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  1. I'd argue that I wasn't a bit of a dick. Not that they comment on here but I know a few of the local CRT staff personally and I'm sure they would say I was calm and polite throughout. I think it may be down to a difference in scenario's. In my case, if I wasn't at fault then it would mean that the recent repair work was - the chief engineer that visited site was primarily concerned with making sure that was not the outcome (Despite my boat, and others of the same beam always having previously fitted through the same lock). In the more recent scenario on the GU, this wasn't a consideration - no one from CRT needed to defend themselves. I can see why the owner of this boat was a bit pissed off about all the derogitory comments about the situation, lots of keyboard warriors about talking crap based on hearsay and very few of the facts.
  2. The challenge I have/had is whether they can change the 'legal dimensions' at will. I bought a boat for the K&A, put it on the canal and they then reduced the dimensions and said it was my fault when I didn't fit anymore.
  3. I had aircon on my barge. Consumed 1kw and kept the main bedroom like a fridge if turned up. It was one of those household units with a massive cooling unit in the chain locker though. Don't know if they are more efficient?
  4. Yep. Exactly the same applies when you live on a canal boat on the K&A - looks very pretty but we all bugger off to Devon to escape it. A friend of mine has a 60 x 10 ft three bedroom widebeam for sale on the K&A, a 70 x 12 will be hell to shift around on this canal.
  5. Possibly will end up being one again in future.... I would have jumped on the opportunity if it wasn't for the timing. Seller even has a dry dock booked for the work in July.
  6. https://www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/register/2583/heart-gold Currently for sale for £10k on K&A boaters Facebook page. Needs a new bottom but could make a nice project for someone.....
  7. Thanks I received the same email, talk about a bad time to pick me! Going to attempt reversing into lock 17 tomorrow - concerns all round that we will get stuck again (Underwater obstruction). If that happens, not sure on next steps - can't stay in the one pound forever!
  8. Reversed the best part of two miles today *nearly* to the bottom of the Seend flight. Hire boaters were keen to help at the three swing bridges on route (One even managed to overtake us whilst we were reversing - wacky races!). CRT wont let us ascend the first lock without them assisting. Didn't understand why until I saw it today and remembered that we had to power ourselves out due to an underwater obstruction..... It would be no problem if we were facing forwards but in reverse, it could be a challenge. Hoping it is a wheelbarrow or similar - if it is collapsed brickwork we may have a problem.
  9. I have touched base with KANDA and also mentioned the predicament to the Dutch Barge Association as this issue may affect members. My current challenges are now reversing two miles to the nearest winding hole (On the 'wrong' side), turning around and trying to rescue the sale of my boat via what will likely be an expensive combination of crane hire and heavy haulage to Bristol docks. All rather frustrating and expensive at a time where I have very little in the way of time or money.
  10. I just checked and the notice that they have put up seems to have been deleted for some reason (Although other historic notices on the K&A are still available). Thankfully screen captures were made. Thought I'd share a copy....
  11. Thanks Nigel. Failure to maintain the navigable channel is exactly where I was going with this - it didn't feel like I should have to show persistent failure for the particular type of issue I was impeded by. I will get in touch with KANDA - I am let to understand that the required documentation may possibly already have been obtained and it may be that they have copies, save me wasting resources making a duplicate FoI requiest. Being a sensible chap with other significant challenges in my life, I would rather not litigate but I guess I will have to see whether C&RT give me the option not to do so - they certainly were rather forward on the day regarding the application of blame and also that I would be held liable for costs.
  12. Thanks Nigel. Given that this issue has only recently surfaced, in your view can the term 'persistent' be applied in this scenario? Obviously, it will become persistent (From a time perspective) if they do not remedy the fault that halted our progression Westwards along the K&A. However, another interpretation would require a number of highlighted issues (E.g. not maintaining the full published navigable width/draught) in a number of places to prove that the behaviour of C&RT has been one of persistent failure.
  13. In the defence of CRT, it was only one C&RT employee on the ground that was unfriendly/unhelpful - the local staff were great. Whoever wrote the notice might have fed by the less friendly person wielding the tape measure (Who shall remain nameless for now). Glad I never saw the notice at the time though, I might have struggled to stay calm.
  14. Indeed. These were my thoughts yesterday after reading your initial response. The additional clarity brought by this post is much appreciated. I certainly feel like the way we have been treated by C&RT is neither right nor fair and as mentioned by others, looks like the 'thin end of the wedge'. Thank you for taking the time to respond with thoughts and view of the legal situation regarding our predicament.
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