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  1. linnit

    Engine Rooms

    Great post😆😆
  2. linnit

    Engine Rooms

    I'll bite😜
  3. linnit

    National / rn thermostats

    Mine runs a 60°C
  4. linnit

    aldi banging

    I do...but then I am no expert and refer to the bang I had at Alde
  5. linnit

    aldi banging

    Mine used to woomph then bang..the woomph with ignition and the bang was the flexi air duct knocking on the back..stopped it by tie wrapping duct
  6. linnit

    Where to buy working boats

    Aaaa...I no longer have to keep this secret Dawn..National too
  7. linnit

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    This brought a wry smile from me!..As in my experience not only having an interest but even when attempting to buy a vessel I come across comments like..."maybe he is not worthy to be a custodian of such a vessel"..etc etc Ian
  8. linnit

    Spill timing

    Thank you Tony..that is the answer I was after
  9. linnit

    Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    If you only have 1 x100amh battery then 1st pic charge current should be about 1amp to be fully charged. Sorry ..yes a fb group but informative chaps on there
  10. linnit

    Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    1st pic is showing you are charging and if you have set batt amh correctly it is fully charged. 2nd pic shows something is drawing 0.2amps Amh counter will go to a positive number as you draw from batteries.this will indicate your usage and % will drop also. Join the 12v boating group there are some experienced chaps on there to help
  11. linnit

    Spill timing

    Hi if I want to advance the spill timing.do I lengthen the pistons ie. Clockwise looking at pump..or shorten ie..anti clockwise.. Thanks in advance
  12. linnit

    Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    The LVP and OCP do not work unless you have connected up the relay on the shunt and dont think you have looking at your pic.These need to be cleared and reset to zero. Your battery bank size needs to be set and when you are confident they are fully charged set to 100%..also the usb connector is not the best..I removed mine..im a numpty see you have removed usb..sorry
  13. linnit

    Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    The display shows charge current as a minus figure and discharge as a positive figure..A guess would be the shunt is the wrong way round or there is more than one negative connection to your measured batteries..or you have set battery level to 100% when they are discharged at 11.5v
  14. linnit

    Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Great cheap bit of kit..if it lasts..£25

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