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  1. A long as they are in good condition, appropriately marked, and don’t have a marked expiry date, they’re fine. Looks the same as one of mine (sans magnets).
  2. Thurlwood Steel as an anti-example of one built not to a traditional design that was plagued with problems and scrapped as a result?
  3. I am not a lawyer, but I’m not sure that would wash. Any one of the (all male) party (or even all but one) could argue that, had they been female, the hire would been allowed, and therefore they were being discriminated against on the ground of their sex. Given that gender reassignment is also a protected characteristic, it would be a brave company that waded into that territory. As it happens, the party of chaps we met on a pair of ABC boats on the Bridgewater & T&M a couple of weeks ago couldn’t have been nicer, even the ones dressed as pirates.
  4. It’s sad, but if they all survived we’d be knee deep in blue tits by now. The great tits have occupied one end of our “sparrow terrace” (it’s had great tits, blue tits and bumble bee nests over the years, but never any sparrows), and the house martins arrived back a few days ago and are busy making a mess of next door’s walls.
  5. Big Clive on YouTube has done some videos on various versions of these LED strips.
  6. Well that accounts for 4 of their 3 weeks… If they want to do the BCLM then they’re going up and down via the Wolverhampton level one way or another.
  7. How about…. 4 Counties clockwise as far as Autherley, on a bit to Aldersley, up the Wolverhampton 21, BCLM, Netherton Tunnel (either nip down Factory, or the long way round Old Main Line/Brades), Delph, down to Stourton, back up to Autherley and continue the 4 Counties. Potential side quests to Hawne Basin, Stourbridge and even Titford if time allows? That said, T&M down to Fradley, into Birmingham via Aston/Farmers Bridge and out again via BCLM/Wolverhampton and back on the ring at Autherley is a possibility. I’d rather do Aston/Farmers Bridge/middle of Birmingham than go through Manchester again.
  8. Out of curiosity, does the drop-lock involve a change in level either end of the lock?
  9. T&M, Thurlwood Steel Lock - been and gone of course
  10. Had the alternator belt break once in Barnton tunnel, fortunately close to the exit. Pushed out with the pole and changed the belt. Came through Harecastle late one day and moored at the end for the night. The following morning the gearbox packed up just before Longport Wharf!
  11. I see the report is recommending that the Boat Safety Scheme get involved in areas beyond its stated remit to “help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution”.
  12. £1.40 lower rate/£1.85 higher rate at Thorn Marine on the Bridgewater today.
  13. C2/3/4 cassettes will not fit c400 toilets. The c400 cassettes are reversible for right or left handed toilets - the mechanism unlocks and can be turned round. I too have a spare seat somewhere in the garage, I think, the pricing makes no sense!
  14. The built-in power indicator is quite handy.
  15. 5 square metres is huge. A full sheet of ply is less than 3 square metres.
  16. And if not, the Runcorn arm is a surprisingly pleasant diversion.
  17. It’s amazing how many things suddenly need a few minutes immediate attention when one is no longer disposed to go and help out
  18. Enjoy your day, try to work locks so as not to waste water, and ignore the entitled eejits.
  19. An inch taller than the pram hood frame. Don’t ask me how I know this would have been a good idea…
  20. The water mist units listed at Safelincs quote an operating temperature down to 0C, foam down to +5C. Both are marked “protect from frost”; you really wouldn’t want a an extinguisher pressurised at 12bar unexpectedly going pop! Of the available types, you could get to the BSS magic numbers with 3 x 2 litre 8A/55B foam extinguishers alone, but taking up a moderate amount of additional space versus powder. Incidentally, has anyone fitted an automatic extinguisher in a cruiser stern engine bay? I had considered it, but the only option seems to be dry powder (the FE36 gas one has been discontinued) and the operating temperature is quoted as 79 ±5C. I know the calorifier which is also under there can regularly get to 70-75C-ish. Take it up with BSS office then! In the meantime you are free to have pretty much as many additional fire extinguishers of almost whatever type you like, as long as they include a minimum quantity that meet the BSS specified requirement 😎
  21. I clicked the Safelincs link you provided and read the spec. They’re EN3 certified, and the 13A/21B fire rating for the big 6 litre is in the manufacturer’s data sheet. I also looked at the latest BSS doc, which is quite clear in the appendix that 5A/34B is the minimum acceptable rating for an individual extinguisher. The text you quote no longer appears in that form; the reference to the introduction of EN3 is replaced by “before 1980”. Whether they are “better” or not is immaterial; they don’t meet the specified criteria.
  22. None of them - even the 6 litre is only 13A/21B, so in the eyes of the BSS doesn’t count as a fire extinguisher.
  23. Predictable… Have they had two boats staring each other down bow-to-bow in the middle yet? The daughter and I narrowly averted a hire boat cilling there once. We were milling around lock side waiting to start down, and observed the hire boat in the top lock starting to adopt a worrying downward slope. Dropped the upper intermediate paddles a bit sharpish, somewhat to the surprise of the chap who had raised them and was no longer paying attention. Fortunately it wasn’t too far gone.
  24. Answering a slightly different question that you didn’t ask - my BSS Examiner advised that having a bubble tester with an instantaneous gas water heater was “not allowed”, and he would fail a boat so fitted if called upon to examine it. Something to do with the maximum rated throughput of the largest available bubble tester being insufficient for the throughput required by a gas water heater (possibly in conjunction with an oven and hob?). Or something along those lines, I’m a little hazy on the details as it was a couple of years ago, and the question only arose through a discussion on where to put the test point when I was revamping the galley. (I think the answer to the question you did ask is that a bubble tester would permit a non-Gas Safe registered BSS Examiner to carry out a soundness test on a boat which fell under the GSIUR regulations, such as a residential or hire boat (and some others). That Examiner would not be permitted to carry out a manometer test on such a boat. There’s more detail in the new checking procedures document on the BSS website.)
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