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  1. otto


    Hi Thanks. I have the webcam link on my phone Chains it will be in future.
  2. otto


    Hi Why is Kings Staithe safer than museum gardens?
  3. otto


    Hi all. Made a visit to York this midweek for a few days 31/1st May/June 2017. Moored up at museum gardens for overnight stay. After mooring up I was distressed to hear a mixed group of youths opposite my boat who were under the influence effing and blinding quite loudly, which did spoil my first expectations of York. I subsequently enjoyed a good day with friends in the city. At 4.30am the following morning I was awoken by noisy youths alongside my boat. One of the youths was messing with my mooring rope. I quickly undid my canopy to challange these 4 youths who ran off immediately. This post is probably not unique, it is just a reminder how a visit to York can be unsettling. I might add whilst visiting York for 2 days I didnt see any police officers at all. I am sure the police know what is going on at the moorings in York, but I must assume that they havnt the manpower to deal with this probkem of drunken youths who think it would be a laugh to see a boat floating adrift through York. I have no future plans to visit York after these experiences.
  4. Thanks Smelly, I will go with a straight 30 and maybe look at reducing the pitch on my prop. I have a 19x20 on at the moment. By the way the boat is a 4.5 ton colvic northerner Kind regards otto
  5. Thanks bizzard, I will check the thermostat, and contact our local oil supplier. Regards otto
  6. Exactly bizzard! thats why I want to use something that will reduce sludging. With river speeds at 6mph max I have to run at 900 to 1000 revs max. which I know is not good for the engine. So what is the best oil for this scenario. Regards otto
  7. Hello, Can anyone tell me the oil capacities for a BMC 3.8l 4 cyl. diesel engine. What is the correct oil to use? Can I use semi synthetic which is less prone to sludging. Regards Otto
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