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  1. like i was told once ,this is a forum ..get over it . but if you dont agree with .not just this op.but any ...dont comment .i can not see why pdi d64 is being rude .if thats is view .why is he being rude . ,i for one agree with him thats if i am allowed too ..keep a smile on your face and your laughing .
  2. hi tawny do you still have alde .i think i could make use of it as i have that in my boat .would be good for spares   regards 

  3. haza


    some time back coming to ryders green .there was a fridge in the cut still had food in ,some one did say they seen a boater throw it in of is boat .but over the years seen much worse ..
  4. wheres your buccaneers ,captain .under me buckin hat ,wheres your buccaneers
  5. well since the deep man thing. wheres the should he pay or should he not pay thread gone ,bet they are waiting to come up for air ...so its back over to you guys and girls .have fun
  6. and some come out with the same old spiel and silly emojies
  7. thank you but i dont need any one to speak for me thank you ...they will just love that lol
  8. can of worms ..fits nicely .you guys will do anything to get the rise ,have you noticed how many post ,the usual suspects ,have between them .thousands and thousands .but hey wot ever floats ya boat
  9. internet forum yes ,,why the, deep man, snide remark then , report a post what you on about i said pm you now one else ..22604 and counting some posts .just like your name whatever oh sorry .wotever.
  10. i was thinking of pm you ..but you seem to be the sort that would run to the teacher ,,,,please sir please sir
  11. and in some cases it pays too dont not deep man ,just simple fact ...
  12. in life you have all ways had those that will .and those.that wont ..it has and will all ways be so ...
  13. right or wrong its something you lot can get your teeth into again lol
  14. a childish attempt to appear superior,,yes there is a great deal of that on here ...seems that he is to me .but what do i know ..
  15. hi jess well that was my idea ,to run in tandam with the alde system ,,so thanks for that much apriciated ,but i think i may go down the refleks non boiler system .is there any one on here that uses that or know of any one that could fit that system in for me, pm if so .thanks a lot
  16. thanks for your time on this guys ,just got of the phone with harworth heating very helpful people thanks sea dog
  17. thanks fly navy .theres a guy on here who as some thing in that line . and i am waiting to hear off him ,,i do have a alde compact ..which i use .along with the wood burner .but i was looking at somthing oil based ..those look pretty cool..thanks i will be looking into them
  18. now you are right there we are not all blessed with such clarity as yourself and others ,,so you dont know of any decent oil based fires ..but you know abt clarity .oh and i was not seeking info on nuclear smoke alarms ..so maybe you can not read ,but i wont hold that against you ok .
  19. dont know why i bother some times ..it gets worse ..but it seems only with certain peeps ...now wonder mtb left the building
  20. for a few years now i have had onboard a wood/coal fire burner , but i would like to change .now to some other form of cleaner way of heating .i also have a alde comfort central heating which i am very happy with. any ideas would be great some thing in the £1000/1500 range maybe
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