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  1. Hi we are Graeme & Sue from Portsmouth......More new boaters....will there be any room left on the canals! jusy imagine if all these moorings in the marinas suddenly deceided to take a trip on the same day, grid lock!!! Been hiring for a few years now, been looking at options, i have a thread in holidays 'hire boat blues' its time i think to bite the bullet and look for a share option
  2. I am in contact with Chugga by email
  3. Jerra, thanks will do, are we able to correspond via email? our timings are very flexible in fact school term and summer are the periods we would like to avoid, spring and autumn for us every time! are we able to correspond outside the forum via email?
  4. Many thanks,for the responses, I can see the pitfalls now particularly over insurance issues, which I had not even thought of, all things considered I think its the share option for us, although I do worry about being able to find the time that I will WANT to spend using my four weeks!, maybe a 2 week share for starters.
  5. Hi a newbie to the forum, not sure if this is a reasonable question but here goes..... My wife and myself are keen boaters, but we find ourselves in a bit of a quandry, we have recently been cruising in hire boats up to twice a year, which with shopping around has been manageable in terms of cost but only just! we dont really have enough spare time to warrant buying into shared ownership, well not till I retire, so for now I feel we are trapped in the expensive world of rental. This leads to my question, are there any owners out there that would be willing to provide their boat at a reasonable cost for the odd 7 day trip, I will eagerly wait for the stampede of replies!
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