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  1. Cruising in the dark brings out all the 'cutain' twichers in my experience
  2. Pete Not referring to you...infact you were the only one who actively encouraged me ..thanks...however that cannot be said for others which deterred me from moving fwd..one actually intimated i could not afford it!!..must keep my bank details more secure..ha Regards Ian
  3. I was seriously interested however there were a few who thought I did not have the integrity to be a custodian of such a vessel!!...interest in vessel has never dwindled butmy views on The Historic sector have....
  4. Yes....I have winded a 57ft boat there many times..kick bow out and pull stern line...sorted
  5. I have also done that and then felt guilty!!..the opposing boatman gave me the finger when i apologised and his lady gave me a death stare!!...I will wait if i experience it again?
  6. Hi Neil..nice to hear you're still producing quality shells..see my ref in post 8..if i was still fitting I wouldn't hesitate to use you again....lan
  7. No its not..as I said it was a one off built to my spec by a great team..with a planked bow
  8. As I have said on a few threads on here...the answer is yes...I bought a new DM2 in early 2013 and fitted it in this..a one off XR&D NT?..I love it rivets and all
  9. I do...but then I am no expert and refer to the bang I had at Alde
  10. Mine used to woomph then bang..the woomph with ignition and the bang was the flexi air duct knocking on the back..stopped it by tie wrapping duct
  11. Aaaa...I no longer have to keep this secret Dawn..National too
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