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  1. I've been using 4 per panel on my 160w panels. Friends have used 6 on 250-300w ones. Same reasons I went for the magnet solution. No damage from water ingress affecting the paintwork after 18 months either which was the main downside risk as far as I was concerned.
  2. I use these rubber coated magnets attached to 'L' brackets. About £24 for 10. https://www.guysmagnets.com/magnetic-products-c2/vehicle-mag-pad-1-p194
  3. They used Omnia Clear on mine. It didn't seem to hold up well in exterior locations that were heavily exposed to the sun / UV. Bow doors were fine (I had a cratch cover) but the dog box needed redoing after a couple of years.
  4. Have you tried a carbide blade paint scraper? I used something like this then a soak of paraffin & lots of rags for a similar job. Only downside is that the paraffin then needs thoroughly removing to stop paint adherence issues (I used a blowtorch and then multiple cycles of white spirit, detergent, water....) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bahco-Carbide-Edged-Paint-Scraper/dp/B000288LP6
  5. Worked for me. Even sealed two leaks that had been present for years before I bought the boat (oak inner frame completely rotted out in two corners) - mine had an inset rubber bead to cover the screws and removing a bit at the top before applying liberally sealed whatever the source of ingress was.
  6. A mountain bike tied in a nice knot around the prop at county lock just after I arrived on the K&A. Moored up under the flyover, saw more than a couple of locals jacking up. Once we were free, I did some serious night cruising - think it was about 18 hours cruising between setting off at sunrise and mooring up for the night, thank god it was only autumn.
  7. Apologies for that, I was just very annoyed about myself and this boater being attacked for (as far as I could tell) no good reason. I shall try and stick to non swearword insults going forward. The good news is that CRT has finally decided to let the chap in question pay for the mooring he had with them and thus the boat removal is no longer an issue. He still has a police charge to deal with but TBH he is in a better place negotiating that than being homeless (especially given that the police appear to be on his side). Thankfully learned baton twirling hippies saved he day / his life. From what I've seen, it is another left hand vs right hand issue, no individual to blame at CRT but definitely broken processes.
  8. Its always crowded around Bath (on the canal part). Second busiest spot after London.
  9. Whilst I'm not a hippy spinning whatever the insult was (Nor part of the NBTA), I get out and help the boating community rather than just bash the keyboard on here. I have helped in well over a dozen situations similar to mine in the last year. That said, thee guy in the OP was only saved due to a member of the NBTA defusing the whole thing, he would have likely been homeless and/or shot otherwise. On Sunday, an OAP on a boat with NO HEATING due to issues outside of her control is getting a new burner fitted due to a few of us getting together and sorting things out in the real world. A normal weekend for us with low post counts..... EDIT: No need to respond, I'm in danger of doubling my post count tonight and I'd rather avoid that.
  10. No you aren't, but you still have to move the required range over the 12 month period of your license - winter mooring taken or not. You would have to be mentally retarded to think you had to move during the period that you have a mooring agreement that means that you don't have to move..... are you certain you haven't been drinking?
  11. Don't you remember the issue with me getting stuck in a lock that CRT had rebuilt several inches narrower? It was my fault despite the boat having been through dozens of times previously. I haven't previously discussed the issue on here but I bid on and won a mooring (Finger pontoon) that was advertised as supporting a 10 foot wide boat, which after having one commissioned as such and me turning up with it, only happened to only be 9 foot 6 inches wide (My fault obviously). I could add a long list of stories from others I have helped but I dont think its worth the effort. I'd rather not add you to the list (You don't know me on here but we have met in person a few times and have got on well) but happy to do so if you so wish.
  12. Another keyboard warrior then... Post count isn't everything. Some of us are out living in the real world trying to sort things out for fellow boaters. In terms of manners, the two of you really should take a look at your own posts on this thread and the default position and attitudes you have taken. Wishing you a good night, hope neither of you end up on the wrong side of CRT through no fault of your own.
  13. Oh ok, so you are just a troll. I'll just ignore you going forwards
  14. Apparently all is now well and the 'pigs' as you call the police that were in attendance are *really* not happy about what they got dragged into and are on side with the boater in question. Thinks its time for you to stop drinking and go to bed.
  15. Point your friends in the direction of http://barges.org/. Dutch barges are a different kettle of fish to narrowboats and specialised insurers recognise that.
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