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  1. i swap mine in winter from 13kg to 47kg not a problem
  2. sorry spelling is crap its a victron .but like i said its all sorted now ..its was crt who said the bollards where fine .until i go a somebody out to have a look .and in fact it was not ...again thanks for your time on this regards
  3. model vectron energy multi 12-2500-120 never had a problem in 10 years.problem sorted now .turned out to be socket on the bollard
  4. took the plugs off and rewired them and checked cable for any splits x
  5. hi wotever , thanks i have checked the leads they are good .i just turned inverter off tried the plugs .nothing at all
  6. hi can any one help please ,i plugged into shoreline and the vectron is still saying inverter is on .where normally it jumps over to say mains on .i have checked with crt to see if the bollards are ok .and they saying all is good there end .i have checked all leads they are fine ...could it be the vectron as had its day .thanks in advance
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. haza

    thanks dave

    thats rodney dave
  9. haza

    thanks dave

    well done pagefield
  10. haza

    thanks dave

    thanks dave ... daves
  11. hi ian your text abt roses and castles .sorry but there was no comment there lol 

    1. ian west

      ian west

      Hi - that’s because I didn’t make one! I just hit the love button because they look so nice - I have a few items myself but not one as big as this.  

  12. im with you reg on this one ,,,they have been fluffing about with hurleston locks for as long as i can remember ,.its not much fun when people get stuck in them ,maybe a long rethink will in the long run, sort this problem out for another couple hundred years
  13. i dont mean to be rude ,,i have explained it the best i can , i am done with this now .
  14. no i wont thanks for the advice..harold .and to what others may think it was not put up on here for greenies what ever those are, as someone suggested , and if my responce to that upset any one the i am sorry for that also ..but lets just say i have learned something today ,,,and thats some things never change ...and if things dont change they stay as they am
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. what abt norton cannes but they may have stopped taking boats out of the water now ,i am not sure they took me out abt 3 years ago ,, hawne basin
  17. i insinuated and did not say it
  18. i never did say it thats a lie i ---- thats what i done ,
  19. not classy at all .but at least you understood it hay
  20. i thought i was doing good by just saying abt the scam .did not know i would have to defend my self ..scruddy what you on abt greenies you can shuv them where the sun dont shine ...i was going to say up your
  21. who would know where the scam is ..is this why there are so many of them ,if gumtree or any other selling site told me not to continue with the sale i would not...maybe some of you lot on here would .becuse most think they know better ..well when i suspect some thing else is a miss i will be sure not to let you lot now about it .
  22. a friend off mine was selling some stuff on gumtree ,,my friend and the so called buyer agreed the price and sale ..they exchanged emails.one email received from the buyer said due to is disability .he would send the cost off the stuff via paypal ..and send courier for the stuff for sale , my friend thought this does not seem the right way to go about this .so contacted gumtree ,where he was told it was a scam ... also was told this scammer is going on different site trying this
  23. dont understand what i am saying ? what more can i say ...i wont bother next time ok
  24. another scam doing the rounds goes by the name joseph buyer -via gumtree/ mnwnh @reply gumtree.says he says the payment will do though gumtree as he as disability and can not come in person ,,regards
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