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  1. Thanks Tony...will check your suggestions out...fuses had crossed my mind.
  2. Hi Tony... Mr Cox is the reputable engineer that overhauled the alternator, box and cable. I just don't understand what else could be wrong?? It's very frustrating!!! Thanks for your quick reply!
  3. Hi all.... Could anyone shed any light on why the travel power won't work on the boat please? It was refurbished in January by a very reputable electrical engineer, hubby put it back on the boat and it has been used about ten times since then. Two weeks ago it stopped working.... No red or green lights even showing up. It has been taken off, back to the engineer who can't find fault with it at all!! Hubby put it back onto the boat and still nothing!!! Would appreciate any ideas as to what might be wrong! Thanks in advance folks!
  4. At 11am yesterday our three year old brindle Staffordshire bull terrier disappeared from just below Stenson Lock. We saw her jump off the narrow boat but no further sighting since then. Her name is 'Jessie' and we would really appreciate any news (good or bad) that anybody may have. Please contact me on here. Many thanks.
  5. Thank you all for your comments and advise...you have all been a great help to us. We have managed to talk hubby into fixing the lister between us. YAY!! Good job the hull was sound or my contingency fund may already have been eaten up!! lol. jelunga.... PM sent. Mike... The engineer that advised the bmc told us that previously the engine has been modified to rev high due to the poorly cylinder but he has no time to fix/replace the engine until winter! boo-hoo!! I also just wanted to say....I know shes a old boat with a old engine and we should have done things properly to begin with but im in love with her anyway!!! Thanks again folks. Debbie
  6. So Richard I don't suppose with my luck you would be in the vicinity of shardlow anytime soon would you??
  7. thanks for all your quick replies folks.......I think we could be talking hubby round to our way of thinking!! The engineer said the engine has been modified to rev high so that it ticks over as one of the cylinders is poorly. That's why he advised a bmc..he thinks this would add value to the boat?? originally the boat had a keel cooled engine in so the skin tanks are in situ. would you all still advise a overhaul on the lister in this situation?
  8. Thanks for your advice folks. I am of the same opinion as you....I would rebuild the lister. it's a 3 cylinder air cooled....we have been told that one of the cylinders needs attention. Hubby insists he would rather put a bmc in the boat! We are located near shardlow if anyone can help.
  9. Hi folks, just a quick update and another cry for help! Hull was fine all blacked and rust hole filled. although I have been advised my lister engine is on it's way out and that a bmc 1.5 or 1.8 would be a good replacement. Does anyone have one for sale or know a man who has? I have also posted in the for sale/wanted section. Thanks to you all.
  10. Thank you all for your quick replies....i feel a little better now.I probably should have had a survey but ive read so much about the surveyors being over cautious etc that i thought id take a chance! Also if id paid for a survey every time i looked at a boat i wouldnt have had the money to buy one in the first place. (or a contingency fund) lol. The replies about not being fully welded all the way around the rubbing strake makes a lot of sense to me as the hole it long (3 inches) rather than round. I hope the post will help others too. I will post again when i know what the damage is when shes been in the dry dock. Thanks again.
  11. hi all....i am new to boating and have just discovered a very rusty hole just under the top rubbing strake on my 1979 colecraft. i am terrified that this is a indication that the rest of the hull is covered in holes. am i right to think this way? the boat is coming out of the water this coming weekend so all will be revealed then. i was just wondering if anyone could say why it would rust badly in this area as i believe this to be an unusual place for this to happen. am i right in thinking this? i believe worse case scenario would be a total overplate??the boat is coming out of the water this coming weekend so all will be revealed then. i purchased the boat at what i believed to be a really good price and have a contingency fund for any work that needs doing. if anyone could advise/calm me down so i dont have nightmares tonight i would really appreciate it!!!
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