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  1. quite abit of over plating In my opinion the bit that's been cut out where the prop shat comes out was done to raise the shaft, maybe for a bigger propeller but has been carried out in an un-sympathetic way. If so it would be one of the later Northwich sterns if they remain bulkhead brackets would give an idea if it was a 9 or 15 fitted but the water inlet has gone at least from the outside. However if overplated it may be possible to see it from inside as Ling has 2 one blanked for pup and a second for the big engine. Though as said before it does not suggest which boat it is and as there were a few cut in half.
  2. Depends which Taurus your referring to. The ex Midlands and coast Northwich built butty that's got an fmc style bow or the ex guccc Northwich butty both of which worked for the same hotel boat company. The guccc being ex crater and the Midlands and coast was also named turtle.
  3. Was in an article in waterways world some years ago with the pan breasted up.
  4. I belive he passed away and I can't recall the name but she isn't Ohio.
  5. It has been mentioned a couple of times due to good history and a price drop could be the oldest boat on the system.
  6. Yes at 7ft 4 I belive she's abit wide and had trouble getting through Glascote locks
  7. Isn't the motor conversation recent as im sure last time was for sale it didn't have an engine. If your brave increase the depth of footings so holds deeper
  8. Boats can carry there history forward as proven by Barnet which also had her BW cabin removed by an organisation that gave up the project and handed her back to be before finishing by the organisation you were with Laurence.as for orginality the bow deck had been altered bottom replaced in 6mm plus BW cabin put on and rear deck (which remains) so all that's changed is bow deck to bow cabin cabin replaced with a good looking replica ( unlike some ) bottom now 10 mm and the extra work of footings to bottom guard. Not however the knees haven't been cut to fit the footings. Everything that has been done is simple to undo as the BW cabin remains in existence and the BW chequer plate is under the new gunnels. Seing how this work was scheduled to be undertaken as part of the original tender from BW using your drawings and guidance I don't see why you keep banging on about lost history.
  9. Ah yes they welded chequer plate to the angle irons (still there under the new) and had to make the last bit up as the deck beam was already metal I belive. The cants were shocking as we're leaking and rotting from inside out. Any photos of her back then to pass on for her history?
  10. Nothing swims like a fish class tho Chunk out the gunnels? This is new on me..
  11. So you don't want to know about door in bow cabin so access into a theoretical undercloth conversation would be available. This said she has never been converted
  12. Steel gunwales too so easy to weld a watertight top on ;-)
  13. Considering I didn't completely fill the tank in April 2014 and it's only just ran out I don't think it is that bad on fuel.
  14. Reduced and open to offers http://www.apolloduck.com/feature.phtml?id=432372
  15. I I guess it's so they get what they wanted after brokers fees
  16. Was listed at £40000 if id of seen the inside I'd of probably contacted them see if a deal could be done
  17. Definitely a Saltley bow and had a bow cabin as the bulkhead angles while removed are still evident. More importantly the hull is almost the complete boat the composite bottom goes all the way to the stearn and the swim has been made from the original butty stearn. The top half cut of and the uxter plate and counter formed also the stem post cut off and a section welded in to create and adequate width for stearn gear. Phil tells me the boat is tight in locks like Hillmorton so I guess she is 72 or maybe more foot long. This must make her easyer to identify as all the converted butties that I know of were cut and counter added to one or both parts not almost all the hull kept.
  18. There will be hopefully be some bulkhead angle ironwork if your still on the Ashby I can take a look if you like.
  19. Yep w type has centrifugal governed pump and reverse gearbox. The one in Ling was built 1922
  20. I have seen old gas bottles used with success. Ling has 4 inch steam pipe going into a 5 inch exhaust. Only 4 ltr
  21. May well do depends on many things most important how my fiance is doing that day regards weather and general feeling being 8 months pregnant but ling is just outside braunston facing towards Sutton stop Well the night jason took ling we jumped off in Nuneaton and could hear her for 20 mins after and that's through the houses, flats, yobs, cars, motor bikes and all with Jason taking his time. Most I been told is 40 mins from when first heard If you serch ling on here its the second post after this thread
  22. http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showuser=20258 Reginald seemed quieter than ling on tick over hence my holding my ear as struggling to her over the bolinder
  23. I'd say these would either be blown 20 feet in the air or reduced to scrap very quickly
  24. Quiet??? You not seen the posts about Ling and night boating and the fact I should fit a silencer or is one being sarcastic. I agree as I'd of liked a proper look at your engine.
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