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  1. Right, that was a Redline very hard-working hire boat and they were then all sold off when the company was bought by ABC about 8 years ago and they brought in all new boats. I would strongly urge you to have a full survey before you make an offer!!!!
  2. Given the date it could well be my old boat - if it is, I know it very well having done the mods and maintenance for about 10 years! Happy to advise - I have also helped sort out problems with many other of similar boats.
  3. Most of the early Cambrian Cruisers boats were built by Celtic, including my first boat, also 42 ft, which I sold about 7 years ago, to buy a slighly larger ex-Cambrian. They were very well built and extremely well looked after by Cambrian. If you let me know the name I might know more about the boat you are looking at?
  4. I had my diesel nicked so fitted a Dipstop cap - see http://www.dipstop.co.uk/boat.html Expensive but easy to fit and and use, and so far, no more problems,
  5. Going through Blackburn some years ago with a hire boat - prop firmely jammed up by a mailbag full of undelivered mail!! Called the cops who then found 5 more bags...
  6. Having measured mine I got them from Marine Scene Chandlery in South Wales - each then about £17. Teleflex 33C Midrange Control Cables - 6 Foot and Teleflex 33C Midrange Control Cables - 8 Foot One of mine had failed by the one end-piece coming adrift from the cable. First time i have had a cable fail in 18 years but I do regularly run oil into the cable.
  7. Murflynn, I have my boat on this lovely canal but am not aware of any public charging points, There are only the private Castle Boats ones - I guess all you can do is to ask at the various marinas or at the hire boat operators' bases - they are all most cooperative.
  8. Yes, you will need a standard windlass for the locks and a BWB key for the showers, pumpouts and the automated lift bridge at Talybont.
  9. I have bought and sold my boat(s) there over a period of about 20 years, and watched many being sold. There are a few considerations - the main one being that there are some (but limited) lovely, reasonably-priced moorings with good support. So, if you can offer the boat with one of these moorings (of course the operator has to have agreed) then you can ask an above going price. Many folk selling their boat, who can afford to wait a while, thus tend to offer above normal and then hold tight until a really good offer comes along. Also, given the lack of depth and the distinct saucer shape, a ve
  10. I have had a 50 ft boat on the Mon & Brec for some 20 years and know it pretty well – and love it! But it is very shallow almost everywhere and also is (very) saucer-shaped, so even if you are clear in the centre, as soon as you go near then side, you normally end up stuck! Not sure but I would guess anywhere beyound about a 2 foot draft can be a problem, hence many of the boats are vee-bottomed. The locks are 60ft (by 10ft) but anything over 55ft can be a problem as many of the very sharp bends are tight. A couple of the hire boats are 60 ft but their hirers tend to battle. And yes, some
  11. Late last year I exchanged my ageing narrowboat on the Mon & Brec for a younger one and had to fit a multifuel stove from scratch. Being aware of new Code of Practice for the installation of solid fuel heating in canal boats (BS8511:2010), I found there were few fully compliant systems available. I opted for the Chilli Penguin system and this was one of the best decisions I have made. One of their recommended installers, The Fire and Stove Shop (Brecon & Cardiff)) installed it last December and did a great job. I am as delighted with the efficient performance of the stove as I was wi
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