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  1. Oh, fair enough! I hadn't realised the casting wasn't standard on ALL J gearboxes. I assumed the only addition to my box was the copper pipe soldered onto the brass plate, which I naively thought replaced a former drain cover. Anyway, best of luck with it all!
  2. Thanks, Tom, much appreciated! Mike, as I'm sure you've already guessed, the pipe on mine is standard 15mm.
  3. Wow, as always! Brilliant stuff! Mike, many thanks for the info. I've also included for your reference a couple of pics (not brilliant) of what is probably an added dipstick. Hi Clive, we're all well, as are you two I hope? Will message you later! :-) Many thanks for the dipstick offer, it was the sort of thing I'd have been thinking of, but BEngo's suggestion seems a very sensible way to go! I did recall Dick G saying a lot of the dipsticks had been cannibalised, so it could be the case with your's? dmr/Dave...brilliant info! As Clive said, great to know some of the rationales behind some of these things, so thank-you! BEngo, your usual brilliant self...will take up your idea on marking the stick, so many thanks! Ben (2542) many thanks for the link, very much appreciated! :-) AND, what a lovely little J, Dave M! What a brilliant, brilliant, forum! Thank-you SO much, chaps!
  4. Can I ask what oil you're all using for your Kelvins? Also, from recollection (I've misplaced the figures Dick Goble shared with me AGAIN) I've got a figure of 1 1/3 pints for the gearbox (the dipstick is unmarked), does that sound about right? Also, I have no marks on the engine sump dipstick, either, so does anyone know the correct quantity (obviously we're overfull at the moment) in there? Many thanks in advance!
  5. No secrets on here, then? Many thanks again everyone!
  6. Oh, all sounds a little complicated, many thanks, though! Think I'll just politely mention it and see what happens? ?
  7. Could I have some insights into what might be causing really, REALLY, noxious gases to exit from a toilet tank vent in a neighbours boat when they use the loo? They have a macerator-type toilet, and know very little about their boat (we have a cartridge toilet at the moment), so I'd like to at least help with a couple of suggestions when I mention it to them if possible? It is completely stinking out our boat so I've got to mention it! I'm guessing some sort of filter issue? I know they've recently pumped out, so it's not that! Is it possible to fill the tank so full that the filter gets clogged with raw sewage? Many thanks, as always!
  8. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions. Am I to understand that no one thinks it a good idea to trim back the baffle plate then?
  9. Thanks, Pete!Are you referring to an idea about removing it entirely?
  10. Thanks, Dan, will give it some thought! Cheers, ExB, will look it up. All the cards are on the table, thanks, chaps!
  11. Really interesting link, opens up other possibilities for conversion! Thank you! :-)
  12. What about trimming back the front edge of the baffle plate a 1/4" at a time with an angle grinder? Can anyone think of any science that might make this a problem, that might make the fire perform badly? I suppose I could always try it and get a new one if the idea is a failure? Any thoughts? Best, Stuart
  13. I had a brand new Epping Stove fitted into our boatman's cabin around 18 months ago, which I am now thinking of selling. It cost just under £1000, any ideas what it might be worth today? It's just completing its 2nd winter's use, and is rust-free. We will only consider selling it if we can find an equivalent-style diesel powered stove, if one even exists? So, does such a diesel replacement exist, does anyone have any experiences of vintage-styled diesel fires that are suitable for boats, and wouldn't look out of character in a traditional-styled boatman's cabin? The Epping has been brilliant, I'm just tired with tending 2 fires and, to be honest, we use the back of the boat less frequently, so would do better with something that is a little less time consuming. Also, I'm tired of getting a lung full of ash and fumes four times a day, between the two fires. Any help appreciated as always. Many thanks, Stuart
  14. Not forgetting, of course, that 25kg of coal rattling down the flue each week will also do wonders for keeping chimney deposits down! No more chimney sweeps!
  15. I started a thread recently to this effect. Basically, I'm coming 'round to the idea that you have to live with it, or otherwise throw your expensive heat up the pipe by removing the baffle plate, which I suspect would ultimately knacker the comparatively thin top plate of the morso stove? We've adopted Nick's approach and gone for loading quickly, and at appropriate times. I question the effectiveness of the air wash system on narrowboat installs, and wonder whether they are worth it at all? I think the heat that is necessary to make the fire draw as it's intended (ie in a house installation with the longer flue), which then activates an effective draw for the air wash system to work effectively, would make the boat inhabitable. We're getting a slightly taller and properly insulated chimney fitted in the hope of some improvement, though our expectations aren't high. I have to say, wood's a pain, but coal is far more tolerable, if a little more expensive.
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