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  1. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    So what is the current maximum age at which one can be sent to a war zone in action ?
  2. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    But how do you balance that, with you still insisting on using cash wherever possible when the future, throughout the world, is cashless ? My spell checker also shows realy and knowledgable are not recognised words. Are you deficient in English, a dinosaur , or a combination of the two ?
  3. Were they Chess magazines ?
  4. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    Click this link to view the response online: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584?reveal_response=yes This petition has over 100,000 signatures. The Petitions Committee will consider it for a debate. They can also gather further evidence and press the government for action. The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee: https://petition.parliament.uk/help#petitions-committee Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament You’re receiving this email because you signed this petition: “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.”. To unsubscribe from getting emails about this petition:
  5. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    Theresa's problem was not having a working majority. What did she do, throw £1bn of other peoples money at it, to gain the support of the DUP.
  6. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    He also admitted, on one occasion, he was drunk !
  7. Would love to see the trapdoor being re-sealed. What would they use as a watertight gasket ?
  8. In certain circumstances the registered owner/keeper is not obliged to name the driver.
  9. Hope this link will open https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.3140632,0.0276936,3a,15y,289.88h,90.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6fUEcYYfk8i-WCceD2FC_w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 And just along the road is a police raid !
  10. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    And may bought the support of the DUP for £1 billion specifically to be able to exclude labour from being included in the negotiations.
  11. Ferd

    Brexit 2019

    Ben Fogle, in his "lives in the wild" series, visited an interesting woman in County Donegal who is in receipt of a State pension of £1000 per month. that is nearly double my state pension here in UK !
  12. Didn't Virgin buy into (the profitable parts of) the old Northern Rock. So we got back some of it then. The loss making parts are possibly still in state control.
  13. Any such mails can be forward to this address... [email protected] They acknowledge receipt and advise they are looking into it. Sorry, just seen that Joe the plumber already sent this advice
  14. Ferd


    37 degrees. That really is a steep incline !
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