her help with anything she wants - most kids work out very quickly what needs doing and the best way to do it. She will be proud of her achievements and you will be proud of her, too. I understand the attraction of a Ring, but be aware that unless you have a burning desire to boat the Avon/Severn, you can see the Shakespeare properties, Stratford and Warwick and plenty else besides without leaving the canal system. In fact you could do both a ring and a trip to Stratford (Warwickshire Ring with a side trip down the South Stratford from Lapworth) easily in 3 weeks. Recommend Canalplan for checking out this and other possibilities. Enjoy your trip!
  12. We live by the GU near Daventry and Chinooks fly over regularly. Also seen them frequently near Long Itchington and on the N Oxford near Barby If you see a Chinook, wave - the pilots really like it! (info from a Chinook pilot in our family)
  13. Some years ago, when a friend was joining us for a few days from Trevor, Anglo-Welsh were happy for her to leave her car in their car park. There was a charge, but it was very modest.
  14. We have winded 60ft there (though not for a couple of years!)
  15. Not when we were with Carefree. After two years at their home base, we were asked if we wanted to move and various suggestions for general area were made by the owners. These were followed up by Carefree who came back with three possible marinas (Oxford/GU; N. Oxford; Worcs & Birmingham) and we voted on the one we wanted. Stayed there for two years (during which time we sold our share) and I think the boat has been based at three other marinas since. They may only use three bases at the moment, but that's not to say there won't be others in the future. It depends what the owners want.
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