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  1. What size 12v cable?

    I've just checked on their site and they don't appear to stock this cable now, can't have caught on. !!
  2. What size 12v cable?

    I've used these suppliers before for cable http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/?jssCart=2e7c65a567a9815b76db38fe606a309b They sell the tri rated cable
  3. Your welcome, the bladder repair wasn't too bad to do, blowing it up to find the hole was the hard bit. The bladder rubber seemed to be the same as inner tube, I think that's why the repair has held. Bazza
  4. @Halsey don't forget when you check the pressures in the vessels, to make sure that the pumps are off and there is no pressure in the pipelines (taps open). The bladder went in my vessel, took it apart, repaired pin hole with bike inner tube puncture repair kit, worked great since (3 years ) Hope this helps Bazza
  5. Big news! Canal freezes over.

    Plenty of snow and iced in ont L&L
  6. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    I bought my 2v batteries from pb, picked them up in Manchester from another company, they had all different sizes and shapes of 2v cells in stock, can't find their name though. found it ETERNITY TECHNOLOGIES LTD UNIT 21WESTBROOK TRADING ESTATE WESTBROOK ROAD TRAFFORD PARK MANCHESTER M17 1AY http://www.eternitytechnologies.com/
  7. Izusu engine parts

    Hi https://www.asap-supplies.com/engine-spares-gearboxes/engine-spare-parts/isuzu-engine-parts
  8. Liverpool boat

    Is this boat a wide beam ? 70hp sounds a lot for a narrowboat. My engine is an Isuzu 70, its a 3.0 ltr. Marinised for the purpose. think it was the engine out of the trooper with no turbo. Its probably a canaline engine.
  9. Compatible Oil to API CC 15/40 Spec

    I have an Isuzu 65 (canaline ) same oil. I get my oil from a chap in Brighouse, he supplies Exol products and keeps in stock the API CC oil. Richard Parker. Oilswelll Ltd. 421 Elland Road Brighouse HD6 2RG 01422375555 07860206306 Hope this helps. http://www.oilswell.com/
  10. 3 port valve, 12 Volt

    That's a good question, he says he already has a webasto running the central heating, won't there be an expansion tank on that system ? Also, is he planning on circulating through the webasto boiler ? Would like to know how he plans to connect into the existing system. Bazza
  11. Engine to calorifier connections

    Not sure which Vetus engine you have, but in my old boat I had a 4.14, when the engine was cold there was no water in the expansion/header tank. Water level was just below filler connection under cap on engine. Bazza
  12. Engine to calorifier connections

    Can't work out what the pump on the return pipe from calorifier to engine was for, unless it was being used to warm up the engine from the calorifier. has it always been there ? Anyway, it seems like your removing it. Don't forget to top up the cooling system with pre mixed water/antifreeze mix. Do you know what the correct water level should be and where to check ? Hope this helps Bazza
  13. Crystalline residue on top of waste tank

    If your st/steel tank was manufactured in the same way as the one I removed from our boat, it will already have flaws from manufacture. A lot of these tanks are TIG welded but are not purged internally with the welding gas during construction (i.e. filled with argon gas etc.) down to cost probably, or corner cutting. This leads to the inside face of the weld turning to oxidised metal. Instead of a nice weld. The heat produced during the welding also removes the protective coating off the stainless. The coating can be brought back by pickling the weld using floric acid, unfortunately this cannot be done on the inside of the tank unless the whole tank is submerged in a solution, so most of them don't get done. And it wouldn't work on the oxidised metal of the weld if not purged in the first place. To make things worse, the hydrogen sulphide gas produced in your poo tank is a heavy gas so builds up in the tank and is only pushed out when the loo is flushed, it is a highly corrosive gas and will attack the unprotected stainless steel. Hence your pinholes. If there was cross contamination of the steel (sparks from grinders used on mild steel as mentioned earlier ) stuck on as well, they will cause corrosion if not removed and the area cleaned and pickled. So if the steel used to construct your tank had any overspray from a grinder on it, on the inside surface of the tank (where the atmosphere is bad ) that would lead to corrosion. Hope this was informative.
  14. Fitting a Webasto

    NMEA, surprised at you not knowing that AAV stands for Automatic Air Vent. That's what is indicated on the webasto drawing. not an air admittance valve.
  15. My neighbour gave me this, I had no idea.