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  1. Hi everyone! I've just rented my first narrow boat in my own name in London and I've got a few little concerns. Does anyone have a fear of sinking at all? And how much water under the engine at the back is acceptable? Did I make the right decision? Haha peace and love x X x
  2. Hello lovely Forum Folk, I have an odd question. I recently bought a 60' narrowboat from a chap at Hatherton Marina Workshop in Wolverhamption. Its a lovely (but old - 1979) boat who needs plenty of TLC and a few bits doing. I have the BSS Cert, which gives me the name, year, engine (which sounds lovely!) and what its made from etc, but the 'Manufacturer's or Builders Name' box is 'Unknown'. He said he thinks its from Liverpool but I've got no idea at all of how to find this information out. Is there a big data base or a number I could call to find this out? I bough the boat with a friend and we had it out and blacked it, new annodes etc, and him and a friend hit it a lot and it seemed pretty tough, I would just really like to know if there is more information to this lovely home I've aquired. Thanks for any help! BHG
  3. Windows sealed and done, boat cleared of random shelves, next thing... Fit the fire!

  4. This was super helpful for me I've got various downloads of regs from this and that, ready for my interview in Rugeley on Thursday. I'll write in what happens
  5. Hello forum I'm a brand new boater, and have basically been given a narrow boat to live on (I'll be paying it back at a later date) and I have just enrolled at college for three courses (barbering, swedish massage, and accounting) and plan to run a business from the boat next summer. The only problem is that my job was no longer available in Bristol, I couldn't prove this so had to return to Staffordshire as my friend kindly offered me this boat with delayed payback. My current problem is I'm doing work on the boat so that it stops leaking and am claiming Jsa until my evening courses starts. Until I have a job, I've got no boat license. Which is a pretty big problem. I've been told that the housing benefit department would pay for the license but they say they will only pay towards mooring fees, which I don't have as its always on the move. They said they will house me for up to £450 per month for a full year, but wouldn't pay a £900 license, even on a temp basis. Is there anything I can do to get around it? I'm just fed up of people taking out my mooring pins because I don't have a license displayed. Thanks for any help.
  6. How am I supposed to seal windows in the rain? Damn you...

  7. Blue Haired Girl

    From zero to hero

    From the boat that likes it wet on the inside... To a loving home.
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