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  1. That is heartwarming to hear. I'm glad you got through the blizzards and cold safe and sound and still cheerful - although Guinness always helps in my experience! Good on you! Stay well and happy!
  2. So very happy for you - I truly am. Well done on this first stage of your exciting adventure filled life! K
  3. Torksey eh? I come from Saxilby and my family still live there so am up that way some parts of the year. Hope you love the flat lands!!
  4. Looking forward to finding out how it all goes for you!
  5. You are so right James - I couldn't agree more! You guys are all so lovely - it's nice to be back in the fold... Thank you one and all
  6. Phew is right! Really lost my 'peace' for a while there - getting it back slowly...
  7. I've been on a boat called Panacea in recent months - wonder if it was yours...? It was lovely!
  8. I'm very pleased to say that I am able to keep the narrowboat my Mum kindly bought for me recently and feel such a massive relief and excitement again about the future. I am happier than I've been for a while now and have a renewed sense of purpose again. Now trying to get on a helmsman course before she's moved to pastures new in mid April... Back to trimming down all my stuff!!
  9. Really so pleased for you. I hope you have a wonderful time getting used to a life afloat. Wonderful folks out there to meet and greet!
  10. Hello Thanks for your message enquiring about the boat we are selling. In reply, my mother's boat, called Delilah, will be up for sale soon at Swanley Bridge Marina Brokerage which you will be able to find easily via Google. She's a 52foot trad built by Stowe Hill Marine in 1992. Fully port holed and has 4 berths. Highly maintained inside and out. PM didn't work, so have to resort t...

  11. I had a dream of doing my crafts aboard and making them canals/boating related in the main. I made this cushion before I even had the glimmer of an idea of living aboard and I hope to continue making and selling on and around the canals, if I can: I'd be glad if ever there was a crafty section to this forum! K
  12. I am very pleased to read a 'happy ending' story, and it's a nice way to close this chapter for me. For lots of reasons, some of them legality issues, but largely "I'm too knackered for a fight right now", my Mum sees that it's sensible to sell and that's what we've decided to do. We decided over the weekend. Still having the 'handover' day with the previous owner at end of this week... I've had a week of nightmarish turmoil, waking up feeling sick to the stomach about the loss, but then I think "Hey, nobody died - just move on". It was a dream that didn't work out. Fact is, I am too tired going through a divorce, having poorly parents et al to worry about this anymore. It'll just have to be rented bricks and mortar for me in the future (yuk) and hope someone else loves the boat as much as I did (and Mum did) and decides to buy it. Thanks one and all for your support in everything. I learnt a lot and maybe made a friend or too in my short time in 'boat land'... K
  13. Thank you. Boat is insured and licenced as it belongs to my mother (who lives in Lincoln). I need to remain in Shropshire as it is where I work. I wanted to remain in the same village too and stay closer to neighbours and friends. I used to be housebound so I have a very small social network and it is all here. I had factored mooring costs in, but I realise now that the staff at the local marina knew I wanted to reside there but didn't tell me it wasn't strictly legal. I've been in touch with BWML and CRT today so await news. I'm so tired with it all. All the fight is knocked out of me with all that's going on so I'm not sure I can fight this particular battle. Better to walk away and learn the hard way. Just adding here that I spoke on the telephone to some lovely folk at various marinas today. One gentleman said "If you don't mind me saying so, you are being too honest" when I said that I couldn't, in good faith, sign a contract where I'm saying that I'm not using the boat as my permanent residence. I'm trying to do the right thing (leaving it a bit late in life, but there you are). As it is, the marina where I hoped to live, was recently visited by a Local Authority member of staff who was 'asking questions' of residents and taking notes. That's not good. It's just my pride and my hopes that have taken a knock. I'm just not looking forward to telling my mother, who stumped up the money to buy the boat in the first place. I hope she is in a forgiving mood... Anyone want to buy a nice boat?
  14. It would seem, unless I am very much mistaken, that I would not be acting lawfully if I resided on my Mum's boat all through the year, at a nearby marina. I genuinely thought that the marina staff had said (before boat was purchased) that residential moorings were available, and will check again today. But I am guessing only Grade 1 is available and reading through the AINA document late last night, and this thread, I am utterly mortified by what I read. I don't know what to do. I claim disability living allowance and need any residential address to be completely Kosher and my main residence. I have nowhere else to live... I am feeling very negative today, I'll grant you, but it strikes me that Mum and I might be better to sell the boat, cut our losses and move on. With a divorce, ill parents, work stresses, this is becoming the straw that broke my proverbial camel's back. I am losing so much sleep worrying about all this and feel such a fool. I meant well, I just didn't do my research and don't know what to do... Is it worth contacting Local Authority to ask about residential moorings available in my County or is that unwise? I'm feeling a bit bereft today...
  15. Yes, it's a flatscreen (pretty old tho') and the printer's a bit hefty. Mouse is wireless, printer ancient so not wifi (HP PSC 1510). Sorry I don't know how to make this image smaller, but it gives you an idea...
