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  1. I have used collect plus, the parcel was delivered to a local shop which saved me by not having to pay for delivery.

    Once the package was delivered to the shop I received an email (or text if u prefer) that contained a reference number.

    Turned up at shop and presented my ref number and received the package.

    As Guy Martin would say "jobs a good un"

    As an aside I had to return the package as the goods were damaged.

    No probs - just took it back to the shop and they sent it off and the process was repeated.

    Would most definitely use it again.

  2. I was asking a serious question!


    We certainly won't be giving up our sealine for a narrowboat. Would rather give up boating!

    Well the real answer is that my wife has finally decided that the sea is a no no for her.


    So I thought I would spend some time cruising the canals and then if funds permit - a Dutch Barge for the rivers and potentially Europe. I just want to spend some time cruising.

  3. Stick to the real boats. What are you playing around with sewer tubes for?

    You are going to get me barred before I have even started :D


    Be aware the M&B also has a fair few swing bridges along it.......very, very beautiful scenery and points of interest aswell as lots of good pubs along the way. Sorry, I don't know the hire companies there though...someone should do?

    Well that has swung it for me ( sorry couldn't help myself).

    Have looked at your web site previously. Your boats look very classy. Love the paint colours.


    Why not just do what I did.


    Hopefully that is the plan. Daughter is probably off to Uni and off we go :D

    Just trying to get a fix in the mean time.


    "Oh, not another f****** beautiful day".



    I like that

  4. It is handy if you can both helm the boat and do the locks and bridges. That way if one of you falls ill or just can't be arsed one day then you won't be stuck.


    A helmsman a course does sound like it might be just the ticket to give your wife some confidence.

    You are of course right.


    I have an RYA Day Skipper ticket and used to have a Bayliner when I got rid of the yacht. It's more than probable that I take over too much and the helmsman course would give her the confidence.

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. As is the norm on here there are some very good points which have given me food for thought.

    So it appears that it's the Llangollen canal for us. I also like the idea of the helmsman course as I am dreadful at instruction and hopefully I can pick up plenty of tips on how it should be done. If I am honest I like the idea doing the locks whilst she helms.


    Once again, many thanks, I appreciate it.

  6. Greetings everyone.


    I have been researching buying a narrowboat for nearly two years. This forum has been absolutely brilliant in helping me.


    In order to help even further I devised a cunning plan that involved hiring a boat in June 2011 on the T & M hopefully to entice the family in joining me in my endeavours. Well what a disaster! The weather was atrocious, the two teenage kids could not wait to get off the boat and said never again.


    Well I am not deterred, and as the SWMBO has said that she is prepared to give it another go I am looking at hiring for a week in June this year. Having read loads of threads on the forum I came up with canals which I thought she would like from a scenery and social perspective:


    Leeds @ Liverpool


    Mon @ Brec


    Unfortunately I have ruled out the L&L as she doesn't drive and therefore had even more difficulty with tiller steering so the thought of her having to do the swing bridges may not be such a good idea.


    The Llangollen sounds gorgeous but when I have looked at a couple of hire companies (from suggestions contained in other threads) it appears that it may be a bit of a slog i.e. four days to actually get to llangollen and I am a little concerned that the return journey to the hire base will be a rush.


    My questions are 1. Am II being a bit of a wuss or pessimistic regarding the Llangollen and 2. could someone recommend a hire company on the Mon & Brec?


    Wherever I go the boat must be of a high standard as I will be attempting to convince the wife that she could spend some considerable time on one cruising if we buy one.


    Sorry for the long first post but I am trying to regurgitate my cunning plan :lol:


    All suggestions and input gratefully received

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