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  1. parson loverly dog .i nearly went for one but i went for the lakeland terrier ,and like you i have had dogs my entire life ,and i have never had a bad one ever .but i have had this lakeland nearly 9 years and what a pleasure it is to be the owner of such loverly animal .no bad dogs just bad owners

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  2. thanks every one .yes athy funnel lol .i have water separator model cav 7111/296  the double one ,diesel cap is fine .i also keep tank topped up ,so i think i have it covered maybe ,thanks

  3. hi every one ,having had my tank cleaned and diesel polished .what  would be some of the best ways to prevent water getting in there .as like most i use jerry cans and the like to fetch diesel .i have two fine pieces of mesh in my tun dish .but that wont stop water ,thanks in advance stay safe 

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  4. ok i have sorted the filter out now. and thanks for all the input .so the next thing ,what would be the best thing to use to degrease my engine room before i paint it with two coats of rust bullet ,thanks in advance i was looking at the stuff screw fix sell 

  5. having the flu jab reduces the severity of the flu .and over the years in our case its does just that.so in my understanding  the  covid jab will do much the same thing and more ,yes .im  not a .  scientist.im just some one who listens to the people who know much more then me .and i do as they tell me .be it the right or wrong way .i will always take the scientist advice .and never the advice of some of the clowns on here stay safe .them that dont want to heed what we are told join the circus 

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