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  1. Ferd


    37 degrees. That really is a steep incline !
  2. Ferd

    Please use headphones

    Should have gone to Specsavers MoneySavingExpert.com >Forums >Motoring >Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking Almost certain to have saved you £160.
  3. Ferd

    Labour: if they get in

    I heard they had stopped brewing it. Beamish and Crawford Brewery in Cork was closed down (bought out and then closed down more likely).
  4. Would be interested to see their logo. Has it been re-designed lately ?
  5. Ferd

    RIP Leon Bernicoff

    The general demographic suggests Brexiters
  6. Ferd

    Priti Patel

    Jezza suggested this after Grenfell and was slated for it !
  7. Ferd

    Any idea what these are?

    Yes, West ham won the World Cup. But that same year they were well and truly whupped in the League Cup Final.
  8. Ferd

    Music in Pubs

    Never enjoyed the beer as much in The Golden Rule after Hartleys were bought out. Used the Queen's Hotel instead for several years while it was a real Ale Mecca.
  9. Ferd

    General Election

    Joyce Grenfell was born in Knightsbridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Grenfell
  10. Ferd

    Grenfell Tower Fire

    Your contributions suggest you are (one of the) most erudite posters on here and I always take in what you have to say. I was surprised you spelt this particular name incorrectly and added the correct spelling. Hope it helps.
  11. Ferd

    Grenfell Tower Fire

    Harriet Harman
  12. Ferd

    General Election

    Only rotters hunt otters
  13. Ferd

    General Election

    If we had PR then all this "after the result" bickering would be eliminated. No need for tactical voting in marginal seats. Loony party, even, might then have a presence in Parliament. Could bring some sense to the whole shambolic set up we have now.
  14. Ferd

    General Election

    Fabulous stuff, Vagabond.
  15. Ferd

    General Election

    I like your take on "vote for the Many not the Few"

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