  16. Daft thing is that some of the 'essential kit' I'm worrying about most is the computer hightower/monitor/keyboard/printer combo and where to put them. I don't have any money to buy a laptop so must stick with current setup(all 4 items). I've been trying to dream up all sorts of clever mobile storage ideas like swivelling desk in cabin, but my creative ideas are either sadly lacking or I'm missing a trick! I wonder whether anyone else had to stick with traditional computer hardware and found solutions to locating them on their boat (ours is just 51 foot long). I need a computer for many reasons, so it's a high priority. Anyone else found a natty solution to this dilemma (other than binning it!)?!
  17. Thanks for that, I've got Nick Billingham's book but not this one you recommend. Really appreciate your post. KL
  18. Fair comment. Kind of wishing I'd bought a longer boat, but this was the one that I fell in love with and this is the one I can and will call home. Am happy to strip out the non-essentials and perhaps loan my art library to a fellow artist until I can relieve her of the books. It's an option that has only just occurred to me! Going to one of the neighbours tomorrow tho' to see about the inversion table as it really is my lifeline to a relatively less painful neck/back...
  19. I'll be meeting up with the previous owner of my new boat at the end of Feb (as posted in Living Afloat). But before I do, I'd like to learn from the ground up, all about the technical side of kit on board such as the inverter, calorifier, generator, alternator, batteries - etc, etc. I was absolutely rubbish at Physics at school and have to confess to rather fluffily letting my husband do everything technical in the home in the past 15 years -electrics, plumbing etc - without ever once finding out how it all worked. I'm pretty ashamed about that now... So very soon, I'll be a single middle aged female in charge of her own boat, and I want to understand it all but need to start right at the bottom with the basics and work up. I mean, I don't know my amps from my watts, but presumably everyone has to start somewhere, right? So, where would you direct me, either on this forum or on the web/books, to find out and learn a bit, so that my training day makes much more sense and I can do the boat proud by looking after her and keeping her well maintained throughout? I am really serious about making her my life's work, and I don't want to let her, the previous owner who has cared for her so well, or myself, down. Please help! Thank you. KL
  20. Me again! Hope you are not getting sick of my endless questions, but as a newbie, well, you know... But seriously - what did you do with all your stuff when you downsized from bricks and mortar and moved onto a boat permanently? I'm hoping to remain living locally, so am going to visit a few neighbours who have outbuildings to see if they'd be happy to rent me some space to store things. At 46 years, and as an artist, I have a library of art books (have an art studio in the garden, stuffed with art-related kit), an inversion table for my back and neck (sounds weird I know, but it fixes me up a treat), and all the other detritus that various hobbies have attracted e.g. biker leathers, sewing machine and fabrics, blah, blah. Not to mention shoes, clothes and all the other female guff! What did you do? Did you ditch/sell the lot and live wholly on the boat's storage or did you store and stash stuff elsewhere? What has worked for you? What hasn't? OK, I'm swimming with gin this evening, so rambling a bit, but this is keeping me awake at night and I'm just interested to learn from other folk who've walked where I'm walking now. Hope you don't mind. Thank you! KL
  21. Hi Richard Thanks so much. The boat is 52ft Trad built by Stowe Hill Marine in 1992 - fully port holed. But really grateful for you going to the trouble of asking as it's an important point. Thank you! K Absolutely brilliant - thank you so much and keep them coming everyone. I am now being kept awake worrying a bit about everything that could go wrong, but that's true for most of life anyway. Starting out as a singleton again is scary anyway. This will be make or break for me. Hopefully make... Really, really do so appreciate this advice because it's not all obvious to a newbie by any means. Genuine thanks! K
  22. Being new to narrowboat ownership and relatively new to this site, I wondered whether there have been some previous threads that included photos of member's narrowboat interiors, to get an idea of storage ideas, decorating and fitting out inside, painting out etc.? If you've been here a while, you might have seen a few threads with these sorts of pics? Just wondering... Thank you!
  23. Thank you so much, these are all excellent suggestions and there is quite a lot here already that I hadn't got on my list! Brilliant you are! I know this gentleman has kept meticulous records, handbooks, certificates and receipts etc. so we will go through the big bag of those no doubt too. My cousin suggested I use my camera to take short video clips of some instructions, which seems like a good idea on the face of it... I'm so chuffed that you folk are so willing and able to help me with this advice. It's daunting, but exciting to take this life on and I want to meet it all head on, with as practical a head on as I can develop... Thank you! K
  24. Hi all Well, I am truly fortunate to be able to have my boat's previous owner come over for a day at the end of February, to show me what everything does onboard. I'm also lucky enough to have my cousin Rob to join us on the day (hopefully) for an extra set of eyes/ears. I think that me being an utter novice, there may well be crucial things I should ask/learn on the day and I'm already writing a long list of things that come immediately to mind. The previous owner is very well versed in looking after and maintaining the boat to a very high standard, but I don't want to miss any opportunity on the day as I think he'd prefer to just leave it at that. All and any advice, however obvious it might seem to you is very welcome indeed. I am a total beginner but keen to learn all I can and do as much maintenance as I can too. Thanks so much! I am ever grateful...
  25. Yep, you are right, they are electric - I think they are also LED but I'll check... Thanks for your kind words! Really appreciated. No, no outings yet, she's still winterised and I can't move aboard just yet. But I visit as often as I can! Got to try to work out the electric hook-up tomorrow so that I can hoover up 8 years worth of black dog hair!! Fun, fun, fun... Actually, I love it. I'm happiest just pootling away doing jobs... (it's good procrastination to get me out of doing any paintings!!)
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