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  1. Over the last few days I have sent three separate messages to CWDF admin. None have been acknowledged, let alone acted upon. I can only conclude that there is no admin present at this site.
  2. Just been down there to take a look and as of an hour ago Blakes Lock is now open.
  3. I presume damage to the bottom gate cill had deteriorated recently. I came through there last week heading downhill. The flow under the bottom gate was pretty bad. I had no hope of opening the top gate until four fairly fit walkers came along and gave me a hand. Actually I found the proximity of the bridge abutment to the bottom gate balance beam gave me something to wedge myself against and push. I got that open on my own.
  4. If you take the press release at face value: "It aims to ask boaters the fairest and simplest way to split the important financial contribution made by the different types of boats and boaters towards the upkeep of the waterways." No mention of increasing revenue, or compliance, just changing the split between different types of boat/boaters.
  5. Aside from the technology that might be used, why would charging for movement be any better/fairer than charging for mooring?
  6. My two most recent boatyard experiences were both positive. First, an exhaust repair, where I was given an estimate and dates. The work was done at the agreed time and I was actually billed less than the estimate as some of the existing parts were good to be reused. Second, some significant steelwork mods - windows plated up, new portholes - modified roof handrails... new solar panels and a complete repaint. All done to time and estimate, even when I threw in a curve ball by choosing to buy new window units rather than reuse the existing ones. I have to say that in the second case, I virtually had to drag the guy out to come and look at the boat to see what I wanted doing because he was originally only willing to give ballpark quotes based on boat length and a general description of the work. Once we were over that hurdle, everything went smoothly.
  7. Very good news. I suppose two barges means just a single vessel making two return trips?
  8. the voice of the waterways... telling it like it is ...
  9. As for railways, they are not operated as public rights of way/navigation, so the question of closure is a different one involving the withdrawal of a weekly, scheduled, passenger service.
  10. I think I know the gates, and they do look nice. There is a view, which seems quite prevalent on this board, that all of CRT's resources should be directed toward maintaining it's waterways for navigation and that spending money on anything else is either wasteful or incompetent or both. My view is that there is benefit in simply preserving and restoring parts of our waterway heritage, even if it's not part of an open navigation and that is in fact a significant part part of CRT's remit. Quite apart from the heritage aspect, the danger of spending money only in the places where boaters go, or go most, is the withered arm effect and a gradually shrinking network. That is probably what the IWA are getting at when they raise their warning about Anglian waterways.
  11. So according to the minutes of that meeting; closure of some navigations is "an option which may need to form part of the discussion with government". The IWA spin that as; "EA stated that some navigations in their Anglian Region (which includes the Great Ouse and River Nene) may have to be closed" NBW pick up the IWA warning and spin it their way, so it becomes; "The Environmental Agency has stated that it is closing parts of its navigable waterways". I say "spin", but of course I mean "misrepresent".
  12. Athy, why do you jump to the conclusion that because the Anglian region includes the Nene and Gt Ouse that the EA have any plans at all to close either of those waterways. Clearly that is the fear that IWA want you to take away from reading their warning, but is there any basis for it?
  13. The claims might be verified if we could see the minutes of the meeting to which the IWA refer, but haven't published, presumably for reasons of copyright. One of the curious things about FoI is that it doesn't actually make information public, it just puts it into the hands of the person making the application for it.
  14. The IWA cites minutes of a meeting between EA and CRT, obtained following an FoI request. https://www.waterways.org.uk/news_campaigns/bulletins/iwa_bulletin_20170124
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