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  1. Is it normal to use a broker when buying a new boat? I'd have thought one would be dealing with the fabricator/shell builder. Why do you need a broker for this? I wonder if there some confused language here.
  2. Whale Gulpers are good pumps for evacuating the shower. Very reliable.
  3. Well they did say it would be decorative ! It is definitely one of Laurence's ones. Sorry about that old chap.
  4. Another unsusual type was the replica Bridgewater canal tugs put together by John Rickaby in the 80's. They had Kelvin engines in a front engine room with hyrdaulic drive. I was offered one of the boats (wooden cabin steel hull) complete with Kelvin for a very good price but the cabin seemed to dodgy. Someone bought it and tidied it up, tool the Kelvin out and I think it has a Beta Marine or something in it now. Quite nice I think there were possibly three of them built. Frodsham was the one for sale on the Wey a few yars ago for a very attractive price. [img]https://boats-from.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/large2/public/products-images/2017-10/103307/103307-92924.jpg[img]
  5. That boat is a replica Blisworth tunnel tug. I think there is another one called PILOT.
  6. I think the wheels come off once boat arrives at the water.
  7. There should be a list of what you are paying for on the invoice. If the lifting is not included in the list then it will be an extra charge. It could seem a bit scammy but
  8. I imagine there is a manual RO system on board to convert sea water to drinking water. No shortage of time available to pump the handle. I imagine there is a manual RO system on board to convert sea water to drinking water. No shortage of time available to pump the handle. Take two for system redundancy and exercise for both arms.. This sort of thing. https://www.katadyngroup.com/ch/en/8013419~p6786
  9. I had trouble with scrotes half way up Wigan flight in 2009. Ended up mooring in a lock chamber until they went away. Untied the boat and jumped on the roof. The buggers. That was yars ago. Another dodgy place was Tottenham Hell on the Lee. Aggressive cows were encountered near Kelmscott on Thames which was quite alarming at the time.
  10. I noticed SL Alaska which is to be seen on the Thames around Marlow was burning wood briquettes last year. I was idly gliding around in my electric canoe and became quite disconcerted that there wasn't a trail of wonderful smelling smoke behind the boat. I suppose some people dislike the smell of coal smoke but I love it !
  11. Henley on Thames is full of crooks.
  12. Northampton arm and the town part of the Nene were a little discombobulating when we went there about 20 yars ago but things could have changed.
  13. Not sure if this one is narrow but if it is there will be problems at bridges on narrow canals. There are things that can be done within the design envelope and things which will make the boat unusable.
  14. That's Jim Macdonald's old boat. I've been in that boat it was actually quite pleasant. Very classy interior helps with these sorts of things. interesting approach because it actually has an almost full width cabin in the sitting down part then a full height cabin in the walking around part. Effectively a mollycroft roof which is a very useful way to deal with the space restrictions presented by a narrow beam canal boat. A "Dutch barge style" narrow boat will never be able to achieve this outcome because the gunnels are at or slightly above the normal height for a narrow boat. Elizabeth is a different animal altogether.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Aesthetics are just a matter of opinion. Everyone has a different view and all views are tolerated even if anyone who thinks a pram hood is a Good Idea is basically wrong. It's alright to be wrong. Nobody died from being wrong. You just have to accept that a pram hood on a canal boat is a basic wrong thing and move on.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Bowthruster? Hells teeth you can't be serious. I suppose you're going to say they are looking at 'really good' sticky downy solar panels as well. This is going to get ripped to pieces by people who sadly, for them, have opinions.
  19. It does look fixed yes. Maybe the irregular positioning of the lugs is because it was a prototype hawgle blasting wurdleflapper but someone got the measurements wrong. There is probably an improved version somewhere with a red coloured plastic part.
  20. Without the plastic bit it could be part of a portable gas cooker.
  21. It is not unusual to find pirate related products on boats.
  22. I think he has just put the blue thing there to make it more difficult to work out what it is. The blue thing seems to be underneath and a separate arrrticle.
  23. Wide side decks seem useful but you get an incredibly narrow cabin on a narrow beam boat. You can allow for this by having vertical cabin sides but it will still be even more tubelike than an ordinary narrow boat. It is small enough in there already there is no need to make it even smaller. I've had a few different types of boats and helmed a narrow "dutch barge style" on canals. I wouldn't touch one of those with a largepole. Interesting design language but at the end of the day it is an unsatisfactory boat. Some people like them no doubt.
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