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  1. Why don't you wire up the eber to your existing domestic battery and try it, there may be nowt wrong with it, if you're worried about the power consumption, run your engine at the same time. bazza
  2. Taken from the Webasto manual When the temperature rises to reach 72° C the heater switches to the energy saving part load operation. A rise in temperature up to 76.5° C causes the heater to enter a control idle period. This also happens when exceeding a total heating operating time of 76 minutes. After cool-down of the coolant to 71° C the heater resumes part load operation. Another rise in temperature to 76.5° C causes the heater to enter again the control idle period. A drop in the coolant temperature during part load operation due to an increased demand in heat will cause the heater to switch to full load operation at 56° C. hope this helps bazza
  3. Hi, I'm presuming you are talking about connecting into your existing fuel tank on your boat ? The chemical metal idea would not be a good idea, not in my opinion. Surely you must be able to connect into the fuel pipe that feeds the engine, after the main isolation valve from the tank, much safer. bazza
  4. same craft with new paint in 2016 carrying oil to Rotherham from Goole .
  5. I used one of these, it works great https://www.t7design.co.uk/products/heating/heaters/1-7kw-panel-mounted-cabin-heater.html did a post on it in boat building an maintenance, in 2015, but don't know how to link to it.
  6. Mike, no engine , no fuel system, no gas, but it does have a stove
  7. not sure how it gets a bss, but it has a reg no. and displayed a license, so it must comply.
  8. I think this is still floating its way around the system, man powered !!
  9. My first boat had a vetus 4.14 engine, I had a similar problem where there was just a clunk/click sound when the key was operated, if you gave the starter motor a clout with a mooring pin it turned over no problem, I stripped down the starter to find it was bone dry on the end bearing and rusty. Cleaned up and lubricated and no more problems, it could be the same problem. bazza
  10. Would that not give you a hole on both sides of the boat !
  11. Starrett hole saws are best . (not the cheapest ) If you are drilling cast iron do not use cutting compound or oil, it's best drilled without and at slow speed, the cutting compound /oil just turns the cast iron swarf into a paste which blunts the cutter in no time at all.
  12. Thanks for that , I'll give it a go.
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