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  1. We are at the Wigan Junction waiting to go up the flight tomorrow. Having come from Leigh we have just done the two Poolstock Locks. Are these locks wider than normal? The other strange thing about them is that there is no step across board on the top gates and the bottom gates on the first lock have a windlass and chain to close them. I've never seen that before. But can someone reassure us that the next 21 locks aren't as difficult as those two!? We are the only boat here at present so look like we shall be on our own tomorrow.
  2. Hi Tony, it's a Calcutt supplied unit. Actually I may have misdescribed the conversation with our engineer, he said that too slow an idle results in the tappets slapping down on the cams and wear in the cam components I.e. Cam and tappets I guess. I think we would like it at around 700 or so.
  3. We have an elderly BMC 1.8. One of our owners likes to have a slow idle, however our Marina engineers tell us that 900rpm is correct for these engines and warn that tappet damage can result from setting them slower.. i realise that this is probably a big can of worms, but any thoughts, based upon experience, will be welcomed!
  4. Yes, a very scary looking policeman with a very big gun, just at the end of the wharf. No nonsense that time! A party conference was taking place and I suppose a canal boat is a potential threat to the hotel behind Gas Street.
  5. Yes, I would agree, it is much too busy with late night revellers. The problem was we had a false sense of security from our first visit, forgetting the effect of a policeman with a semi automatic rifle standing on the corner throughout the night!
  6. Hi Lily We are planning a trip from Nantwich to Leeds in September and researching the best moorings. We also have Skipton down and will take on board your comments. Plus Barrowford Visitor Moorings. What's your thoughts on those? Also be interested in any other places to head for, or to avoid? Thanks Peter and Hazel
  7. Last time we were untied was in Birmingham, on the canal near Broad Street. It happened twice in one night, which was annoying. we commented that it hadn't happened to us 5 years ago when we'd moored there, then remembered that there had been an armed guard near our boat last time! Moral being, if you want to feel really safe go to Birmingham during the party conference season!
  8. Lots of good advice here, but for goodness sake make sure you've listed the issues and written a polite but firm letter before setting the law on them! Leaving aside the engine issue it's possible that half an hour with the paperwork and an hours fettling could solve all that you list. Make sure that you let them know you are unhappy, and why, and what they have to do to make you happy.
  9. Our local paper used to have a competition based upon "Spot the Ball" which involved a flock of sheep with the sheepdog airbrushed out - it was called "Spot the Dog" I wonder if there could be a variation to this, with pictures such as this in which contributors have to guess who hit who, where they hit them and where everyone ended up? It could provide endless pleasure on long Winter nights .......
  10. The beauty about a painting is that you know exactly what you are getting. Almost everything else you buy involves an element of trust as to how it will perform, but with art you either like it - or you don't. I can't believe how snippy and critical you all are!
  11. Sounds like you do need the steering sorted out. My comment was based upon the assumption it was a tiller steered narrowboat and my experience when I first started steering and found that sometimes it seemed to not be working properly! Reading all the above, I'd recommend that you: 1. Do a little research to find out whether you want to insist on the Vetus engine. Maybe start another thread on here? It may be that the Canaline 60 is better suited for your boat - I just don't know. N&UB seem to have standardised on Canaline so maybe you're better keeping it? 2. Send a very formal letter detailing the remedies are requiring ref the rest of the problems. Keep it short and formal, set a reasonable deadline for their response (10 days?) and indicate that you will be consulting a solicitor if you don't receive a response and that will inevitably mean legal fees which you will be looking to recover. Make sure you carry out your threat if you don't receive a response, and don't delay. 3. Consider engaging a marine surveyor to produce a report on the boat. This will cost money so only do this if you suspect some deep seated issues. Make sure your demands are reasonable e.g. leave out the slipping fan belt (unless it is more complicated than that) Just concentrate on the serious issues.
  12. But unlike buying a boat, you know exactly what you're getting - or not.....
  13. The devil will be in the detail. Was there a written contract which specified the make and model of the engine? If not, the op may struggle. The steering problem is puzzling. It makes me wonder how much experience the op has? It's difficult to see how a boat can "just stop steering"?
  14. Everyones being very sniffy about these paintings. After all, it's not as if anyone will be buying them unseen .......
  15. It's causing almost as much fuss amongst locals as the building of the canals did!
  16. This is the company that uses Droitwich Marina as a sales centre. The Marina seem to have a very good reputation and I can't see them dealing with a company who doesn't look after its customers so maybe this is an unusual situation? Everything you mention should be relatively easy to fix, apart from the engine. They are two quite different engines and you need to decide if you prefer one to the other. Others are better placed to advise as to which is the best engine, I wouldn't worry about 5hp though
  17. We have been at Overwater since April and it's very nice. Well run and friendly. Great Haywood is also nice, we were there a few years ago. I think the choice would, as someone has said, depend upon what you want from a Marina. Somewhere to spend a lot of time at or just somewhere as a base.
  18. We're leaving on the 8th September and ending up back at Overwater 5 weeks later. Can't see us catching you up .......
  19. Yes, I had number one as Stoke Bruerne
  20. Yes, I see those now. Only problem is it means going through the lock to come back again in the morning and I'm wondering what the ones the other side of the junction are like? How many boats normally go up the flight I assume that the lock keepers keep it open until all the boats have passed through?
  21. Thanks everyone. With your comments in mind I've made a provisional plan as follows: Middlewich The Stanley Arms (Near Anderton Lift) Trafford Centre (Safe moorings?) Wigan Junction (Are there good moorings near here?) Botany Bay (Assume safe mooring?) Or near Haigh Hall if not Bridge 104 area Barrowford Gargrave Skipton Sislden Bingley Saltaire Rodley Leeds (Basin or Visitor Moorings?) Any thoughts on the above? Are there any gems I've missed? Looking at the possibility of a side trip into Manchester on the way back, depending on time. Or maybe into Liverpool. Comments welcome.
  22. We are planning a trip from Overwater Marina, on the Shroppie near Nantwich, to Leeds via the Bridgewater and Leeds Liverpool. Does anyone have any tips around dodgy areas, safe moorings etc? We know the Leeds Liverpool between Gargrave and Saltaire but are new to the rest of the route and have heard that there are areas around Burnley and the outskirts of Leeds that are best got through in daylight. also keen to learn about the good bits, things to see, pubs to visit etc etc! We have 5 weeks to get there and back.
  23. We are moored at Overwater and are planning to do a trip to Leeds and back in September via the Bridgewater and Leeds/Liverpool. Hopefully you'll be posting with your tips ..........?
  24. It's going to happen, and faster than we might think. The first impact on boating will be a ban on running engines in residential areas when stationary - I predict. Which will lead to visitor moorings having power hook ups and making a charge.
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