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  1. what jobs do people have (without sounding nosey)

    I'm attempting to make a living as an artist. Didn't think it through very well as whilst the art bit is compact and very suitable for boat life, framing and packaging materials take up a massive amount of space!
  2. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    I bet it is.... Complete lack of clarity in the beginning - the business T&C's don't help either as they suggest the two hours that count are the ones that are spent on-site. I agree, I also believe they are double charging as they sent two heads. Only one of the blokes actually did anything and TBH, I think only one could at any given time in this situation (Using a hacksaw with an arm down the weed hatch). Not sure what two people could do with a hacksaw which one could not? I do worry that one day someone will be hit with a bill for more than a boat is worth when they send a minibus load of engineers over from Germany (Say 12 people x 10 hours travel time - 120 hours billable before they actually do any work)
  3. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    I've got RCR bronze cover so get the first two hours labour included. Had my first ever call out a month ago. Two chaps turned up and fixed the problem in less than an hour (bike wrapped around prop). RCR are chasing me for £££ for labour above the two hours because they want two lots of labour and to cover travel time! Less than impressed I have to say.
  4. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Looks a good price. Also worth checking out these, the larger sizes are also a very good deal: http://solarwindturbinebatteries.co.uk/products-page/new-cells-ipzsepzshpsz-2v-cells/
  5. Recommend an auto washing machine

    Yup, read those in the past - they turn up fairly high in the google results when looking for hot fill machines. I'm keen to see the spec to see what temp washes it will use the hot feed for. Pipe runs and the rest of it not really an issue. Once I've seen the spec I will be able to decide whether it makes sense for my specific install and usage scenario.
  6. Recommend an auto washing machine

    Linky as requested. They look interesting but I haven't found a tech specification. Hoping they will have very low power requirements.
  7. Recommend an auto washing machine

    ebac have finally launched hot-fill models so may be worth a look.
  8. Boat Maintenance Job - OFFERED

    Shame my mooring is way out in West London or I would have jumped at that offer - currently setting myself up as an artist so two days paid work a week on a historic ship would have been perfect. If you haven't had many responses it might be worth putting up a notice on the Facebook London boaters group?
  9. Custom made outside seating - any recommendations?

    Also keeping tabs, my boat came with some but they were not waterproof. Also, do others keep them inside when not in use? Not sure if it was the lack of waterproof-e-ness but I had to do a bit of repainting as I ended up with micro blisters on paint underneath them after leaving ours out all summer.
  10. Bolinder Boating through locks

    They went from towing to two abreast (whilst on the move) as they went past my boat towards Bulls Bridge Tesco a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful manoeuvre, made it look effortless. Which it probably was to them! I love seeing those boats when they are down here (Brentford <-> Hayes).
  11. Storing coal

    14 bags under the cratch cover, 8 under the seats at the stern, 8 on the roof under tarp (we've got a 10 foot wide square arsed boat). Buying the lot at once gets us a discount but does adjust the trim a little.
  12. NBTA - Which Planet Are They On ?

    Sounds similar to what the local councils are now applying to piss taker council tenants? If It isn't your primary residence, why should the rest of the UK subsidise you profiting as a landlord? (or even worse, leaving it empty)
  13. stolen boat London/Herts

    Indeed. My missus put her back out last year when the owner of that very boat decided to turn around outside the bow of ours. She went to the front to see what all the excessive revving was about and got out just in time to stop it caving in our cratch board and cover. I came out at that moment to see the owner emerge from the back of the boat (Wasn't at the tiller whilst in forward gear!) furiously trying to light a very pungent rollie. Way less than impressed. No button fender on that thing either, we do wonder how many tupperwares they have sunk over the years...
  14. Best torch ever owned

    Not as posh but I've been using these for a couple of years now: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-Wolf-Eye-2500-LM-Zoomable-Flashlight-CREE-XML-T6-LED-18650-Flashlight-Torch-/391401076812 in combination with this 230v/12v input charger. Happy as larry, I can cycle down the towpath in pitch black without worry and pretend I have a lightsaber if I am in a childish mood and puy it in sharp spotlight mode.
  15. Calor bottle amnesty, this month only.

    Guessing that at this time it suits them to actually take them back rather than flip the v sign after taking a 'deposit'.