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  1. ill have a look on sunday when i get over to the boat
  2. my prop is r/h what i need to know is can i run a l/h prop in reverse or does anyone have a r/h 17 x 14 with a 1 1/2 shaft for sale thanks
  3. i am still looking for a prop 17 "or 18 " ish r/h 1"1/2 shaft please mail me whith details alan
  4. having just come back from a trip the leeds liverpool is very overgrown compard with last year ,needs sortong, the amount of licence that we pay
  5. has anybody got one of these kresnik stoves from ebay they look good value to me ,i am sure there was some posts about them some time back but i am unable to find them ,i have a morse on the boat but i now want one for home as well ,sick of silly energy prices thanks
  6. i have a clarke 1000 suitcase generator and for the money its not bad it starts easy its quiet ,i was useing a electric da sander the other day and it coped fine ,no they are not as good as the honda but for a third of the price they are not bad
  7. sorry mike i am getting a flashing red light on the charge side of the controler and the thanks for the other replys i will try them next weekend, might even send it back and get that tracer ,i bought this as i just have to buy the cheapest can not help myself
  8. thanks i have a multimeter checked it yesterday on the controler on the panel side and it was showing 16,6 but the trouble is i dont know what i am doing
  9. thanks mike i leave the boat for 6 days with the batterys turned off ,so i would expect to return to nice full batterys but its not happening thanks
  10. thanks matty ,yes thats the one ,i have no fuse ,what size fuse do i need,and do i need to have anything in the load thanks
  11. i have 2 100 watt panels and a wellsee mppt 30 amp controler the wires from the panels are 2 posative joined together and 2 negative joined together going into the controler then posative and negative coming out to the batterys and nothing in the load ,does that sound right as my batterys seem to be discharging instead of charging thanks
  12. sorry it must be a voltmeter its just the standerd thing that most boats have thanks
  13. my ampmeter is showing 13v when out cruising is this about right or should it be more, thanks
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