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  1. Ah. I haven't seen one of those for quite a number of yars. Brings back memories that does ! Time machine.
  2. I don't ignore anyone and never have. I want to know why in this thread I have been puerile. It is important to get feedback on these things. ETA I assumed the username was Ian from Orwell nothing to do with the writer.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Can you please quote the puerile parts. Thanks. I am very happy to be described as puerile. Obviously something is going right in my life as in my head I am 11 yars old. I am interested to know why having a theory that canals will gradually get sold off in favour of alternative land use would come under the "puerile" heading.
  5. The way the OP was worded I had it down as someone who was looking for a boat to live on and had been offered a wooden craft so they asked on the forum about it. Other than forum input it rapidly becomes clear that wooden boats are for fusiasts and people with money. For a liveaboard craft the problems will be huge and uncomfortable unless you are a fusiast and have money. For some reason I don't think it was somebody looking for a nice little weekend motorcruiser. Could be wrong !
  6. I did like the wording. What makes wooden boats difficult? It is a clever use of language to describe a wooden boat as 'difficult'. There are other ways of asking this question.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. 1505 is the 35hp not the 43hp. I think they 43 uses a larger engine. Probably still has similar problems. My mum had a Beta BV1505 on her boat. engine mount nuts did occasionally come undone.
  9. Very minor but this did happen in real life.
  10. I've had one wooden boat. Twinkle Ten clinker dinghy. 32 yars ago. Lovely little boat but even something tiny gets complicated and potentially expensive. I don't think so.
  11. Wootens at at Cookham Dean are good with wooten boats.
  12. Well tomorrow is the 2nd of May. Was this the latest 'deadline'? If nothing happens the CRT are going to look incompetent. People will notice.
  13. Dennetts at Laleham do motorcruisers not canal boats but to be fair I don't think the OP said what type of boat it was.
  14. There are wooden boat specialists such as Jem Bates at the top of the Marsworth flight and Michael Dennett on the Thames at Laleham. Some others too Good way to turn a large pile of cash into a small pile of cash.
  15. Apparently old Ronnie Barker tried to build a boat but it sunk. It turned out he didn't get his Arkwright. Apparently old Ronnie Barker tried to build a boat but it sunk. It turned out he didn't get his Arkwright. Apparently old Ronnie Barker tried to build a boat but it sunk. It turned out he didn't get his Arkwright.
  16. Google maps on the phone you just do a long tap on required location and the long and lat come up at the top of the screen automatically.
  17. The CRT might have a wooden narrow boat "needs work" with some spare timber for sale cheap.
  18. Wood floats which is a good start. However once you add metal things like engines and internal fittings and the bolts holding the wood bits together the whole lot is basically going to sink at some point. There are some exceptions to this rule such as incredibly well made teak hulls with steel cabins but they are rare. By all means buy a wooden boat but keep on top of it big time or it will let you and itself down. One reason to keep on top of it is that when it sinks you end up above the waterline as long as it is a canal boat. Tent on the top of the cabin might be worthwhile.
  19. I apologise if my arguments are too complicated to handle.
  20. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future so in that regard nobody has a clue what they are talking about. If you can claim clairvoyant skills then you're just making it up. CRT is a land owner. Land is valuable and trust me it will become a whole lot more valuable in this country over time. Yes they have responsibility for maintaining waterways currently but do you really think this is set in stone and not subject to change over time?
  21. Obviously the CRT isn't a property development company per se because they were formed after the BWB became defunct. I don't think it is a fallacious argument to suggest that in effect they are moving in that direction. My theory is that canals will eventually be sold or franchised. I'm sure the CRT 'own' a heck of a lot of land which someone else could do something with and generate profit. We are basically talking about a company which appears to be a charity which has a huge amount of land and property. Canals are just land which someone put water on top of at some point. Nothing else happening there.
  22. I don't think it is necessarily correct but One could draw conclusions. Without the defra funding the property thing does look like the biggest income generator so it would be reasonable to suppose that perhaps if the defra thing is torpedoed things could move even more towards real estate. ETA did this little icon give the game away? why is there a £ sign on top and is this the minaret?
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