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  1. Do they measure them? surely a 7Ah burglar alarm battery won't be worth the same as a Trojan.
  2. Another approach is to take them to a battery wholesaler and they knock the scrap value off new batteries. Denka in Croxley Green is where I used to take them. Once took 600kg of old batteries in there and came out with some new ones. They paid more than the scrap man for a number of different reasons.
  3. Deuterium ! I used to take the caps of and drop them in the canal on a rope.
  4. Its a nice Boat. I wish them all the very best embarking on such a vessel with a small child in tow. Great fun. One hopes the entrance and exit from the cabin is sensibly arranged. I do hate seeing children on leads! Both of my daughters lived on a barge from before they could walk until a couple of yars ago (now 12 and 14). We never used leads. I suppose its a bit of a personal thing and never criticise other peoples parenting ! If that is tiller steered it must be a bit of an adventure getting around. A good workout. Hopefully not a Boat bought with the cheap housing solution as a motivator ! CRT about to tighten up their enforcement I think. A bit dangerous to walk about on the back with the cabin there ! I can't see a ram on it.
  5. Looking at it with google lens this one turns up
  6. If we cut down all the trees and burn them maybe this will accelerate global warming and one day the requirement to heat oneself will be history. They do have a habit of growing back.
  7. These days I would agree with that but back in the 60s when a lot of these craft were being converted they were so cheap the alternative would probably have been scrapping if worthwhile. Of course butties are still being cut which is a shame but there we are.
  8. I really like the rocket powered Sinclair C5. It is interesting to observe how much effort is put in to water based propulsion systems on canal Boats when in reality the system was originally designed for towage by land based traction units. Someone needs to market a legless brushless horse.
  9. All life that has ever existed on earth is and was solar powered. I'm sure I read somewhere about a solar powered diesel heater. My fire is currently burning wood. It is impossible to argue that this wood was not created by the sun.
  10. Not a butty it was a horse Boat but this is a craft I once owned. Apparently one of the first conversions. https://www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/register/2087/orianne There was an anti ventilation plate kindly provided with a 'less likely to cut you in half if you fall in' flanged edge. I made that back cabin and under cloths conversion with my own hands. Never was a craftsman
  11. No I meant on the other Boat I was commenting on. This one in the OP seems to be narrow.
  12. I think it is a terrible idea and would never consider or advocate this. As mentioned earlier it is slightly difficult to believe it exists but this does happen from time to time.
  13. Actually the person in question has been living on Boats since the early 80s. The latest craft doesn't move very often so it is quite a nice thing to have like a little summer house. That is a big Boat. It would be a bit odd on a narrow.
  14. Of course if the fire had a horizontal flue outlet and they wanted the fire as close to the side as possible this could happen if the fire was tall and the flue outlet ended up above side deck height.
  15. Another circumstance where I have seen similar was when the cabin top had a canopy over it and was used as a 'roof garden'.
  16. Entire cabin top covered in solar panels? Its terrible and reminiscent of the favelas. As said it is also dangerous to have a right angle like that without a cleaning out hatch. Its awful.
  17. I think Limehouse have achieved this by providing high quality waiting pontoons with steps to land. It is my view that these pontoons could become an interesting subject if there are no longer on site lock keepers to check the status. In the past they would have your Boat towed if you left it there with nobody aboard. Whether this is still the case seems an interesting question. If I am delayed on my way from Teddington I can use the pontoons for waiting but the signage says there must be someone on board at all times. It is quite bouncy down there !
  18. In to Brentford. In to Teddington. From Brentford. From Teddington. I still think with it being CRT licence holders only there will be quite a lot fewer movements outward bound. It seems that other than the visitor licence and mooring on the wall (no services) there will not be visitors like there used to be in summer. On the face of it there does not appear to be an option to book a passage for a Boat which does not have a CRT licence. In that respect it is similar to Brentford but in the past visitors have been able to lock in and pay a daily mooring rate for a berth with services while not needing a CRT licence. One wonders it this was a slightly porous entrance liable to result in unlicensed Boats on CRT water. Other question: Does Limehouse lock have a PRN status?
  19. That would be good. Maybe entry and exit could be confused with the simple act of going in and out of the lock.
  20. A tensioner like one finds on the serpentine / auxiliary belt on vehicle engines. It would be interesting to design an aluminium plate which would hold the alternator and the tensioner then bolt onto the engine somehow. Laser cut 10mm aluminium plate. All on one. Could be nice.
  21. I think using the terms inbound and outbound to describe the lock transit itself could cause some confusion. On the tideway the terms inward bound and outward bound are used to describe direction of travel. Upstream and downstream don't work because the steam could be going either way. Inward bound you are going into the land away from the sea regardless of stream direction. If one were to use the word 'upstream' someone is liable to follow the direction of the water. I would use entry and exit to describe the lock transit. Most inland boaters think of upstream and downstream so its alright to use those but I personally think using inbound and outbound adds a bit of confusion..
  22. Sounds good. One thing that may not have been taken into account is that this is a CRT licence holder booking system. I don't think they allow anyone without a CRT licence to book as there are no visitor moorings any more. So the topic has widened. One can get a 30 day explorer licence and the days do not need to be consecutive so that is interesting for people wanting to visit and moor on the towpath. The wall is interesting. I think it is a CRT asset but implication is it is Aquavista. Its going to be dangerous if the CRT start passing canal Boats at the wrong times. Something bad is going to happen. Its worth bearing in mind also that people turning right with a CRT licence on their Boat may be less experienced in tidal waters than those turning left. Not a universal rule but I think the booking system it going inward for TEDD or BFD should be biased towards the earlier departure times and allow people with more organised passage plans to do their thing on the day. Lock keeper needs to be there but I am unsure as to whether there is a messing room available.
  23. Hi. I hope all is well aboard the good ship Paringa. The lock office is no longer owned* by the CRT. It was transferred to Aquavista and is now a lounge and office. No VHF radios. no lock keepers. So things have changed a little. I rebooked for the 1800 and will at some point call the Docklands office by the blue lift bridge and point out that I need to be out at about 1500. Not against a cruise down and back up but I may have a narrow Boat coming as well en route to Teddington and they will be interested in minimising time spent on the River. I, on the other hand, like maximising time spent on the River. *they may still own but have leased it. It is no longer a lock keepers control and monitoring building. Previously one could go in there and book a passage but that is no longer the case. It appears to be a callout job for someone to operate the lock.
  24. By all day I meant turning left first. My Boat isn't a canal Boat although nor is it fast at 6 knots. I'll try altering it to the afternoon and see what the website says. ETA I have done the passage before in a variety of different Boats but not with this new tinpot booking system. Back in the day one just went in the lock orifice and got details into their book. They even used pens and paper !! ETA changed it to the afternoon tide and it is now saying 1818. Their computer is calculating the exit time as HWLB rather than HWLB -3.5hrs. There does not appear to be an option to choose exit time. All that needs to be done is the computer needs to be set to the beginning of the opening window for exit inward bound. There is no specific detail about whether one is inward bound or outward bound. It just says out onto Thames or In off Thames. Whoever devised this does not understand how this system is supposed to operate. Virtually all vessels with CRT licence leaving LH will be moving inward bound for BFD or TEDD. If this basic factor is not understood then there will be problems. Am I missing something ?
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