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  1. hi  every one ,i will be spending more time on my shoreline power  at the moment. i have a sterling 30amp/110v/230v,ac galvo zinc isolator .would i be advised to get this bit of kit set up .on the boat ,if so is this an easy fix or do i need to get an expert to do this ,thanks in advance 

  2. hi i had a lot of trouble with my reflek fire also . but i had lots of great advice from koukouvagia and others ,but still in the end i had to take the regulator to a fella near notts .were he set it for me .once you get the reflek fire going to how it should they are a great bit of kit ,i found it such a pain trying to adjust it myself i gave up in the end .good luck any way .

  3. not i dont have a mental problem ..and as for attitude need i say more ,,kettle black as they say ..could those who have not had the same problem as myself not comment please thank you .

  4. it lets me sign in with the new password . when i log out and try to log in with my new password it wont let me .why would i ask about this issue if it were not happening. yes i thought others  would notice also but thank you .not to bother tho thanks again 

  5. hi every one sorry to be so vague .but a friend of mine as brought at narrowboat .thats in need of a lot of work and attention .at the moment they are trying to get the engine up and running , i believe the engine is a lister 2 pot .they got some guy to come and have a look at it , and he said the starter  motor need a new one .which  he did get ,but he could not try it as the exhaust was rotted to hell .and he did not have the time to get one and sort this out so the  thing is does any one know of any one or any were they could get a new  exhaust system the have tried midland chandelers  no joy i will try and put a photo of what left of the old one thanks in advance regards

  6. tracy maybe right abt the farmers not being bothered ,some  time back up at elsemere  ,3 sheep in the water mr and other boaters tried to get them out .2 made it 1 drowned that was after mr even went in the water to try and save poor thing .the farmer came and said we should not have gone though the trouble every one did .it     looked like he he could not have given a toss .most of the offside bank  as no fence  most time s 

  7. yes  biscuit i would have  thought the same .i have also seen ,where there is know pump out at the elsan ,where they just lifted the man hole cover up and done it that way ok i suppose but  like some one said dirty ..stards also i seen some one walking out of the bushes with there cassette in there hand .i dread to thing where he emptied  that 

  8. it was not caused by pump out . as the elsan only   accomadates cassette toilets if it was pump out  you would need a very  very long hose to reach the elsan as there is not a hose at the elsan where the dirty ..stard.made the mess 

  9. hello all .i know other people besides boaters have crt keys ,but what are the chances of this not being a boater ? i went too  the elsan today .and i could not believe the state of what ever animal left it in .how hard is it to flush and clean there deposits away .what creature left it in that state could not have used original blue . my moneys on a boater sorry animal 

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