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  1. No, electronic copy, separate document from the BSC itself, but arrived in the same email. Perhaps previously it was a working paper and is only now becoming mandatory?
  2. No, that’s the front page of the “certificate” receipt. This is from the separate appliance record document:
  3. Is this new? I had an appliance record for at least the two most recent BSCs, with the appliances, ventilation and fire extinguisher info on it. Possibly further back than that, except that I can’t be bothered to go and dig the pre-electronic file out.
  4. Thermostatic mixing valve somewhere to prevent scalding?
  5. I seem to recall that’s been there (afloat) quite some time.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. There is theoretically still a bike hire scheme in Liverpool, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one in a docking station, let alone being ridden. What Liverpool does have at the moment is hundreds of rental electric scooters, the riders of which seem to have even less road sense than the cyclists.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/nov/10/andy-burnham-dont-throw-manchester-hire-bikes-in-the-canal
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. An afternoon with the vacuum pump and a long bit of copper tube yields this lot… For scale these are 10 litre containers. Probably only a couple of litres of water in total, but a lot of muck - the first lot out is on the right, by the time I got to the one on the left all I was getting was clean fuel. So my hope is that the agitation of filling up put enough of this into suspension to clog the filter and that nothing worse is wrong. I’ve left them to settle out for a couple of weeks, presumably I can re-use the clean parts if I decant it carefully? As to where the water came from, I have my doubts about the o-ring on the flap that covers the key way on the locking fuel cap; the collar screws are not exposed and the main o-ring looks ok.
  11. Not as far as I know. The lift pump looks to be a sealed unit, unless anyone knows otherwise. I suppose the lift pump could be on its way out, though, @MarkH2159 thought it a common fault.
  12. Ha! no, it’s a trick of the light, a bit of diesel, and some dust from the cutting disk.
  13. Filter porn as promised… Top is the original filter, a Beta branded one, after approx 150hrs. Bottom is the one I subsequently swapped after about 40hrs (a Baldwin). Some of the dust will be from the Dremel cutting disks. I’ve never opened up a diesel filter before: Is the amount of crud on the top filter really enough to stop an engine, or should I be looking elsewhere as well? Note that this is the only filter on the engine, there has never been any pre-filter. Sorting out the bits to try to clean up the bottom of the tank.
  14. I think I’ve only ever had the tank cleaned once in 20 years, had a yard do it years ago, and I suspect that wasn’t done very well. The replacement filter got us to below Middlewich and then things started to feel a bit lumpy again so I changed it again. Will see what they look like inside when I get home, and sort out means of seeing what’s at the bottom of the tank.
  15. There certainly used to be a discount for boats based on the Lancaster Canal. I think it was done away with when the Ribble Link opened.
  16. It’s been low-ish most of the way from the summit to Hassall Green today, the “summit minus 1” pound particularly so. Shows what time and water do to piling though, big holes below the normal waterline!
  17. I will investigate with the Pela pump when I get back, thanks.
  18. Sounds quite similar. Not had the tank “done” for a few years. Thanks. Tank is well above bilge level, any leakage of water in would be canal water, but there’s no indication of diesel leakage out and the tank would be almost empty of fuel before it reached outside water level.
  19. Thanks. It has run for about 9 hours today on the new filter without problems. There was certainly clean fuel in the old filter, as much as I would expect when changing a filter normally, but whether it was full, full I don’t know. I’ll give it a bleed in the morning and see what happens. hacking the old filter open may have wait until I am home.
  20. Thanks, same little lift pump on that engine I think. No diesel leakage apparent though (although I know that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not sucking air).
  21. I’ll check the tank vent, thanks. Mechanical lift pump with priming lever - no problem using the primer to fill the new filter. The 1305 is a very simple engine, I suspect it would run (but not start) with the loom unplugged. Fuel cock definitely open
  22. Beta Bv1305, about 4600hrs on the clock. Last filled up full with diesel at Middlewich a week ago with the usual dose of Fuelset, and since then worked up to Bugsworth without incident. Day off yesterday, ran the engine for an hour for hot water, all still OK. Set off this morning and after about a mile the engine appeared to labour briefly and then stalled as though the prop was fouled. Restarted straight away on the key, quick burst of reverse and away. Same thing, so pulled over for a weed hatch moment. Prop clear, shaft turns freely. Must have shed whatever it was… Set off again, same thing. Engine starts fine every time but as soon as “anything is asked of it” it labours and stalls. No noticeable smoke. Restarts fine. Pull over for a think…. Check plenty of fuel, air filter is clear, so change the fuel filter (last changed 150 hours ago, recommended interval 600 hours, but usually done every 200 alongside the oil filter). Start up and away we go, no issues on a 9 hour run all the way to Macc. So, presumably a fuel starvation issue of some sort? The fuel out of the filter was clear and bright, no sign of water, no sign of black bug slime or other detritus. Filter appears clean, although I haven’t hacked it open yet for a good look. I don’t have the wherewithal with me to investigate the bottom of the tank, but I’ve given it a good slug of Marine 16 and am hoping for the best. What does the team think? Early diesel bug outbreak? Tank crud?
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