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  1. no no not you tree monkey sorry .i ment those who who would never dare lop a tree .im sure you know the ones i mean
  2. not the first time nor the last time this as been done .most grass cutters do it . like the op said reverse the thing .? but they are grass cutters after all dimwits
  3. haza

    out of hand

    thank you so kind
  4. this thread is getting out of hand .nothing new there then ?
  5. pudlock also called spade end , they should put a thick skin on there list as i am sure it will come in very handy .with life on the cut
  6. thanks .every one i will get some rylards i think thats my best option thanks again
  7. black bitumen but forgot the name of it sorry
  8. hi every one i hope all is well .well i think its time i redone my fresh water tank .i was wondering if there was any new products out there on the market since i last done it .thanks in advance regards
  9. parson loverly dog .i nearly went for one but i went for the lakeland terrier ,and like you i have had dogs my entire life ,and i have never had a bad one ever .but i have had this lakeland nearly 9 years and what a pleasure it is to be the owner of such loverly animal .no bad dogs just bad owners
  10. haza

    what steps

    as any one heard or used of fuel tank water absorbers .also know as tank snakes ??
  11. haza

    what steps

    thanks every one .yes athy funnel lol .i have water separator model cav 7111/296 the double one ,diesel cap is fine .i also keep tank topped up ,so i think i have it covered maybe ,thanks
  12. hi every one ,having had my tank cleaned and diesel polished .what would be some of the best ways to prevent water getting in there .as like most i use jerry cans and the like to fetch diesel .i have two fine pieces of mesh in my tun dish .but that wont stop water ,thanks in advance stay safe
  13. hi dorathee. i spoke to gray cutmore this morning he was very helpful .he said he now longer goes out to service ,but still supply.s parts .he also gave me a number of some one he said is very reliable at doing a service on my alde ..he is calling me back this evening .so thank you also regards
  14. the only reason i would take mine out is ,if i did not want it there any longer. had no intentions of ever using it again .seems to me its a very good back up of another form of heating regardless of cost if you are one that worries abt cost, BOAT ,you know what they say that stands for . mr cutmore as retired so i was told ..any one else there who i could call on thanks ,stay safe
  15. well the ignition flame wont stop on for one, among other things, to be honest i think it wants striping right down and most of the parts want replacing .as it as only been looked at once .and even then the guy was done in half hour
  16. i have kept both just can not find any one to give my alde a proper service .so saying that, maybe thats another reason why so many boaters dont use them .
  17. i have the old alde comfort ,and at the time i was going to use it more for the milder weather .as i have reflek s for the colder weather .i had my alde serviced 3 years ago by some one from a well know hire boat company . and its never been used since or even worked properly since .so if any one knows of a good and reliable alde gas engineer i would be grateful regards stay safe
  18. hawne basin in the black country
  19. ok i have sorted the filter out now. and thanks for all the input .so the next thing ,what would be the best thing to use to degrease my engine room before i paint it with two coats of rust bullet ,thanks in advance i was looking at the stuff screw fix sell
  20. stalking ? is he not just making a comment .just saying
  21. yes captain fizz thats more like it .i will put a pic up soon of the one i want that also separates water also
  22. hi would any one know of what sort of filter i would need to attach to the 8mm copper pipe that feeds my diesel fire i know about the in line ones . and i dont want to use that sort regards
  23. they did not now when where how you could catch it .for god sake this virus was unknown .and more is being learned about it each and every day
  24. having the flu jab reduces the severity of the flu .and over the years in our case its does just that.so in my understanding the covid jab will do much the same thing and more ,yes .im not a . scientist.im just some one who listens to the people who know much more then me .and i do as they tell me .be it the right or wrong way .i will always take the scientist advice .and never the advice of some of the clowns on here stay safe .them that dont want to heed what we are told join the circus
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