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  1. At Boat Race, enjoying Dom and Derek's jig...

  2. Wonder how many people fell for the "Clarkson no longer a petrolhead" story in the Grauniad this morning?

  3. Looks much heavier when you're holding it than when Mel is...

  4. Merry Christmas one and all from all the Dedic household. It's Hilda here... Ian is still drinking til he can thirst no more.

  5. Had a great 10 days on the canals with family and friends last week. Best memory was coming through Harecastle Tunnel -- we were last but one in a convoy, and part-way through someone on the boat behind played a few trumpet fanfares. I replied with a tune on the melodeon (which I was planning to do anyway), and after a few difficulties we eventually got the hang of how to play duets on 2 boats 100 yards apart in a dark tunnel with a reverberation time longer than the Albert Hall, with no way...

  6. Thanks to all who helped at the pig roast yesterday, and did most of the clearing up before I got out of bed this afternoon :-)(my excuse is we didn't stop playing round the fire until dawn, and I was a teeny bit tired by then)Great do in spite of the torrential downpour halfway through -- earlier we were mocking Charlie for wanting to put a tarp over where we were standing, but he wasn't half right this time...

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