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  1. Aww is that just passed Wheelock?
  2. Going up the Cheshire locks can you wind at Wheelock or just passed? Or we're is the next wideing hole?
  3. I have a squrriel stobe. Once the fire is fully lit and warm & the coal is glowing red do you fully close both vents ?
  4. I did the 4CR last June in a week no problem and stopped off at a lot of the villages including Stone a must Visit.
  5. Also try www.canalboatescapes.co.uk there boats are fab and have that prviate boat feel. Bear boats look excellent but dont like having to put beds up and down everyday prefer fixed berths
  6. How famous Chugga?? Mathew Corbett really name peter still owns Midnight. Its moored up the road from his canal side house at Lymm.
  7. Edited due to double posting same message
  8. I remember following star coasters story. Never handled a boat before & carlT going to help her move it to Brauston. Now your steering reg and offering your help. Wot such a lovely community
  9. Good good when you going to put them on your website
  10. Cheers chugga hows the new boats seen one off the ex nantwich boats moored at barbridge junc heading towards Chester on sat afternoon
  11. Cant see any listed on waterscape but does anyone no if you cant get down the m/wich branch and up to Anderton currently? Thinking of going down on to he river for a few days
  12. I have just bought a thretford c200 cassette toilet with its own water flush tank( one that doesnt need to be plumbed in) and was wondering do you just put the blue in the cassette or actually in the flush tank so the flush water is blue??
  13. Just being Nosey really. Last past in April 12
  14. I would try and hire from theses At blackwater meadow marina at ellsmere. Www.narrow-boat-hire.net Cheap and nice boats
  15. Id say it was 57ft but no bigger than 60ft. I didnt ask. Was very scary to watch. Be gutted if i couldnt make it up there Llangollen
  16. After having a break from work today amd was nearby i decided to stop on the A51 & walk down the locks to see wot it was like in the snow etc i seen a boat entering the bottom lock. It was a man on his own he was a cc and was going up on to the Llangollen. Anyway he got jammed entering the bottom lock. He got the boat in as i watched. And i offered to do the paddles etc. he told me he would keep and eye and for me to just open the one slowly. I did and the boat stayed floating and riseing, He then told me to stop. Which i did the boat was no longer rising but the water was. If this was my
  17. Thanks for the pics of Audlem doorman looks lovely & the canal isnt froze there.m Very sad to hear the shroppie has shut i to was unaware of this. But a very touching story there.
  18. Many thanks for all your comments ive got the silver cover today
  19. I have often hired on the broads & really enjoy it down there but the broads is just like one big holday park to be honest. You have to have your whits about 247 with the rise & fall of the tides etc. some very nice places. I no you say the Llangollen isnt far but its by far the most beautiful anal. On the other hand you have the mouthshire & brecon canal in south wales but again its not a ring
  20. Are many of you fellow boaters members of RCR if so wot do you think of there services if you have had to use them? Wot type of membership do you have?
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