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  1. 6 weeks to go and then it's 4cr all the way, carnt wait

  2. Thanks for that tim we will have to take our chances and try and get there before 3
  3. Thanks for that we will be hitting hare castle tunnel on or about 24th of April would you recommend we book in I have an idea of what time we will be there from my plan.
  4. my wife and had a week on a canal boat last year and went from gailey to nantwich and back just the 2 of us mastered the locks quiet quickley so we have managed to persueaed 2 of our friends to come with us in on april 19th and do the four counties from gailey i think with 2 experenced and 2 non experinced, however intellegent people i think it is possible in 7 day hire priod if we can get 5 hours in on the first day i think there after 8 to 9 hours a day will do it, which we our all up for as we are not the sort of people who like sit around and do nothing, however my wife is still worried w
  5. caterham7

    Old shropie

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