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  1. Hi All Well the pressure is now on, I was made redundant last year from a good job and we have now sold both of our houses subject to finalising matters and have to decide whether we use the money to buy a smaller house or go for it and buy a wide beam boat and move aboard? We have determined that a wide beam would be the best option for us to live on, though understand that this extra space comes with some limitations for long term cruising of the systems. The capital generated from the sales if invested should be enough to give us a sufficient though not massive income to retire / semi retire with, and i am awaiting final detail from financial advisers to clarify this. (Though as we know investments can go down as well as up) Hopefully in 10 - 12 years or so we would still have enough capital to buy a small house if we decide to, draw down our private and state pensions (I'm 57 my wife is 54) and await our impending doom. However as always complications raise there heads firstly my wife wants to keep her part time job for a wile, and we want to keep fairly close to the Warrington area for the next few years to be near our children and grand children. As we would not their fore be able to continuously cruise for a while, we are attempting to locate a suitable mooring on the Bridgewater preferably with power and facilities that we can use as a base and then cruise around the area for a while. Hens teeth springs to mind. Looking at the houses and areas that we can buy in and still retain enough capital to provide an income makes down sizing a bit un appealing, while some of the wide beams in this price range are very nice indeed. We would certainly need a boat designed to be self sufficient and assume that power etc are things that we will have access to sporadically at best. Any views on the specifications that would best achieve this would be helpful I/e Water heating, Central Heating, Electrical system, Solar / Wind assistance, Appliances, Toilet type, (Helmet on) size of holding tanks, etc I know many of these issues are subjective and cause lively debate and would be interested to hear from current live aboards with limited power access on there views of the best specifications. My current Thoughts Fire - Good Quality multi fuel with back boiler? Hot Water - Back boiler, colorifier and an emersion heater? Central Heating - Back boiler, and Diesel system Electrical - Battery banks charging system type?, Solar power type?, Inverter type? Toilet - Pump out with good capacity tank? Fridge 12 V Washer? Also if we have a permanent mooring though we would spend a lot of time out and about I am assuming that we are not perceived as living on the mooring, even though we are living aboard the boat? How is this perceived ? are we just bridge hoppers? I always thought if we had the chance it would be simple buy boat sod off! Funny how something that you have thought as your goal for 35 years suddenly becomes a bit uncertain just when you find yourself in a position to do it. Grand children who knew it!! My head is in bits!!
  2. Thanks Fudge, I have spoken with S&A I got the list off Mike Web at Peel and have been right through most of them Other than Preston Brooke and the cruising clubs. Found one option which is not ideal but may have to take it as a base and then look around for a better mooring once there! The plan would be to cruise the area between Manchester and Warrington and use the mooring mainly in the winter particularly if I can find one with power. We want to stay in this area for the next few years as our children and grand children are all in the area.
  3. Does the wide beam use a lot more diesel than a narrow boat Dean? I wouldn't have thought that their was much in it unless oversized for use on rivers?
  4. Thanks folks will investigate further. Hi all To clarify the issue further I am not looking to be residential at a mooring, I would like to have a permanent mooring at which i would visit and possibly over winter. the main time would be spent out and about on the bridgewater and on some longer cruises. if that makes sense!
  5. Hi Can anyone advise on best options for a permanent mooring on the bridge water canal preferably around the Warrington area. If nothing around Warrington then as close as possible to be near grand children as they all live around Stockton Heath and Lymm area. We have sold our houses and are in the process of sourcing a boat and would more than likely prefer a wide beam for space and comfort, and will probably move to a narrow boat some years down the line to travel the full system.
  6. This scam is used on ebay all the time with cars, boats, camper vans etc Google the text of the response and see what comes up?
  7. I think it would be a potential minefield to assume that customers will do this correctly and when it goes wrong it will be your product not their ability to measure the curve. Possibly a generic curve that will fit the majority of roof profiles along with adjustable feet fitted on the inside corners that can be used to level the box off.
  8. I am no expert and I am sure it can be done this way, however when finished and the boat is launched it will change shape and this may impact on the fit out in some way? I am sure that you can compensate for this and the experts will be along shortly to advise better than I could.
  9. And people wonder why the country is falling apart at the seams, so many narrow minded keyboard warriors who want to put the world to rights and interfere in other peoples lives. For gods sake get a life chill out and stop worrying that someone somewhere is enjoying life without observing your interpretation of what they should doing, To many Sad sad individuals, very depressing that so many control freaks feel that they have to have their say and that there input and position is the only correct one. Must have far to little in their lives of real substance to leave people alone that are doing them no harm.
  10. I am not a CCer though do think that they have some different needs and problems than some other groups. It may be that simply having a CCer section / forum on this website alongside living afloat would help? At least they would be able to have meaningful discussions between themselves that may not be relevant and or open to comment from non Ccers.
  11. We have just cancelled or sky tv, phone, Broadband package moved to freesat and Three MiFi 15gb 2 year contract at £18 monthly. Works great far quicker than my original BB (due to crap connection area) and no cable here. I cant fault it and it will go with us if we are out f the house! David and Doreen
  12. Glad that all went well Salopgirl and great to feel the chirp in your writing! hope all goes well enjoy and be careful. I would hope that the folks on here will help to look after you until you get on your feet, you have a lot of help and information at your fingertips. Thats what the forum should be about. You have my number if you need it. David and Doreen
  13. Best wishes for a great day - 35 years for us on the 26th of this month Dave and Doreen Tarry
  14. Hi I have read your posts with interest and have done a great deal of research on the subject of costs myself. You will get a lot of smart arse'd comments on the site for some reason on this subject! I don't think they like the assumption that it is a cheaper way to live and don't seem to understand that it also frees up capital? my e-mail is dmtarry@me.com let me know if you wa...

  15. Hi i have been researching this myself and you will get a lot of smart arses answering this type of question as I think they do not want to admit that they are living this lifestyle because it is cheaper? I have a spreadsheet showing the costs of living aboard simply send me an e-mail address as I don't want to post it on the main site! my mail is dmtarry@me.com


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